‘Go’ could be summed up into two parts very easily, the tension and build up and then the call to action. The entire start of the episode focuses on the tension and the build-up. The pain of waiting for the work-study students and the amount of work the pro-heroes are putting in to check into all the places that Eri could be being kept hidden. Though by far the biggest highlight of the first part of the episode is the lunchroom scene with Izuku, Todoroki, and Iida. It just hits every beat right from a comedic, emotional and friendship point of view.
The comedic part comes from Todoroki, of all of the characters calling Deku ’emotional and moody’. Which, you know, he has been but to hear that coming from Todoroki you had to stop and giggle just a tiny bit. However, immediately after that things become very emotional as Iida repeats to Deku the same thing that Deku said to him. “If you need to talk, I’m here. We’re friends right?”
Which drives Izuku to start crying. Todoroki helps by assuring Midoriya that he is no less of a hero for crying and that heroes cry when they need too. It’s actually, really interesting and is a good way to view looking at being emotional in a job or something that requires you to have a strong public face.
Izuku feels a little better, but the wait is infuriating. He wants to save Eri and Mirio feels the exact same way.

The call to action comes at night.
The heroes meet together, Mirio is in higher spirits now and is trying his best to be a shining beacon despite the weight of his regret for letting Eri getaway in the first place.

The way they located Eri though is wonderful. Nighteye sees a member of the Shie Hassaikai entering a toy store and he overhears the man asking the clerk about dolls for a young girl. He ‘assists’ the man in finding them by claiming he’s a fan too and uses his quirk, foresight on the guy to see him bringing the toy to Eri.
So the Heroes work together with the police and get a warrant to search the premises and thus they symbol but the Hassaikai are ready for them and they are met with resistance right from the gate.  The Dragoon hero [Who upon showing her quirk became even more of a second favorite pro-hero. Look out Eraserhead, she’s coming for your title!] and the work-study students under her agency stay to deal with the large villain that met them at the gate.

The rest of the group charges forward.
This is where things leave off with a huge cliff hanger. In the scenes with Overhaul, it’s made clear that he knows that the heroes are coming and that they have a good idea of what direction they are coming in. So the heroes are sure to be met with some resistance, they need to get to Eri though before she can be moved from this location.
I can only hope for their success at this time.