Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu Episode 1 (First Impression)

There are a lot of music/idol shows this season, but this one takes a different approach to idol anime. Instead of the anime being focused on the idol group and the girls, and their journey of becoming a more popular group, this show instead gives us a look into the fandom side of things. And…it certainly is something.

Idol culture is kind of insane, but this isn’t just with Japanese idols but I see the same type of behavior with Korean pop idols but I’m not well versed in that. I just know that both types of music have very dedicated fans, and I don’t think a character like Eripiyo is all that strange in that world.

Eripiyo is a mega fan and she’s proud of it. She’s a woman that came across a up and coming idol group at a Cherry Blossom Festival when the girls were handing out flyers. Being interested, she attended the concert and suddenly fell in love when she laid eyes on the only girl of the group that waved at her. And the rest is history. Eripiyo, at least the anime made it seem that way, is the biggest Maina fan and maybe one of the few? She’s number one when it comes to buying concert tickets for Cham Jam, but she goes insane when it comes to buying any merch with Maina on it, even so far as to becoming a legend in the Cham Jam community for getting all of Maina’s 20 photos immediately. Eripiyo uses all of her savings to buy literally anything and everything Cham Jam, specifically Maina. Which is why she’s always around for all concerts and events, and why she’s wearing a track suit from high school. Because…she probably sold all her clothes to get more money for Maina stuff? And she’s not bothering to buy clothes? I mean…she looks healthy at least so I’m sure she pays rent and buys food for herself, but literally everything else is for Maina and Cham Jam. Honestly, it’s pretty insane but she kind of knows it and doesn’t care…sort of.

She looks forward to cheering for Maina, doing meet and greets with Maina, and doing photo ops with Maina. Even though she loves her so much, the problem is that Maina seemingly doesn’t really like Eripiyo because she runs off when handing out flyers, and seems a little uncomfortable being in front of Eripiyo. Eripiyo thinks that maybe it’s because she’s a little too intense and too crazy and…yeah. She is. But she says she’ll still love Maina, and she wants nothing more than for Maina to become more popular so more people can love her (even though she loves her the most) and for her to go to the Budoukan.

Personally, I had thought that Maina really was uncomfortable with Eripiyo because of her intense personality. From what we can see, Maina is the more reserved and quiet girl of the group. The other girls of Cham Jam have their fans, and they speak a lot when they’re on stage, while Maina is in the back not really ever saying much. We saw during the meet and greet that the other girls had long lines, while Maina’s was empty. Also this poor girl’s symbol is salmon because her image color is pink salmon, oh my god. It’s hilarious, especially when they showed that poster of Maina holding a plate of salmon, but wow they screwed her over. So while Maina is probably grateful that she has a fan, Eripiyo is just a bit on the crazy side. But apparently that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. Apparently from what some people say, it won’t delve into the shoujo-ai side even though the mangaka totally writes shoujo-ai. But it seems like Maina really does like Eripiyo a lot, whether as a crush or as an idol appreciating her fan. Either way, it’s a cute twist.

This anime really surprised me with its visuals, because it’s gorgeous. The girls look so pretty, and the backgrounds and colors are beautiful. Also, we got 2D dancing! And it looked really good! It’s also funnier than I imagined too. Eripiyo and her otaku friends are funny, but Eripiyo easily steals the show with how loud and extra she is. I’m not going to lie, her behavior goes into the cringy and creepy side sometimes but at least she recognizes that she needs to back off for a bit in case she really is making Maina uncomfortable, so there’s that. The anime also pokes fun and seems self-aware on how idol fans are in real life. From buying the merch, screaming and cheering at the concerts, collecting those little photos of their faves, and waiting in line for a special photo op in the sweltering heat. It cracked me up when one of the fans stood up and said how stupid it was waiting in line for the photo op to see Cham Jam in their new outfits, when they knew they would wear their new outfits in future concerts. Apparently they all know that but it was like an unspoken rule. It’s even more funny when finally after waiting for about 10 hours, melting in the heat, becoming delirious…the outfits weren’t all that cute at all. Also the girls had their fruits integrated into the outfit, but Maina had a salmon and salmon roe hair ties. The whole salmon pink thing cracks me up.

This show was way more fun and funny than I imagined it would be. I like the different approach they’re taking with idol shows, even when I’m not totally into the behavior. I kind of get it, I’m into idol/music shows and I enjoy the groups/bands from said idol/music shows I’m into and I follow news and stuff. But I don’t ever think I would ever go to the lengths of certain fans. Hell, not even fans. They’re stans. And yeah, that’s a bit much but at least it makes for an interesting anime. So yeah, I’m really into it!

Possibility of watching: Guaranteed

Possibility of blogging: High


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