Ahiru no Sora – Episode 14

Aaannd we’re back! After a one week break Ahiru no Sora picks right back up where ended, but this time it’s got a new Opening and Ending! I still don’t really know how I‌ feel about them though. I really liked the old ending theme so I’m kind of bummed that I won’t get to listen to it this week. But I do think the new ending theme will grow on me! It’s a solid Ending! Happy Go Ducky (the first opening) definitely a perfect opening for the anime especially because of all the bird episode references early on in the series. But this new opening makes me feel really nostalgic, especially since we’ve become attached to the characters! Honestly, now that I’m thinking about it, it’s a good choice for a second opening!

But, let’s dive into the actual episode. This was the Chucky and Nabe feature episode, and I’ll be very surprised if the the two of them get another episode that is completely focused on them in the future. Chucky and Nabe for the most part have just been outliers on the team, really only their because their buddies are doing it. We haven’t really been shown any drive for the sport by these two with the sport except for 1) to assert dominance (and fail) or 2) get the girls (and fail). I always figured that they would just be reduced to comic relief and I had come to accept that fate for them, but it was really nice to see them come back around to Basketball! Sure, it’s not necessarily for pure reasons, but at least the Baskeball team is one again. And it only took some Middle School kids to put them in their place.

Even though he wasn’t a focus in this episode, Yasu is really growing on me. Ever since he’s separated himself from the two peas in a pod, Chucky and Nabe, I‌ think I’m most interested in his development. Of all the characters, he’s the only one who is brand new to the sport AND‌ is fully invested. Perhaps, we’ll get a moment later on where we’ll get to see his true motivations for staying with the team, but I’ll choose to believe it’s because he genuinely enjoys it. And as much as I really want to meet the mysterious newcomer from the openings, I’m kinda bummed because it probably means that Yasu will be benched!

But it seems like it’ll be a little bit before we get to meet the mysterious team member from the openings. We got to meet Nao’s cousin, and while he provided a lot of comedic relief I‌ didn’t really feel that he made much of an impression. I’m not too sure what they were trying to go for with him… perhaps the “funny, light-hearted guy who can’t do harm, but when he steps foot on the court he’s a completely different person”? Of maybe he’s just the “upbeat and will still crush you” type of character. Either way, we’ll probably find out soon because at the end of this training camp our team will finally have a real match! Of course we played against Maru high and the girl’s team, but this is the first match where the boy’s might actually exist as a team and can hold their own in a game rather than having to rely on Sora and the whole time! Don’t get me wrong, Sora is great and I wanna cheer him on, but I’m consistently hoping that the other teammates will get to shine more. I want to cheer them all on!!

I’m super excited for next week, if we actually get to the match in the episode I‌ think it will truly be completely different from the match ups that we’ve seen in this anime. Everyone will be bringing their A-game and they’ll be able to use strategy and skill to take on their opponent rather than just over-confidence. I’m rooting for you boys!


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