Plunderer Episode 1- You wait until the end of episode boi? [First Impression]

Just wow. This whole episode tho. The whole 15 minutes could have been avoided XD oh my god, I can’t tho.

Watch out, it’s Dan Schneider!

I find the world interesting because the numbers are based on tests or how your mind is, it’s based on random shit that a person can’t control. The main character Hina’s number is based on how many kilometers she walks and Nana, the other girl’s is based on how many time someone says her food is “delicious”. So weird.

The scene that really got me was the end tho, is the part where the hero busts out, not before letting her get harassed by the solider who is clearly abusing his power and tricking her. I’m like wait, you waited the whole time instead of helping? That’s some Senyuu shit( if you haven’t watched this 5 minute show, go watch it). Wait a minute, tho. That’s not the most astonishing part, there is more. He has a number that cannot on be possible written on his hand. Everyone is like: “wait, shouldn’t he be dead?” Everyone is so late….

I thought that at the beginning of the show that was weird, when we had a -999 when you die at zero. The solider was just blood thirsty and rapey and now he in trouble because he about to challenge a dude with mad fighting skills. Get em!!! He should be sucked into the abyss because he’s a terrible person.

Why is everyone fighting for the orb? I assume it has 1000 free points, but wouldn’t she have absorbed that already into herself? So many questions.

But we aren’t sure if Licht is the actual Ace, he just has a white star and mad points. It’s not for certain, there could be different people who could be the Ace or he could be the descendant of the real Ace. Also, I wonder what his points are for. He is still saving the useless MC, so great! She should have fought back more and she should have done more research on the Ace. Maybe i was thinking about this too much. But I don’t know what I would have done in that situation, I would jump on an opportunity if I was looking for something my entire life. It’s like a virgin looking for a sex partner!( okay, that’s a bad comparison)

Also, how did Licht glow up so quickly, he went from creepy dude with a mask to a hot solider in like 10 seconds. DAMN!!!

Lets Compare


Some people are uncomfortable with the weird rapey scenes, but i think they add to the comedy. The soldier made me uncomfortable, Licht did not make me too uncomfortable because he was being used for comedic relief. And also why is that girls number in uncomfortable places like her inner thigh???? WHY?  And also why is that girl have hers on her boob? just why?

What if someone has their number in their asscrack or something? yooo…. I hope the hell not.

Also, doesn’t this world make it easy to kill people?? If i tell that girl her food is disgusting 77 times, she will be sucked in the abyss. If I cut of Hina’s legs, she can’t walk. It’s a weird society man. I would be killing people left and right, if I hated them. It’s easy to murder in this world.

But wait, what exactly is the abyss? What if the abyss is like heaven, but no one knows that? HMMMM!

I’m definitely watching this show, to answer my questions, I might read the manga. I won’t if I have time for that. I’m watching this show because I’m the ecchi and hentai master! And I love those scenes and a decent plot.

Chance of Watching: 90% unless someone takes my points and I drop into the abyss



2 thoughts on “Plunderer Episode 1- You wait until the end of episode boi? [First Impression]

    1. ohh! I have watched that one! only 5 episodes tho.
      I enjoy sexy fanservice, so I’m super hyped!
      24 episodes! THATS ALOT THO.

      thank you!

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