Radiant 2nd Season Episode 16

Alright, cool, we’re back to normal, typical Radiant animation rather than I don’t know what last week. Good to see that it’s not keeping that awful style, because wow it was distracting. Though I am worried about the budget for this series since they stopped using that storybook style to recap the previous ep and just resorted to just showing the actual clips. Anyways, the situation is certainly getting worse with each passing episode, especially now when there have been so many casualties.

Man, every episode, I feel more and more respect for Brangoire. Not only was he able to confirm that Ocoho’s suspicions were true with that fantasia negating machine, but he also doesn’t just rush into attacking the child Thaumaturge unlike the others. He thinks before he acts and takes time to assess the situation. He even will also look into things himself before coming to any sort of conclusions instead of just waving things off or immediately agreeing. It’s honestly aspects of a great leader. I’m sad that he lost his leg though by accidentally being in range of that small boy’s attack though. Hopefully it can be replaced by a prosthetic or whatever the equivalent is in this world. But man, so many of the Sorcerer Knights are freaking dumb just charging in most of the time and not taking caution towards warnings. Brangoire, you’re the only real one here.

Now I am a little confused about the whole Queen thing. It’s a little hard to really connect the dots when series just tell us what is going on rather than showing it. glances at ensemble stars But from what I can gather, the Queen actually has nothing to do with the whole conspiracy and actually isn’t following the Faithful of the Hermit. But it was just Mordred spreading false information? Maybe? Though it does seem she genuinely cares about her kingdom and even throws herself into the fray to try and stop the machine. Unfortunately getting captured in the process so that play may have been the wrong move…

The most interesting part of the episode had to be with the childhood trio. I had fully expected Mordred to be part of the Faithful of the Hermit, but I honestly wasn’t expecting BOTH of him and Sagramore to be a part of it. I am curious to find out why Sagramore of all people joined up as I never pegged him to be part of such a shady organization. Though we don’t know much about him in the first place so who knows. I do hope we get to know more about him. Though I suppose it will be hard considering what happened… Now I accidentally stumbled upon the spoiler of Sagramore dying by Mordred’s hand. However, I was NOT expecting a knife to the neck. I absolutely knew Sagramore was about to be shanked when Mordred looked like he was going in for a hug. Though thinking it about it, it definitely makes a lot more sense for him to stab Sagramore in the neck rather than the gut since the guy is literally wearing armor. I’m pretty sad that he ended up dying since we didn’t know that much about him and it’s terrible that he was killed by someone he had thought was his friend. I feel like I would have liked Sagramore a lot if we knew more about him. Farewell Sagramore… we hardly knew thee.

As much as it is sickening that these people want to make all the infected their slaves, the baron merchants bring up a rather valid point. While the Sorcerer Knights did protect the regular people, they didn’t actively try to help them in their predicament. During the first spectre nemesis attack, the Queen only gave a speech of encouragement, but did literally NOTHING to help them in their current situation. Didn’t have any of her knights stay behind to help fix what was destroyed or gave them resources to help rebuild. They just kind of left them to fend for themselves once the nemesis threat was gone. Made even worse that THEY were the ones planting the attacks in the first place. So of course the people would be on the side of the Baron Merchants since they actually helped them with resources and man power. The city of Cyfandir is certainly dysfunctional with all of these problems and things do need to change. However, I hope it is not the Inquisition that changes it and that the city will make the changes on their own. Though the situation is very worrying at the moment as it seems like the Inquisition may have won this war.

Now, I feel like I should hate Mordred considering pretending to be friends with someone for your own benefit is something I have come to despise, I just can’t hate him. I just find him interesting, especially when he says he’s empty on the inside. He finds no qualms with manipulating his “friends” and making the infected slaves. He doesn’t seem to be driven by wanting to please his father. Seems like it’s more like because he’s willing to do anything because he just doesn’t care about anything, which is sad now that I think about it. To have that much apathy where you don’t care what you do. And while I may find him interesting, I do hope that he gets his face punched in and then some for his travesty. Though honestly I want all of the Inquisition and Merchant Barons to get their faces punched in.

I feel like it was interesting that we didn’t even check in with how Seth and company are doing and this episode was solely focused on what was going on with the war. Seth didn’t even make an appearance this episode. While I am really curious as to what is going down with him and Dragunov, I can appreciate them wanting to hold off until later because there is A LOT going on in this war. Especially when things are looking dire. PLEASE MAKE IT IN TIME SETH. Though from the looks of it, both Seth and Diabal may get dragged out as it seems like the Inquisition is keen on capturing both of them. Hopefully Diabal will be okay, especially after everything he’s gone through and more.

Things have started to hit rock bottom with Sagramore dead, Brangoire is out of commission and the Queen is captured. However, I believe that things can only go up from here… hopefully. I feel especially bad for Ocoho since one of her best friends, who she also seems to have had a crush on, betrayed everyone and killed her other best friend. Girl has had it rough for several episodes… I do hope Myr comes in to help somehow, but things weren’t looking good last we saw him. Things have been looking pretty gloomy for the past couple episodes so I’m in need of some hope.


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