Somali to Mori no Kamisama Episode 3: The Sea at the Bottom of the Cave

Oh dammit the feels are hitting already. T_T

But hey, at least this episode looked absolutely mesmerizing. In fantasy worlds, one of my absolute favorite things are when there are dark forests because almost always these forests/dark areas are filled with colorful glowing flowers and plants and creatures. It’s always such a beautiful sight and I never get tired of it.

Golem and Somali travel to a desert town called Anthole City, and as usual they’re low on funds. Golem goes to sell off some stuff, but he gets a suggestion from the merchant that it’d be easier to do some odd jobs to make some money faster. This episode we meet a horned rabbit family that run a restaurant and the pair learn that they’re short on staff because Kikilila’s wife hurt her back. So Golem takes this chance to help them out, and Somali finally makes a friend, the owner’s son Kikila.

It’s nice that Somali met another child her age. Watching them play together and do kid stuff was so precious and made me smile. I laughed as they told stories to each other about playing with their fathers and Somali’s stories were a little out there, like playing hide and seek and finding Golem at the top of tree. We’ve only seen a fraction of them bonding but I love it already. But a problem rises when Somali really pays attention to what her father is doing, especially when Kikila asks if she’d visit again when they finish their journey. It didn’t even occur to me, but Somali doesn’t even seem to know what the end of their journey is. Of course we know what Golem’s goal is, but what does Somali think their end goal is? What kind of journey are they on, and what are they going to do after they finish? Even she seemed confused and had to wonder. Watching over her father, she eventually came to the (correct) conclusion that he might leave her after their journey is over. That he wants to make money as fast as he can so he can eventually leave her and she starts crying and AAHHHHHHH.

THIS PART HURT. Somali you poor girl. T_T She loves Golem so much, and when Kikila asks her what he is to her, she replies simply that he’s her dad. He holds her hand, they play together, he takes care of her and protects her, and counts stars to help her fall asleep. So he’s her dad and that’s it. She loves him and doesn’t want to be separated by him and wants to stay with him forever. Ugh my heart…

So Kikila cheers her up by telling her about the underground area having a special flower called the yozame flower. The legend of the town is that if you bring up a yozame flower to the surface alive that it’ll grant a wish. It perks Somali up immediately and the children quickly head down, ignoring Golem’s warning of going elsewhere. Kikila tells her that usually kids aren’t allowed alone because of all the creatures that rest there, which is a huge red flag. Everything is normal and fine, and they were lucky enough to spot a whole swarm of butterflies that led to them to a whole field of the yozame flowers. And just their luck, when Somali picks the largest one a giant mushroom monster attacks her. That is, until a wolf character we’ve seen a couple times rescues her. But I’m getting nervous because from the way he spoke, he might know that she’s a human? I’m not sure what’s going to happen but I’m scared. Dammit Somali, what the hell did Golem tell you about wandering off? Somali not being around Golem always makes me so anxious.

As usual, a very nice episode but a little more sad this time. This show is so great and it’s so relaxing, but I’m a little on edge now with this cliffhanger. Even so, I’m so looking forward to what happens next.


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