I actually enjoyed this episode more than the others. I was actually dying during the last few episodes and I didn’t want to watch the show XD

Maybe because I didn’t want to deal with actual plot or something, but this episode had some character development, so that’s probably why. All the other episodes were probably filler, not like Naruto style fillers, luckily. We learned more about the abyss. That’s the big thing. I was figuring the abyss wasn’t like hell and I thought it was a place were they put people in a better place to live. Also, you can’t prevent someone from going into the abyss, once you are sanctioned to go there, you have to go, no matter what. That’s whack. And if you try to prevent it, you’ll get hurt , and your count might go down or you’ll see the worse memory of your life.

We also saw a little of Licht’s memories, but maybe that’s how he became the Ace. He was almost dying and something saved him going into the abyss. It’s a guess, and I am definitely not right.  It must have taken something extraordinary to become the Ace, something tragic. Always something tragic.

Hina still annoys me for some reason. I don’t know, her character bothers me. She always hurts Licht more than helps him, even tho she likes him. But I guess that’s what love is. Licht knew that she would hurt him and he still decided to save her. Maybe because she did not research and walked into the land not knowing any of the rules. Also, why is this land so weird too. They probably banned anything an Ace can do, so they can easily find them, but they also limiting their country for no reason. I guess this is medieval times for sure. Damn. I mean if the girl wants to fly, let the bitch fly. Also, who snitched on her, this place in the middle of nowhere, who made them come out?

But also people in this world are destined to die sometimes. If her dreams didn’t come true and she denied them, she would die, so a bunch of people in the world are just dying because they have weird things they count.

Also, now they looking for him mad hard, so now they have to travel on the outskirts, how they gonna make money? As long as they go into towns and hide Licht. But they probably checking everyone now.

Also, what’s up with people having hunches this episode. I have hunches too, but I’m usually wrong as hell. She was like I have a hunch that it’s you. I’m like of course it’s him, he looking real hot with a mask and obvious white hair. Also what if the abyss isn’t a good place to be at all and her hunch was wrong. I don’t know, anything looks like a bad place if they drag you in, man.

Also, why does Hina wear a jockey hat. I mean any other hat would better. A beanie, a cowboy hat, like anything else. I just don’t like the style of the jockey hat. Complaint session over.

Chance of Watching Next Week: 88% unless my hunch is wrong


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  1. Pandora

    I’m dropping Plunderer because I can’t stand the show!

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