We FINALLY get to address the conflict between Momoharu and Konishi and I’m so excited about it!!  I know in my last entry I said that it was kind of fading on me, but the moment I found out that they were going to get a solid amount of focus I came right back around and I’m so happy that we can see what happened between those two.

Over the past few episodes, where we’ve only been teased about the issues Konishi has with Momoharu, I’ve slowly started to really dislike Konishi as a character. Quite frankly, because I didn’t know what was going on, I found him to just be obnoxious and rude. Just existing to make Momoharu made. So, I was fully prepared to side with Momoharu as the truth was reveled. But oh man, they PUNCHED‌ me in the gut. Yeah, it’s not the most impactful thing I’ve ever seen, but!!! Learning WHAT the lie was? Oh, man small lies that turn into bigger things will always get me.

I loved the flashbacks in this episode! They were a nice break from the match that was going on and it really highlighted the relationship between Momoharu and Konishi prior to this match. It really explained why Konishi seemed to flip-flop between Momoharu being someone of admiration and disdain. And admittedly, I’m a sucker for that “looking up to the an asshole trope” so I really enjoyed this episode despite feeling that it should have come much earlier in the time frame of the match. Especially, since we now have more background on why Momoharu quit that lie he told hit pretty hard for me. The sad smile? clutches heart It was just so good. I could just feel that internal conflict in the moment. I almost shouted when it happened. I get that he was trying to be nice and not actually hurt Konishi’s feelings, but aaaahhhhh he did more damage than he thought. Especially, since in Konishi’s eyes, Momoharu was someone he aspired to be like! “There’s nothing wrong with being sucky” HELL‌ YEAH that’s right! I wish I had that sort of confidence!! I get why Konishi is upset now because he had so much admiration for Momoharu only to be abandoned. AND‌ to see him on the court again? Yeah, I get why he flip-flops now. He’s upset because of how their last meeting went, but that doesn’t change the fact that Momoharu inspired him to improve! I am interested to see if they will try to talk it out once the match is over, but I have a feeling Momoharu and friends are just going to take the lead and let the score do the talking.

But enough about those two, we got two more exciting developments in the episode. First, Sora’s Mom is going to make a surprise visit and I’m so nervous for that interaction. What happens if they don’t win? Will Sora be upset that he doesn’t get to present the Inter-High trophy to her first? How will everyone else react to meeting her? I don’t know what’s more stressful to think about: her showing up unexpectedly, or her showing up and then leaving before anyone notices. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. AND‌ NOT ONLY‌ THAT‌: Chiaki and Sora are going to switch things up in these final minutes of the game. We can finally see Chiaki in action when it comes to shooting! We know that he’s a phenomenal point guard, but I’m excited to see his skills when it comes to making shots.

It looks like we’re finally going to see the conclusion of this practice match and I am so stressed for what will happen. It’s anyone’s games and there are a huge number of things that could sway the outcome.


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