These two episodes took this show for a very dark turn, darker than I would have imagined. The show so far has been so wholesome and pure that I forgot that humans are mostly extinct and had to fall to the wrath and evil of the monsters in the world. I conveniently forgot about the conversation from the monsters in the first episode and how disgusted it made me feel, and that disgust came back when Haitora described what they did to the humans.

First off, I’m glad that Uzoi changed her mind and decided to help Somali when she was close to drowning. I’m also surprised and just warmed by Somali’s innocence to immediately forgive Uzoi for what she did, because they’re friends. Somali is so sweet. T_T I’m glad nothing big came out of it and Uzoi genuinely felt remorse for what she did.

We got a huge bomb that night as the girls slept, though the guys had no idea that Uzoi was overhearing the whole thing. Honestly, I’m shocked that Haitora didn’t kill himself over the sheer amount of grief because his story was incredibly tragic. While the girls sleep, Haitora explains why Uzoi did what she did. They had gone to a fortune teller before and they said that Haitora had corrupted blood, and that he would need new blood to treat his corrupted blood, which is why Uzoi wanted Somali’s. Well…didn’t mean that she needed to kill her but ANYWAY…While Golem doesn’t reprimand Uzoi for what she did since he accepts it as a strong family bond, Haitora doesn’t think he’s worthy of being her family. Haitora then explains that awhile ago, he used to live in a small village with his wife and daughter and other humans. It was quaint and peaceful until one day the Grotesques attacked their village. Haitora and his family luckily were able to escape in time and hide, but the rest of the village were not. Haitora saw as they were captured, where if some tried to resist in any way, their arms or legs were ripped apart. Or worse, they were just devoured on the spot. It’s disgusting and horrific, and Haitora and his family had to go in hiding in a cave nearby so they wouldn’t have the same fate.

Like I said, I forgot how awful the creatures in this world are. The way the ones in episode 1 casually talked about hunting them down and treating them like pets, and saying how delicious they were…it’s disgusting. And from how they spoke, it sounds like humans are mostly extinct. What I find shocking is that the humans in this little village lived out in the open like that? These people know that the Grotesques are powerful and hate them enough to attack and kill them mercilessly. So why on earth would they live out in the open, basically opening themselves up for death at any moment? My theory on the humans in this world is that there are probably so far and few in between, that having enough people to build a safer town is impossible. Which…again, why did they live out in the open? It’s such a huge mistake and doesn’t make any sense.

Anyway. Haitora and his family hide in a cave and they’re nearing death, and he goes out to find food. He comes across a harpy and immediately kills her with a rock, bashing her head over and over. He drags her body to his wife and daughter so they can eat her, basically accepting that they would be like the Grotesques. Unfortunately, eating the harpy caused a horrible reaction to them. While Haitora grew the feathers on his eye like we see, the reaction were stronger in both his wife and daughter where the feathers grew all over and…exploded their insides? I’m not sure, but it was horrible that Haitora had to hear their screams of anguish and watch them die right in front of him. And it was his fault. This whole thing is AWFUL. And he then realized the harpy he killed was Uzoi’s mother, and a young Uzoi came in asking for her mom.

I wonder why his wife and daughter died immediately and not him. His hair is gray and Uzoi is older, so he’s been alive for years now though it looks like he’s close to death. So I guess the effect was stronger in females than males? Uzoi heard everything and couldn’t come to terms with her emotions until Haitora wanted to sacrifice himself to the canterbird. Uzoi gets upset with him and tells him to continue to live with her as punishment, until his death. I’m sure her emotions are still very conflicted, but it’s true that she’s had a bond with Haitora. But I can’t even imagine how I would react to the truth, to the fact that he killed and ate the mother. It’s such a serious and horrible thing to accept, so I’m not sure how their relationship is going to be from now. It might be a little strained, I’d like to see but we’re going to be moving on to the next story. Like the other characters we’ve come across, I hope that we can see them again. And hopefully Haitora can find a cure in time because he honestly didn’t really do anything wrong. I just feel so bad for him and Uzoi.

These two episodes were my favorite by far. The show took an unexpectedly dark turn so I should take into account that it could take a dark path again. And as usual, this show does a great job in making me care about the secondary characters. Even though they’re here for a short time, I come to care about them and the bonds they create with Golem and Somali. Also, looking at Uzoi and Haitora kind of foreshadows what might happen with Golem and Somali? Oh boy…


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