Yup, it’s official. Reo is best girl. She gets to be the featured image again because she’s just so good. Looks like I’m a Reo stan too. Not on Kumasa’s level, but I love this girl a lot and want the best for her. She’s an angel.

Anyway, I like that this episode focused on Sorane because I feel like she’s more underrepresented so far, even though she’s in the top three. Well, was. Reo gets her screentime, Maina does as well, we had that focus on Maki and Yumeri, and Aya and Yuka have loud personalities. Sorane is much quieter and mature, but she simply hasn’t had a chance to get some focus herself. We’ve always seen Sorane with a smile on her face so it was surprising to see how shy she really is, and how much confidence she lacks. But…damn. That whole tennis scene broke my heart because I’ve been there before so I totally know how she feels. That’s why it’s so great that she was able to find a group that is super supportive and she was able to feel special, and also find a special person to her. Watching Reo perform happily with her old group happily, Sorane looked up to that and thankfully her aunt sent the application to Cham Jam for her. She was able to work and admire Reo in person, and she still very much does and doesn’t want to take the center position away from her as she thinks Reo deserves it the most. And my goodness, this show is really laying the ships on thick. We got Eripiyo/Maina, then we got Maki/Yumeri, now we got Reo/Sorane! With this pattern, might as well ship Yuka and Aya while you’re at it. They kinda got the dynamic people usually like with these ships so I won’t be surprised if people are already shipping them.

Sorane also had a bit of a problem when word got out that she was seen with a man in public. And man this is one thing I hate the most about the idol industry. Idols are great and all but not being allowed to have a boyfriend, or even be seen with a guy must suck so bad. Of course idols know all this when they sign up for this, but the fact it’s normalized is just…bad.

Anyway, word got out she was seen with a man in public. Which isn’t true because she was helping Yuka with her homework, but too bad Yuka doesn’t even remember that so she can’t even announce that in the concert. Which is frustrating, but kind of funny. The girls are supportive of her (Cham Jam is pretty great) and of course Reo is wonderful and reassures her that everything will be fine, but if anything were to happen, that she would protect her. Ugh…I love you, Reo. But thankfully the whole situation seemed to dissolve at the end when Motoi mentioned that Sorane was seen with the guy in Wake, where Motoi and his sister were when visiting family. And, well, Rena looks exactly like Sorane. So it wasn’t Sorane, it was Rena seen with Motoi. The issue is probably going to be resolved quickly hopefully. Sorane didn’t even have a line at the end of their concert, which was pretty sad but thankfully Motoi is simple minded enough to be affected by her direct response, and she gave him sweet words afterwards. Poor Sorane doesn’t deserve this treatment though. T_T

The stuff with Maina and Eripiyo is pretty much the same. They can’t communicate well, there’s more misunderstandings, and blah. Maina noticed the green thing in her coat, thought she was supporting Aya, says no she didn’t eat what Eripiyo gave her and conveniently doesn’t say what’s on her mind. The misunderstandings this episode weren’t too terrible this time and were more funny than frustrating. Maina needs to practice the heart hands thing because it looks terrible, but the end was pretty funny I have to admit, and the first scene where Maina did it at the concert and Eripiyo didn’t even see. But I think the misunderstanding of “Will Eripiyo stan someone else?” will finally be put to rest after that very passionate five seconds of telling Maina she loves her and supports her. While she can’t support Maina financially like she wants, she can still show her support for Maina in other ways and this was probably the best option for many reasons. At least Maina has peace of mind, and she did the terrible heart beam. So…that’s something! Right?

Looks like next episode will finally be the last day of the popularity voting, so we’ll see who ranks where and how it’ll affect the group from within and with their fanbase.


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