Sure, Seth. Burn everything to the ground. I don’t even care anymore. After what happened in this episode, the Inquisition is just downright dead to me. They can burn and rot for all I care. There is no justice they stand for. They only destroy things left and right with no concern for innocent bystanders. I thought that the hope for justice against the Inquisition would continue after the victory against Santori. BUT NO, I was completely wrong.

If one good thing came from this episode, it would be what happened to Mordred. For the first time, the dude felt emotions or more specifically, Ocoho’s rage and despair. And feeling those emotions for the first time would be overwhelming, the guy was basically writhing in agony over what he did. My reaction was basically: Yeah, FEEL BAD. It was honestly frustrating to see how he literally didn’t care whether he killed his friends or not and finally seeing him just feel the weight of his actions was satisfying to witness. The guy obviously deserved it after what he did, but even with that said, I still couldn’t help but feel a little sad for him. However, with emotion, it does show that Mordred actually cared about his friends, even referring to Sagramore as his best friend. Once Ocoho releases him from her Gysoni, he’ll immediately forget all of that. I actually got emotional just listening to the pain in Mordred’s voice. But yeah, guy should suffer a little more after the terrible things he committed.

I knew that woman Thaumaturge would be trouble since she was shown crying what I assumed at the time, blood in the opening. I didn’t expect her to raise a freaking dead army though. How is this a blessing?! She scares the crap out of me and the more she speaks about how she feels sorry for those who are infected, the more I hate her. I mean, I already hated everyone in the Inquisition, but you know what I mean. She even tosses her subordinates over a freaking cliff if they don’t support her. Though when she took hold of Seth and then is seemingly absorbing all the negative feelings into her body… that was super unnerving. I hope Seth can break free and punch this woman in the face because holy sheesh, she freaks me out.

It hurts… it hurts a lot to see Jill the the babies dead like that… I can’t even blame Myr and Seth for getting infuriated at what the Inquisition did. They weren’t even part of his war… I really hoped this wouldn’t have happened. Those babies were like a symbol of hope and look at what happened to them… It really hurts to see this happen, especially after Seth proclaimed them as his family. It definitely hinted something bad was going to happen when Myr started screaming for Jill in an earlier episode. However, I didn’t expect it to be this tragic. I got teary eyed when I watched the scene where Seth just looked completely devastated and started crying.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Myr turned out to be the great Merlin everyone revered. I felt like there had to be something more to this guy… and I accidentally stumbled upon spoilers for that, so rip me. However, I did not expect both him and Seth to go into their own beast modes. At this point, I was also completely devastated at what happened and felt just so enraged where I was like “Yes, just burn this world to the ground, I don’t care anymore!” Which I’m sure what they’re both thinking but probably 2000% more furious and hurt. This was their family that they lost and I can’t blame them for wanting to destroy humanity, especially in this world. So many people in this world are just downright awful that I could care less if this world was destroyed. At this point in time, I don’t even care if it would be a deau ex machina, I WANT THOSE BABIES TO BE RESTORED. They were symbols of hope to a new, better world! I refuse to accept them dead! Because if they are dead, this world is as good as dead to me.

Though it does have me curious that Jill was the one to talk Myr down from going on a murderous rampage previously. Considering when Seth touched the orb that held her babies, she got angry that a filthy human touched it while Myr seemed to have more fun being around humans. Though I guess there was just a lot more to them than what laid bare on the surface, obviously. I am honestly interested to see their past considering their dynamic. Though I doubt it’ll go that in depth into it.

And to top off this disastrous tragedy, freaking Piodon finds Diabal in his hideout because he was able to locate him after he set off his spectre. Why does everything have to go back to feeling so hopeless again! This whole war arc feels like it’s been dragging on for a bit too long. It’s like we’re in this endless dark tunnel and we can’t see the light at the end. I thought we were starting to see the light, but instead it was just a flickering light that got my hopes up, only to send me crashing down into reality that I can’t escape this tunnel just yet. Just blow up the world and end the suffering…. Radiant makes me question my morality at times like this lol.

So many things went wrong this episode such as the barons got away to spread false/bad word about Cyfandir, Piodon found Diabal, the forest is freaking dead, Jill and her babies are most likely dead, Myr is going on a murderous rampage, Seth is being trapped by that crazy lady while in beast out mode… WHAT ELSE CAN GO WRONG?! Hopefully, we’ve hit rock bottom so there is no where but up, right? …Right? Also, where the heck is Dragunov? We can really use your help right about now.


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