Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei shitemita. – Episode 10

Ah presentations, truly a fearful event for everyone and man, for you science-types out there if presentations are anything like they were in this episode, I’m so sorry. Personally, I don’t really mind getting in front of a group of people to give a presentation, but I still get really nervous when standing up in front of people. But the moment anyone tries to ask me a question, oh man I shut down. I have my presentation down and anything else that comes up? That’s a wild card and I don’t know how to deal with them. So for all these presenters in the anime going up against professors who look like they could tear you apart? That just seems like a nightmare.

I felt really bad for the first person who had to present. I mean, he clearly spent a decent amount of time working on his presentation, but it really did fall short. And his professor? What a jerk! “You’re wasting everyone’s time! Just say you don’t know, it’s okay” I mean, that’s perfectly valid to say you don’t know something! There’s a lot of research out there and for a single individual to be an absolute expert on it as just a graduate student? That seems like a bit much. But then he basically followed up with the “How dare you not know the answer, you should have prepared it before hand. Get off the stage”. I mean, I guess it is also a valid critique, but it bothers me that they wouldn’t let him finish his presentation. Did everyone just forget that regardless of if the presentation was coherent that he still put in a lot of effort towards it? No wonder Kanade is terrified.

I think the MVP of this episode though, was definitely Torasuke. He wasn’t willing to take any critique from anyone and ultimately I think it worked out in his favor. I am a huge fan of people pursuing their passions. They are valid in academia, you just gotta back them up. Plus! I think that he actually supported his research pretty well! Yeah, he was probably about to get in a fist fight, but you know what? If there is something that will help you, there’s probably someone else out there who can benefit from it to. Especially, for gaming! People play games in very different ways! So heck yeah! Torasuke you’re valid!

Kanade’s presentation also went over really well! I’m glad that they were able to do a throw back to the date episode because it’s nice to see things come together and actually have an impact on some of the characters. Do I understand most of the concepts that were presented in this episode? Absolutely not. But I definitely was able to follow the thought process of Yukimura and Himuro trying to find the most optimal way around the theme park. Man! That would be cool to be able to figure out! I’d definitely be more excited about going to theme parks if I could do it more efficiently.

As far as romance between Himuro and Yukimura there really wasn’t any progress… in fact I think there was probably negative progress. Once again Himuro falls into jealousy and personally I’m finding it bit obnoxious at this point? I think I talked about it last week where she constantly goes back and forth between being an incredibly smart lab member to just an overly jealous simple minded person. Especially in this episode, it really added some unnecessary drama. I call it unnecessary because she was standing on the other side of the white board when the whole thing happened. There’s no way that she can’t hear what they were saying. Especially after Kanade once again beat him up. I’m really not a fan of jealousy tropes that come out of misunderstandings. It seems really out of character for these two for this to become a really big deal so… I’m hoping this will be resolved pretty quickly in the next episode. But overall! I think I really enjoyed this episode.


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