Runway de Waratte – Episode 4 & 5

Ahhhhhh there’s just so much to talk about in these two episodes and I don’t know where to start! We have some new characters to keep our eyes on and it’s still up in the air whether or not they are friend or foe. Of course, it really seems like there are no friends in the fashion industry just enemies and people will step on anyone to get to the top. And man, that’s what makes it so exciting because we’re seeing most of it from Ikuto’s perspective. Ikuto is a complete newbie and yet he still hasn’t succumb to the vicious nature of the industry. He’s still just trying his best and improving his skills. And I think that perspective is really valuable! Had we been introduced to the industry through Chiyuki, I think there would have been more of a disconnect. Yeah, she’s still and underdog, but she’s an underdog that knows what she wants and how to maneuver the fashion industry. Though, I wish we could see a little bit more of her now.

But we’re currently dealing with Ikuto’s conflicts. The first portion of episode 4 focused pretty heavily on his living situation, but namely his sister, Honoka. Personally, I think they are both very good siblings, but are just in unfortunate circumstances. Honoka doesn’t like that Ikuto is essentially throwing his life away to work instead of pursuing his dreams, whereas Ikuto wants to earn enough money to help his sisters pursue what they want without any set backs. I honestly thought the whole conflict between them had a very heart-warming conclusion. I loved that they explored the “realizing my dream at the expense of others won’t make me happy” idea through this feud because it just really emphasized how much the two care about each other.  Plus we got to see a bit more of Ichika, which is always good because she is precious and I will protect her with my entire being.

Beyond this conflict though, we are introduced to two other characters and I like them both. First, we have Toh who is the star pupil and related to the top designer (so basically he has a lot of stuff going for him). I have a feeling we’re going to get some sort of internal conflict with him trying to step away from his familial relations and establish himself as his own person. Though his personality is one confidence… so perhaps I might have read him wrong. Still, he’s hella interesting despite me now putting my finger on how I feel about him. He’s very captivating, but man I have a feeling things are going to get worse before things get better. Especially after the ending of episode 6! I smell an intense rivalry coming on!

But in addition to Toh, we’re introduced to Kokoro, a much shyer aspiring designer and model. Due to her figure, she’s the “saving grace” of her modeling agency, but she desires to become a designer instead. At first, I thought that it was just noble ambitions and perhaps a way of saying that models could be designers to, BUT IT WAS SO MUCH MORE. I was on the edge of my seat during the confrontation in episode 7 because it was just so stressful! After her and Ikuto’s conversation in the park the manger yelling at Kokoro had such an incredible impact, that I just really want to root for her to be successful in designer school out of spite. I believe in you Kokoro.

But even more, I liked the way they introduced her aspiration to wanting to be a designer. As mentioned before, Kokoro is definitely not a commanding personality like Toh or Chiyuki. She’s much more timid and shy and just generally wants to please everyone around her. So, having her explain that when she became a model people said some nasty things to her really hit hard because it really sucks when people tell you that “you don’t have to work as hard” and completely discredit you and your ambitions. But on the flip-side, having a designer speak words of kindness and support to her? Of course, she would want to be a fashion designer after that! I know it’s the nature of the industry, but man…. hurtful comments can completely eradicate ambition, but kindness can spark determination and dedication. And that was really highlighted in her “If I liked being a model, maybe I wouldn’t want to be a designer” and man, that was a home run of a line right there. It explained the whole situation well and I honestly haven’t stopped thinking about it.

Lastly, we meet one more rival, Kaoru. Nothing has really sparked with her quite yet, but we already know that she has beef with Ikuto after the events of the fashion show. But what I liked about the segment of reuniting with Kaoru was that it really ended up highlighting Ikuto’s kindness as a person. Everyone in the industry is ready to be cut throat and take anyone down at a moment’s notice, but Ikuto is willing to say thank you to someone who is an enemy. Yeah, they are enemies on the battle field, but that doesn’t mean that acts of kindness or support should go unnoticed. Which is a pretty hot take in the fashion industry.

I absolutely cannot wait to see what happens next week. I want to know how Ikuto and Kokoro take on their new challenges. I want to know how Chiyuki inspired him! Gah! It’s really hard to wait for the next episode to come out!!


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