Healin’ Good Precure Episode 5

Oh gosh, I know I sound like a broken record at this point (and I promise this week will be the last for a while that I do this) but I am genuinely so pleased with this show. It just makes me so happy, I litterally can’t stop gushing about it. WE’RE ONLY FIVE EPISODES IN, BUT I AM ALREADY HEAD OVER HEELS FOR THIS SHOW! And it’s really hard not to when they somehow manage to keep impressing me. I was also thrilled to see them answer a lot of the exact questions I had in my mind in such a thorough way, by giving us a fair amount of perspective from both parties (The Pathogerms and the Healing Animals).

As it turns out, it Queen Teatime who was the one to actually have fought against the King of Pathogerms. Originally I had thought maybe it was the the statue lady we have seen at the garden (Goddess/Precure), so color me surprise. The two of them were equally matched and taken a lot of damage from the battle.

But it at the end of the day, it was the Pathogerms who really came out on top. While their King is currently undergoing recovery from battle, their attack on Healing Garden a successful one. The fact that Queen Teatime entrusted Latte and the Trainees to seek out the precures further validates the King’s point that they have only appeared because the Healing Animals (who are said to be the only ones capabale of fighting the Pathogerms) have fallen, making the Precures their last hope. In other-words, without the Healing Animals to care for Earth, it put them in a fairly comfortable position to make the Human World their own.

After getting the run down on their objective, it was time for the girls to get to know each other better and it was nice to watch. In the beginning of the episode, we witnessed Hinata question whether or not she is fit to be a Precure, worrying how her scatterbrain personality makes her a hindrance to the team. She was also under the impression that Chiyu was mad at her, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. And Chiyu being the sharp girl she is was quick to notice, and decided to ask Nodaka about it only for Rabbirin to bluntly confirm her fear. (Damn this rabbit is straight-forward!)

And while Chiyu was certainly right about a lot of things and had the best intentions when she was trying to help Hinata by looking out for her, it isn’t hard to see how her words can be demoralizing. After-all, we know Hinata is already quite self-conscious about her short-comings, and isn’t as confident as some may have originally thought. But after spending time together, Hinata was able to see a different and softer side to Chiyu outside of school, and Chiyu was the only one who amused by Hinata’s weird puns. Given Nodaka or the Trainees (nor myself) couldn’t understand what was so funny about the puns, it makes it clear the joke was deliberately crafted to point to Chiyu’s unique sense of humor. However this didn’t really click with me since it came across as a weak means to build a connection between the two. Nevertheless, this is hardly anything to complain about since this kind of thing won’t affect the story, and there is more than enough time for it to come across more naturally.

Best of all, we not only got to see how different she and Chiyu behave in general, but also in dire situations. When Pegitan was captured by Shindoine, Chiyu’s first thought was to attempt negotiation, while Hinata rashly threw her bag at Shindoine (only for Pegitan to get hit instead) and tackled her in attempt to get her to release him. Like damn girl, you didn’t stop to think how dangerous she is. Of course after all of that was said and done Chiyu (justifiably so) gave her a good scolding about it. I really liked that we had the opportunity to see how they would react in such situation, adding some more layer to the type of characters they are. It is also worth pointing out how Nodaka found herself in the more support role today. With the help of her mother (who had given her the tickets for them to go to the aquarium together), she was able to serve as a great middleman to help balance things out when it comes to misunderstandings and clearing up communications between the girls.

NEXT WEEK~ MY FAVOURITE VILLAIN IS BACK. I HARDLY KNOW HIM, BUT I ALREADY LOVE HIM SO I AM SO EXCITED! Looks like we will also be seeing him interact with the girls in battle for the first time (Rabbirin doesn’t count). Lets freaking goooooo~!

PS: RIP Pegitan, he had a rough day. Unfortunately for him, I think this is just a start of many more mishaps he will be encountering in the days to come, hahaha… Poor little dude.


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5 thoughts on “Healin’ Good Precure Episode 5

  1. The best thing about daruyzen return next week is that he will face cure grace in 1 on 1battle

    1. Do you hear that? The sound of my inner fangirl screaming? AJSKDALKDJALKSDJLASK I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hinata just going gung-ho and fighting untransformed was the funniest thing she did but I liked her a lot in this spotlight and moreover I appreciate how they’re taking time to iron out different communication styles and feelings so the team can be tight with each other. It says a lot that Nodoka fell back to a secondary role and it didn’t feel awkward and it only makes me more excited for the show.

    1. Gotta love her guts to do that! She’s going to be a real feisty fighter and I’m here for it!
      And good point about the communication styles. Sometimes they take a little too long to address that, or they magically are completely in sync with each other. It’s great to see them putting a lot of love and attention into fleshing out the group’s dynamic and relationship with each other so early on!

  3. It is really scary to see how good this series is, to the point that I almost feel like having hope for this franchise.

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