Saki last episode: She was exactly your type, Rikka.

Saki this episode: scared shitless of Rikka, says it felt like she corrupts everyone around her.

Well, gee, that doesn’t sound quite as endearing as it did before.

This has turned into a fight on two fronts. Kuro will be (looking at the preview) getting his face bashed in a few times, while Kotoko fights the information war, against the anon parliament. I like the observation of the internet part, that the anonymous and democratic nature of the internet ascends truth and justice, since most are just there to have a good time and be entertained. I mean, she’s not wrong and it seems more relevant than ever with the news going on nowadays.

Now I’m just curious what Rikka’s goal is. She was likely trying to test the limits of her future influencing, like Kotoko says, but like there are ways to do that that are a lot less murder-y, you know? Here’s 1024 kittens, let’s choose one and make it get the most headpats. I’d be down for that. How about the coin flip thing mentioned in the show. Heads 10,000 times? Will be a bitch to flip it that many times but probably better than killing people. Probably. Become a chess grandmaster. Look at all of these great ideas where people don’t die.

I mean, she may just be a twisted person. She was experimented on, oh sorry, “observed” in the hospital for 5 years and probably mortally wounded a lot as a child, like Kuro was. I don’t think I have the qualifications to judge her for turning out a bit warped. In that way she is kind of like the flip side of Kuro though. He’s turned out relatively alright. If her goal is just to become stronger, I wonder how Kuro will react. There either has to be a direct confrontation, like a fight while changing the future, or maybe they’ll just stay away and just calm down her problems as they come up. I mean, probably taking away her pc is a start. Hey, some parental controls could probably solve this whole issue.

On the other hand, this episode seemed to try kind of hard to give her a kinder side. I was pretty shocked that Kotoko and her got along so well, even throwing each other birthday parties. That scene that kicked off that relationship had me dying though. She’s not good for you. I AGREE. Haha, it’s amazing how much Kuro has grown attached to her.

Still on the fence about whether they’re trying to show Kuro as being romantically interested in Rikka. squints eyes. The difference in housework fantasies between Rikka and Kotoko was great though. As was Kotoko freaking out for the first half of the episode wondering what happened while she was asleep.

One small thing that I didn’t realize was that I had the order for seeing the future wrong. I thought it was, ‘ok, I want to see the future’ sees and dies. I didn’t know it was, ‘ima kill myself to see the future.’ It’s a subtle difference but I also feel like it’s kind of important? It definitely makes more sense that it’s that way. I don’t know what it is, it just seems like dying after you see the future would make me feel less scared because I got to see the future. But in this scenario it’s, shit I have to kill myself to see it.

Anyway, Kotoko claims she has 4 ways to change the tide of the internet. Anyone who’s been on the internet knows that that is a ridiculously bold task so I’m definitely curious to see what she’s got and how Rikka will respond. When she looked into the future on her chair, I wonder if she was also noticing the interference of Kuro and Kotoko.