Healin’ Good Precure Episode 8

This week’s episode of Healin’ Good Precure was the wholesome fluffy content we all need right now. I absolutely loved seeing Pegitan be the one worried about Chiyu this time round. He was so worried about her that he researched why she was in this slump and became distraught when he thought she was suffering from “Yips”, (when something you were able to do easily, suddenly becomes difficult one day). It was both endearing and entertaining to see Pegitan be distraught over the idea that Hinata and Nodoka had gone out shopping while Chiyu was suffering. It just goes to show how much he cares for her. Much to his relief, they had only gone out shopping to get goods for the banner they were sewing together.

We also got to learn how Chiyu got into track and field in the first place. She always loved the image of the sea and the sky coming together, and so by doing the high jumps, it was a way to “swim up to the above”. However as beautiful as that was, I burst out laughing when I saw her drifting out in the waters, just staring up at the sky because it looked like she was far away from shore. They also had me in stitches when Hinata (of all people) realized they lost track of time and were going to be late for class!

And the hilarity didn’t end there. Pegitan had me in tears from laughing so hard over how adorably distressed he was about being unable to find the girls. It was also hysterical to see Nyatoran mess up the character for the banner they were sewing together, and they had to patch it over to fix it.

Aside from the shirt and sweet backstory on Chiyu’s passion for track and field, we were also introduced to a new element: Ice, who provided her the ‘Ice Elemental Bottle’. I do find it a it funny that it was Daruizen who was out doing the routine today, because this makes it the second time he inadvertently contributed to the girls obtaining the source that will make them stronger in the long run. Congratulations Daruizen, you played yourself.

Last but not least, it was fantastic to see them to use Michio’s character in such an organic way. Now that he has a relationship with the girls, it makes a lot of sense for him to pop up and willingly share some of his inside information their school’s rivals: West Middle’s track and field team. By doing so, they were able to use him to set the stage for the conflict Chiyu would face today. By having Hinata accidentally spilled the beans on the matter they wanted to keep quiet about, Chiyu entered a slump phase where she couldn’t make a clean jump.

Next week, Hinata’s episode! Maybe she will get her own special Elemental Bottle, or maybe we have to wait another before that.


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5 thoughts on “Healin’ Good Precure Episode 8

  1. I absolutely loved the “my rival is myself” thing, while I love the episodes in previous series where girls fight powerful sports rivals, this was a unique spin – Chiyu herself wants to improve in her sport, not because she wants to beat some rival

  2. first thing first how are you holding there eva with all the world recent virus and poor people? are you feeling well?.
    now onto the episode this was great one with chiyu character develoment and good fight

    1. It has been crazy alright. Aside from my usual seasonal allergies, luckily I am in good condition. I hope that you and everyone and families can stay safe and healthy in these difficult times.
      That being said, it is kind of funny how Precure’s theme this time round couldn’t have had a better timing to have a story themed around doctors and healing the world.

      1. So far healing good is great. Normally things go down after the 4 cure apreance so let’s hope it won’t happen this time around

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