Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu Episodes 10 & 11


Can Maki and Yumeri kiss already? Can you just stop teasing everyone and make them kiss? I keep thinking something is going to happen but then it’s just something else and…ugh, alright then.

So I’m glad that Maina is getting a bit more courage. Eripiyo is still an idiot and continues to screw herself over because she can’t shut up and stop fangirling over Maina for one second, but at least Maina is mustering up the courage to do something. But man Eripiyo really is an idiot. She had the opportunity to talk to Maina at the maid cafe and even take a photo op but she blew it. Thankfully Aya thought up of something so she was able to get a photo in the end. Aya might as well be Eripiyo’s second fave at this point since they actually get along pretty well. Also after this episode, I feel pretty bad for Maina and it’s all Eripiyo’s fault. I did give Maina some crap before but I thought she was boring (still do) and she didn’t stand out, so she didn’t have any fans. But with the three person photo op, we saw that Maina actually does have some fans as she’s their second fave. The problem is, they were too afraid to pick Maina along with their fave because of Eripiyo since she’s made herself a reputation as the ultimate Maina fan. And something the characters mentioned in the beginning was possible Maina fans being screwed over because Eripiyo would buy all her merch for herself, not letting possible fans get a single chance. Sooo…damn. Sorry you kinda have a crappy fan, Maina.

Eripiyo is a lot more tolerable when she doesn’t talk. Finally after screaming so damn much, she hurts her throat and her voice while she’s down with a cold. And because of the cold, she wasn’t able to attend the outside concert that Cham Jam had. Maki and Yuka weren’t able to be there either because they also came down with colds, so that left the five Cham Jam girls to make up a whole new formation where they kept switching from front to back. So this time each girl was able to be in the front, including Maina. Kumasa was a bro and told Maina the situation, but when talking to Eripiyo on the phone he left out the fact that she was in front. She doesn’t find out about this until the end when Maina mentioned it herself at the Valentine’s Day event, and Eripiyo screwed up her throat again. Also, where the hell did she drop the whiteboard? How convenient, the moment when she really needed the whiteboard to let them know what was wrong with her, and she doesn’t have it.

I’m just finding the formula really stale. One thing I did think was interesting was the second fave stuff. Of course everyone has their fave, but people never really talk about their second faves much because they’re too busy stanning their number one. So it was cool seeing people pick their pairs. Also, Motoi still sucks.


Another rather uneventful episode, though it was a set-up episode for the big event in the finale. Cham Jam get invited to take part in a large idol festival that’s coming soon. I did think it was pretty funny that the fans didn’t really know how to react at the concert since the management was too slow getting the news out on their own social media.  Cham Jam prepares when second fave Aya kicks them into gear, but number one fave Reo is having some issues but she trudges on anyway.

Reo’s drama in all this interests me the most obviously. Seeing a sad Reo really sucks. :/ There’s some pressure on herself because one of her old idolmates from their previous group is also going to appear in the idol festival. There’s pressure because even though they were both part of the same group, Mei and her group Maple Doll (and their tacky outfits) has already officially and professionally debuted and are extremely popular. While Reo is still stuck in the underground idol world, even though she’s popular herself. Of course she’d feel strange with all this, and isn’t quite sure how to act when Mei texted her. She’s got a lot on her mind and hopefully she’ll conquer her fears and show Mei and the rest of the audience what she and Cham Jam are all about. Thankfully Aya took things a little more seriously by snapping everyone out of their relaxed mood and made everyone practice harder than ever (even though she still bought the pot for udon). And that practice really paid off because their dancing really improved and even the fans were able to notice their sharper moves and synchronicity. Cham Jam has every reason to worry because they’re still such a small group when it comes to popularity and exposure compared to the other idol groups taking part in the idol festival. I hope we actually get a full performance since the anime has been lacking in that, but I suppose the music isn’t the main focus of this show.

Eripiyo is her usual self. She’s loud, can’t talk to Maina, and wrote 38 tweets about Maina in the end. Which is nice and creepy at the same time, but it made Maina happy at least. I did think it was pretty funny that her coworker fell to the dark side and grew a newfound love and obsession for an anime idol guy. Which…I’m not gonna lie, I can relate to that. I’m not that obsessive but I get it. Also what the hell is this bread flipping job? Why is this a job? I mean…seems easy enough but I just wonder why this is a thing.

Next episode will be the last, hopefully it finishes with a bit of a blast so I can sort of look at the show positively. A dance number, a new song, something. It’d be nice to see Cham Jam succeed too since I do like them, so we’ll see what happens.

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