Idolish7 Vibrato Episodes 3 + 4

Episode 3

So you know how in episode 4 before they ran into Tenn, they mentioned if anyone would believe that they stopped a terrorist attack? They weren’t kidding. Like legit weren’t kidding. I actually found it HILARIOUS and TERRIFYING that they were actually mixed up in a bombing threat somehow. It was hilarious because this is a freaking IDOL show, not some cop drama and YET, HERE WE ARE.

The episode starts off the day of the Trigger concert in episode 4 with Riku watching a pretty out of character Tenn before he’s invited up on stage. Just the way Tenn looks and acts, you can tell this is a dream because there’s no way that Tenn would be THIS nice to Riku (sadly). Well, currently at least. He honestly looked and acted a lot more like Riku in this dream, which was mildly unnerving considering how he truly acts. Sure, I suppose this could be his stage persona, but still. The tone he used sounded very Riku-like. It always saddens me to see how distant the brothers have gotten with each other, especially when they used to be so close and inseparable. JUST FREAKING LOVE YOUR BROTHER AGAIN, TENN.

Anyways, it was honestly nice to see different characters interact together, such as Nagi and Tamaki. We hardly saw Tamaki interact with anyone besides Sogo in the first season, so it felt like a breath of fresh air in this episode. Especially since Tamaki and Nagi have a funny little dynamic as both act like little kids when excited. Though I guess they were the ones who were causing the most trouble in the group initially with their attitudes. TROUBLEMAKERS UNITE! And Yamato actually acts like a responsible adult by keeping them on schedule and I noticed how much he treats Tamaki like his child a little brother. It’s rather adorable. Especially when Tamaki was really bothered by the heat, Yamato pulls out a cooling spray to help cool him down. Finally acting like the dad of the group lol. Though I guess even dad couldn’t stop his dumb child from picking up a bomb off the street, thinking it was Nagi’s bag. And then said dumb child goes to laugh at Yamato’s joke about carrying Nagi’s manga as if it were a delicate bomb and then proclaims he would never do such a thing in his life. Oh the irony… laying it on a bit thick there, Idolish7 lol.

Also, when I say “dumb child,” I mean it in an affectionate way. Just wanted to clear that up real quick.

I also really liked their rabbit chats. Very simple animation, but still well executed with the sounds and transitions when a new character sends a message with them looking like they’re rotating. And then freaking Iori just silently slips an image of Riku sleeping in the chat. Way to be creepy, Iori! I also appreciated and found it hilarious when Tamaki accidentally sends the burger menu to the wrong chat, confusing everyone else. I’ve definitely had my fair share of sending images/messages to the wrong person and confusing the heck out of them. #Relatable. We never got to see the use of Rabbit Chat in the actual series, so it was really nice to see them use it here. Especially since it’s such a big thing in the Idolish7 universe. Though I suppose they don’t really mention it that much in the actual game plot either.

This episode started off so happily with Yamato, Tamaki and Nagi just having a good time before the Trigger concert… AND THEN ACTION AND DRAMA HAPPENS. And not the typical action and drama we’re used to. People be pulling out knives, guns and freaking bombs up in here. I’m not even fully aware of what the terrorists even wanted to accomplish. The guy just said he wanted the government to listen… ABOUT WHAT?! Though, I feel like it would be totally wild if these terrorists had anything to do with later antagonists in the story. Though I feel like that would be WAY too much drama for an idol show. But of course, they already went there with this side plot, so who knows what will happen in the future. Though I do have to admit that the fact that the guys who paid off the actual carrier didn’t recognize him, but the cops did. Guess we know who is better at their job lol!

Get you a man who can do both~

But let’s talk about Nagi, because he certainly stole the show in this mini arc. Not only do we get to see the more serious side to him, but HOLY CRAP, the guy can FIGHT. Like, legit FIGHT. I don’t think anyone was expecting Nagi of all people to throw hands. However, he handled himself like a champ through the entire misunderstanding of him being the bomb carrier. He didn’t even flinch when that guy pulled a knife on him and easily beat the living daylights out of the couple of terrorists. Even going as far as to point a gun at one of them and knocking one out with the back of it. Just let the boy buy and enjoy his limited-time collaboration goods! Though it was hilarious how easily he can bounce between super serious Nagi to hyperactive weirdo Nagi. It’s also interesting that both sides can also be combined and he’s not one or the other, especially in regards to his anime obsession. Such as threatening the two terrorists not for threatening him, but if they so happened to lose all the pictures on his phone because he didn’t back them up. PRIORITIES MAN.

On another hand, he almost seemed used to this kind of thing, which definitely raises a lot of questions on who Nagi really is. Out of all the guys so far, he and Yamato have the most mystery surrounding their pasts. However, judging from what we’ve heard of Nagi in the first season, one can only assume he comes from a very well established family. Though it seems that people have heard of Nagi in regards to Northmarea within this so called “organization.” I do wonder if that will come up again. Nagi is definitely a very interesting character with so many mysteries surrounding him.

Episode 4

The madness continues as the terrorist arc reaches its climax and every character has a moment to shine. Some more than others. Honestly, Nagi just stole the show most of the runtime. However, each character had their stand out moments and even the ones that didn’t have any plot significance either had a little fun moment or just wanted you to remember they were there.

The whole part of the two detectives desperately trying to prevent Tamaki from moving across the street was hilarious. Especially when the woman detective started screaming when he started just dancing. Way to give the young woman a heart attack lol. Thankfully Yamato and Nagi were able to explain the situation.

Taken from Episode 17 in the main series~

Also on a side note, I was honestly hoping that the two detectives would find out who they are and gets to be shown later. And THEY ACTUALLY DID. I was rewatching the first season with a friend when I noticed them in the freaking audience of the Black or White concert no less! I started screaming when I realized it was them! I love that the anime snuck them in. Not to mention, if you pay attention to the audience members (not just the main ones who have speaking lines) throughout the episodes, there are some side plots that you didn’t even realize were happening. Such as the progression of this one guy who was obviously dragged there by his girlfriend. Going from super indifferent to being a genuine fan in the end. It’s actually pretty hilarious. But anyways, I just really loved that detail with the detectives. Such unnecessary continuity but it makes me love this series even more because of how extra Troyca is with the anime.

Yamato was pretty great this episode, especially when the dad side of him finally came out and tried to make sure his kids were safe and not cause or get caught up in the chaos. Such as when he basically ordered Tamaki not to move. Though it was probably not the best idea to leave the restless, tantrum throwing child on the other side of the street alone. I honestly DIED when Tamaki suggested doing a back flip because he was bored… because of course he would. Only Tamaki would think of doing a freaking back flip out of boredom. It was pretty hilarious how that suggestion scared the living daylights out of Yamato and immediately yelled NO BACK FLIPS. Y’all need to hurry over and fill him in before he literally blows up the block.

I also have to hand it to him for wanting to stay with Nagi when he was risking his life. Such a dad move right there. Not to mention he was nearly shot because of it. However, one of the biggest highlights for him was when the terrorist was on the run and seemed to be reacting in fear. However, I got the feeling he was acting. Especially since there was no way he’d be acting so cowardly and desperate like that. Thinking about it, this was probably the first time that Yamato showed off his acting skills. I’m surprised that Nagi never touched on it before Yamato was offered his first acting gig in the actual series. Anyways, back on terrorists. He did a great job at getting the gun out of the terrorist’s hand by spraying him in the eyes with the cooling spray. That probably had to be one of the most dangerous jobs he faced in this whole ordeal and he handled it like a champ. A normal person wouldn’t have been able to pull something like that off. Especially if the other person was holding a gun.

Despite the amount of flack I give Tamaki through this entire arc, I actually did feel sorry for him at times and he had quite a few amusing moments. Such as when the detective lady was yelling at him not to move because he was carrying the bomb and he thinks she’s a fan and proceeds to dance. I couldn’t at that moment. But despite all that, poor Tamaki. He’s legit terrified he’s carrying a bomb on his back, which no one can blame him. He actually worked really hard that day. Not only was he carrying a freaking bomb around, but then he proceeded to carry Tenn all the way to the concert arena later that same day. This boy deserves those 21 puddings plus more!

It was also funny while in the midst of all this chaos happening, the scene shifts over to what some of the other Idolish7 characters are doing. They’re all so oblivious as to what’s going on and they most likely didn’t believe what had happened. I found it hilarious how Mitsuki and Sogo were basically being two moms talking about their troublemaking children lol.

Nagi continues to be the MVP and really went above and beyond the call of duty through out this entire arc. First he calls how the terrorists are going to act, somehow figuring that they have a sniper on them while acting as a decoy. Which turns out to be true and he even spots the little, red, aiming dot of said sniper and had enough sense to know where the sniper’s spot after it had fired, saving Yamato in the process. He then proceeds to run after said sniper and with the help of Yamato scarified his precious manga to put a stop to the terrorist. Come now, I don’t buy it for a second that he knows all of these things JUST because of manga. Though I honestly can’t tell if he’s telling the truth or he actually had to think about this while in Northmarea, since it’s pretty obvious he’s a big deal there. Either way would make sense lol.

Also can we just bring to attention that someone literally got shot… IN AN IDOL ANIME?! (He just got grazed, he’s fine!) This series is freaking wild sometimes and I just love it. There was also one part when the other terrorist shot at Nagi, but he moved out of the way, my friend joked how Yamato was now dead since he was directly behind Nagi. I actually went back to see where he was when that shooting happened and he was actually ducking when it showed behind Nagi. So Yamato lives to see another day lol. That was actually great continuity and an extra detail they didn’t have to put in, but they did and it makes me appreciate Troyca oh so much.

And with that, the day was saved thanks to the powerpuff three idol boys~ Unfortunately it would take two hours to defuse the bomb… which was the amount of time they had before the Trigger concert started. Nagi’s exasperated “NO” honestly had me laughing really hard. Poor guy had such a rough day and he just wants to go to the Trigger concert with his friends.

Man this arc was such a wild ride and I really appreciate the details that connected this arc to pre-Trigger concert in episode 4. Such as showing Tenn in the car before he literally fell into Yamato, Nagi and Tamaki. I love all the details and care they put into this two episode arc and just seeing different sides to three main boys, especially Nagi. And while Tamaki and Yamato didn’t pull out amazing stunts like Nagi, they both deserve credit since they handled the situation as best as they possibly could. It’s unfortunate that the others probably wouldn’t believe them when they tell them the story, but I suppose it’s fine as a bonding memory for the three of them. This episode definitely landed Nagi in my top 5 characters in this series for sure. This arc definitely differentiated Idolish7 from other idol anime and boy was it a great watch!


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  1. These two episodes are definitely are among my top favourites from Vibrato! It’s too much I can’t stop laughing!
    Nagi though, DUDEEEEEEEEEE~ what a badass. And yes, get a man who can do both. Seriously though? What’s his history? A member of a mafia clan? Secret Agent/Spy? (I’m half joking) I can’t wait to find out!

    Poor Tamaki, had no idea he was carrying a bomb all that time. LMFAOOOO. GET THE BOY SOME HIS FAVOURITE PUDDING.

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