Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun Episode 10: The Hell of Mirrors, Part 1

Holy crap can people leave Yashiro alone?! I know the daikon bullying this episode was because of her insecurity in her heart, but my goodness it’s getting on my nerves that people are always making fun of her fat legs. It’s used as comedy but this bullying isn’t funny or entertaining. And I don’t get it, because Yashiro is super cute. She’s a little weird, yeah, but she’s really cute and is always kind to people. Why do you gotta be so mean to her? 🙁

This episode was mostly okay, mostly uneventful as it was more comedic this time around, even with an unsettling episode title. Honestly, I thought the Hell of Mirrors would be way more terrifying, but the Boundary was unusually bright with lots of different types of mirrors, with one big one being the more important one.

But wow, I’m surprised that Mitsuba is “alive”! What Tsukasa did to him last time was awful and it made it look like he really was gone, so I’m shocked that he’s still hanging around. So Tsukasa didn’t kill him, but instead kept him to make him work under him as I had to guess from the ending. I have no clue what’s going on but that seems to be it. Biggest question is what for? I feel so bad for Mitsuba, having to follow the orders of this crazy sonuvabitch. Everytime Tsukasa comes on screen, something horrifying and terrible always happens. Bashing the Wonder’s head against the mirror over was disgusting and totally uncalled for. He’s so unpredictable in his actions that I have no idea what crazy thing he’ll do next, and now that he’s there with Yashiro I’m just freaking out.

The episode itself was okay. It was mostly pretty uneventful until we got to the mirror. Yashiro comes to the boys with a problem she’s having, where ghost hands have randomly appeared in her gardening club photos and also appearing in her day to day life. They’re not dangerous or anything, just weird and creepy. Hanako explains that there are certain spirits that need more attention than others to disappear, and it looked like the hands just wanted to interact and play. And so they do with many different games and activities, until the last hand drags Yashiro through the mirror to where Mitsuba is, since he wanted someone to come help him.

Also very interesting that the photographer that took the gardening club photos was Mitsuba himself. They get off on a bad start but Yashiro tries her best to make things less awkward and she explains Boundaries to him and that they’d have to find the Yorishiro, which is at the very top of the hall. Inconvenient.

The Hell of Mirrors belongs to the third Wonder, and the rumor is that it drags you into its mirror world. If you have a strong and brave heart, then you’ll make it out okay. If not and you’re riddled with insecurities, you’re doomed. Hanako knows all this and that’s why he won’t step into the Boundary because with his heart he knows that he’ll make it even worse. Which is sad. But because Yashiro has her insecurities with her legs she’s in trouble, and Mitsuba doesn’t get any image probably because he’s a ghost, or because he simply doesn’t remember anything from when he was alive. They get attacked by Tsukasa…comes to the rescue? Can I even call it that, I have no clue.

Things are probably going to heat up next episode with however things will go with Tsukasa next, and with destroying the yorishiro. Yashiro also still has that key she got from past Hanako/Amane and that seems like it’ll be important, most likely for this arc. And that’s pretty much it for this episode. It was mainly an okay one, and like I said, I’m tired of the show making fun of Yashiro’s legs. I think they’re cute and charming, so leave her alone. :'(


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