Somali to Mori no Kamisama Episode 9: Memories of Minor Days

Imagine a dirty ass rat crawling into your mouth to work on your teeth. Dear god…

This was a very heartwarming and wholesome episode, extremely chill and very cute. And Shizuno and Yabashira are back again! Yay, I’m so happy we’re seeing old characters again! I was hoping that we would see some old faces again and here they are! I love these two a lot so it’s nice to see them join Golem and Somali on their journey for a bit.

But yes, this was a much slower episode than the ones we’ve had but still had the same fun in it. What sets this slow episode apart from the more slower episodes in Oshi ga Budoukan is that it’s still interesting because of the A.) worldbuilding and B.) the characters are great, and they all have great chemistry. That’s why I still loved this episode and never felt bored at any second, even though the two main things from this episode was Golem baking a souflee and Somali freaking out about her tooth. This show just has a lot of charm and sweetness that I’m always enjoying myself.

The first half of the episode before the oni pair show up is incredibly pure. Insanely adorable and heartwarming. Golem and Somali find a quaint treehouse to shelter themselves from the rain, and he explains the tappers and their jobs to Somali. Before she goes to bed, she finds a book next to her and asks Golem to read it to her. It turns out to be a cookbook because Somali has a lot of luck with food, and she gets hungrier with each recipe he reads aloud. That’s a big mood. This was a special moment between them because this was actually the first time that Golem cooked for Somali with his own hands, not from a restaurant or canned stuff. It’s why Somali was extra excited and she did her best to help him bake. So what follows is them baking, which was super cute. Thankfully the souflee came out perfect, and Somali couldn’t help but cry as she took that bite. Because she’s so happy that her dad finally cooked her something, and she’s so happy and grateful that he’s her dad. Truly happy, with such a serene smile on her face. Ugh, my heart! T_T

All of this wholesomeness is just going to make the end even more painful. I don’t want them to be separated but it’s inevitably going to happen and I’m just…not okay with that! Grrrr!

The second half of the episode dealt with the gang heading to Bygone City, where Shizuno sets out to find a dentician for some research purposes. And it was really about Somali freaking out about one of her teeth being wobbly and not understanding why. That’s really it honestly, but it was endearing. The story does a fantastic job in making Somali a believable child character, and her freaking out about her wobbly tooth was great because I think most kids freak out about losing their teeth because it’s something that kind of happens out of nowhere. So Somali having a baby crisis was pretty funny, even funnier seeing her reactions to the mouse dentist describing his profession. Which by the way was real interesting to hear about. The same practices that we know about, but it was amusing that a tiny mouse crawls into patients’ mouths to break a hole and use sap. Again, the worldbuilding and this world is fantastic.

Also this entire second half had me freaking out because while Somali worrying about her baby tooth was adorable, I was terrified that the tooth would out her as a human. It was either the gang of monsters that Somali bumped into noticing her tooth, or it was going to be the mouse dentist literally LOOKING AT HER TEETH AND SEEING SOMETHING WAS OFF. I mean, I’m sure this guy has been studying this stuff for years and has seen lots of different kinds of teeth from different kinds of species, so I would guess that he would recognize human teeth.

Nope. Everything is a-okay! He looks at her teeth and just reassures her that she lost her baby tooth and that the permanent one will grow soon. And he also gives them a baby tooth holder thing as a memento to hold the rest of her baby teeth when they fall out, and…I’m not sure Golem will be around for that. Ahh, there I go making myself sad again. T_T

But yes, nothing bad happens thankfully though I expected it from the intense city they were in. They were also able to get some nice and free lodging after Golem and Yabashira accept to be bodyguards for the inn owner. Shizuno and Golem stay up while Somali and Yabashira sleep, and Shizuno breaks the ice by asking Golem if Somali is human, and why he’s playing as her father. He says he feels like he was meant to, and that statement is what’ll lead us to the next episode. I thought this episode would be the flashback one, but that’ll actually be next time. And I’m excited for it. I love this show a lot, and this episode as usual made me smile a lot. Next episode might do the same, or it might make me sad. Well, I think the last bit of episodes will be emotional ones so I gotta prepare myself. T_T

Somali is just too damn cute.


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