Healin’ Good Precure Episode 6

This week they delivered us another solid episode. It was nice to see them address Latte’s loneliness of missing her mother (Queen Teatime) and show us how Nodoka’s mother provided her great comfort when Nodoka was at school, and what it meant to her when she decided to go back to work. It is completely understandable why Latte couldn’t bear staying in the house on her own. Sure, she had Rabbirin to keep her company, and eventually the other two joining them (which I think we can all agree, was not the brightest idea) in attempt to cheer her up. After-all, we all have to remember, this is a new place for Latte too and it can be overwhelming for young pup like herself, especially when she is homesick. I am also glad they didn’t drag it out longer than it needed to be. They got straight to the point and moved on, bring us to the the much anticipated confrontation between Daruizen and Nodoka.

It goes without saying, this as something many of us were looking forward to since the first episode, and he did not disappoint. Daruizen showed us while he can be aloof, he is not to be taken lightly. Today he outright attacked a Human (Nodoka’s mother), smothered Rabbirin with the blight, and plastered it on Nodoka’s face! YIKES.

And oh gosh, did anyone have freak out when he did that, because I certainly did! It gave me a fright when we still don’t know whether she is still just as susceptible to it as she would be without the precure’s powers.I have no doubt in my mind, as soon as the enemy catches the wind of her vulnerability, they will definitely find a way to exploit it to their advantage!

Unfortunately for Nodoka, all decisions she made today inadvertently made Daruizen’s even more curious about her (KEKEKEKEKE). She piped his interest by her willingness to fight back, choosing to call off the fight between them and prioritize supporting her friends despite being injured herself (and if I may add, was a wise a decision). In fact, contrary to his previous claim of only caring about the mission being easy, I dare say Daruizen welcomes the challenge. Unlike Shindoine, he didn’t particularly care about the Precure to begin with, but after having interacted with Nodoka, it feels like he is looking forward to their next meeting, perhaps with some more tricks up his sleeve to spice things up. With that in mind, I am excited to see how the dynamic of their relationship will evolve over the course of the series because they are virtually the exact opposite of each other. Nodoka who is selfless, caring and protective of others, while Daruizen is heartless, selfish and dangerous.

Speaking of which, they were certain to make a distinct correlation to why he is ‘heartless’. When he is called that, he points out it’s because is not Human. Of course we already know he isn’t Human, but it makes me wonder more about his background. And as I was watching the episode, I noticed that Daruizen’s earrings are actually a flower, and I asked myself: Why a flower?

Then it clicked for me: It symbolizes Daruizen is associated with the Plant-Based Elements, or at least that’s where he draws his powers from.

Perhaps some of you noticed it a few weeks earlier than I had, but for those who didn’t catch it, basically there are direct correlations between the elements the Generals target and where they draw their power from. Daruizen has been seen attacking Plant-Based Elements (plants like flower, trees and now strawberries), Shindoine has attacked Water Elements (the Inn’s water and the aquarium’s Bubbles), and Guaiwaru will likely continue targeting the Light Elements. And what makes it cool about this, is that we have two opposing forces tapping into the same resources, which makes the clash between the Pathogerms and Healing Animals/Precures all the more interesting!

Bearing that in mind, this brings us to the attention of the Harvest Element Bottle which Nodoka had attained from the Harvest Element today. It is described to be incredibly valuable as Elements make up everything of the world. There will without a doubt be consequences if it were to fall into the Pathogerms’ hands, that’s why Rabbirin said they need to be very careful with it.

This also marks the beginning of the next quest: Obtaining the rest of these precious Element Bottles to better equip themselves for the future boss fights.

Next week, poor Nodoka is being accused by a fellow student to be responsible for summoning the Pathogerms and wrecking havoc around the city. Oof… Talk about bad timing of being the new kid on the block. I hope she won’t have to suffer from it too much.


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4 thoughts on “Healin’ Good Precure Episode 6

  1. so far healing good doing great in terms of fight and character development. this episode gave us not only develoment for nodoka but a bit for latte too also i like it that latte is not anoying like the outher mascots from previous seasons

  2. You made a very good point about the Generals powers which are also the same element with the Precures, I didn’t notice that. The rivalry between Grace and Daruizen is really well done, it does make you look forward to the confrontation of the two.

    1. It’s such a clever little Easter Egg!
      And I love the tension, it’s great way to start a rivalry kekekekeke!

  3. finally had the time to watch this week’s episode – and just in time too LOL – and I really liked it. I recognized Latte being lonely right away and it made me so sad but it’s nice that they were able to connect her loneliness to Nodoka’s in the past and how everyone was quick to look after Latte more.
    Nice call on the generals’ powers and I think it’s interesting because it gives us and the girls direct rivals as well as becoming a clue as to who will be the focus of which episodes.

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