Well I’ll be damned! We really did get a kirakira dokidoki moment, with stars and everything! But this time, instead of Kasumi just getting this feeling from seeing the stars, Argonavis directly takes inspiration from the stars and their ship motif. It’s actually so fascinating and I was always too lazy to at least research what their band name could even mean, because most band names are kinda nonsense or random words stuck together. Argonavis is literally a real constellation with origins from ancient Greece, going back to the mythology of the Greek ship. Their band name directly ties in with Wataru’s theme of a ship, and the stars Banri shows them. I always love when names have big significance like this, kinda akin to Afterglow. Whereas Poppin’Party came together because the name sounded cute, which isn’t a bad thing! Maybe I’m more biased towards Argonavis because I like ancient history and mythology, haha.

Well, Banri wasn’t exactly what I was imagining. He was way more of an arrogant prick than I thought. He’s small and cute so I expected him to be the genki character but he was pretty overconfident and showy, which kind of rubbed the others the wrong way. Even worse when he made it very clear that his focus is on making money, and that he’s confident that he’ll bring them the riches. A pretty daring thing to say, most people would kick him out after that. And as suspected, the guys didn’t like him at all and I don’t blame them. We already had the problem of finding people having the passion and being honest for the band. And while Banri is being honest about the money, it’s not exactly what the boys want. But with Banri being the mysterious drummer they were looking for, things changed with Ren being so insistent again. Which is very funny, considering how reluctant he was with Yuto and Wataru before. Ren is the recruiter now, though I do agree that he should have talked with the others before bringing Banri in with him. Though he did his own thing with Rio too. My, Ren, how daring you’ve become.

Banri is pretty interesting and I’m glad he was able to be honest with Ren. His way of playing drums is pretty insane, where he’s been breaking drum sets because of how powerful he plays. He’s definitely got the talent, and I really enjoyed the animation for his playing at Submariner. And I always have a soft spot for characters that have a strong attachment to their family, so Banri wanting to make money in order to save his family’s failing dairy farm got my heart. He’s just a guy that wants to help his parents, and I totally get that. Too bad the whole money thing gave him a crappy first impression, though it was his fault for putting up such a showy front.

So now the band has finally come together. One thing I thought was weird was how they mentioned that one important thing for the drummer was if they could seamlessly play with them. And while they did listen to Banri play, they didn’t start playing with him until after they agreed in letting him join. The same thing happened with Rio last week where he composed the song, came over, and they all just started playing the song perfectly. While seeing them perform together at the end was nice, I couldn’t help but think about that. It’s not totally grounded in reality, and I can kinda say the same thing about Roselia (if you’re familiar), but at least they gave playing together a shot first before agreeing to join.

It looks like the band are going to debut very soon, so it’ll be fun to see them actually have a live show! This might mean that Gyroaxia is going to show up in these episodes so I’m very much looking forward to that!


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