Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS – Episode 3

Oohohohohohoho, Romin managed to escape the suspicions of her possible connection with Goha Corp undetected, for now anyways. She caught a lucky break with her guitar-case ended up serving as a handy decoy to divert the attention away from her phone. The reason why she was so protective of it was because she keeps her favourite card in it. And I don’t know about you, but I absolutely loved the sentimental story behind the card. It originally belonged to a famous guitarist she admires who had thrown it to the crowd for a lucky one to catch. But since Romin didn’t play the game, she held onto it as a lucky charm of a sorts. 

In other words, today was her first real taste of the game! Yuga did a good job of provoking her into it, and made sure she had no way out by providing her a deck and duel-disk. It was hilarious when she finally got her chance to pull out her ace monster, Prima Guitarna, Yuga’s reaction was priceless. And while she didn’t win, it was still so much fun to watch. I would also say, as far as I can remember, this was probably my favourite “tutorial match” I have seen from Yu-Gi-Oh!  It had the perfect balance of playfulness and humour, accompanied by witty dialogues and relatable moods, such as Yuga and Romin getting distracted by Rook’s and Gakuto’s antics on the sidelines. It’s one thing to be totally focused on the match, but when you have Rook crawling on the grass while Gakuto is trying to restrain him, it is understandably hard to ignore!

But now that we know Romin has never really been into the game until Yuga got her to try out Rush Duel, it makes me wonder what sort of relationship she has with Goha Corporation. Considering they seem to be in controlling just about everything in their society, could it be that Romin is a trainee in one of their branches for music? Do they have a deal of a sorts that if she were to observe and track her peers who are defying the order, she would get something like a debut in return? After-all, we do see her crying in the OP. Considering how she is quickly becoming friends with the boys here, I wouldn’t be surprised if she were to start feeling guilty of reporting them behind their backs.

Speaking of, it was good though to see the boys all thought Romin was hiding something, and actually took the initiative to investigate. It goes to show they are fairly aware of their surroundings. But goodness, Yuga is a straight-shooter! He just goes right up to her with his lie-detecting prototype in hand and bluntly asks her if she’s hiding something! It caught me so off-guard, I burst out laughing!

Rook on the other-hand… While he comes off as paranoid to Yuga and Gakuto, this episode pretty much proved all of his concerns are very real. Goha Corp is observing them through Romin, on top of other means such as their robots monitoring the public. Another thing that justifies his concern is the way Goha is going about this whole incident. While they have taken measures to remove the videos of Yuga’s Rush Duel, they have yet to ban his account and such. The fact we have no idea what’s going through their heads right now should serve as enough of a reason to at least be guard to some extent.

We are only three episodes in, but I think it’s safe to say Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS has definitely sold me on its newfound humour. It is quite refreshing to see the first couple of episodes without any signs of angst (just yet). I really can’t get over how well they manage to slip in so much comedy, even when it’s just happening in the background of the conversations (ie; Rook getting caught up in one of Yuga’s inventions). My favourite part of this episode had to be Kaizo the robot. Too bad he pushed Yuga’s patience, because he was so entertaining to watch. It was absolutely hysterical to see ask for her autograph, beg for a name because he didn’t have one for her to sign to, and then later trash-talk Yuga throughout the entire duel— that had to to be the best part. I lost it when he went on about “reflect upon your foolishness in the depth of hell”. He definitely gave off Ai vibes.
…Ah crap I just made myself sad, I miss him. TT ^ TT

NEXT WEEK~ GAKUTO EPISODE! (No word on any delays, but I think YGO SEVENS should be okay for now… I’ll keep you all posted if anything comes up!)


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5 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS – Episode 3

  1. Love the chemistry between Gakuto and Rook here. They’re just too hilarious! And Kaizo…indeed, reminds me of Ai…I can feel you Eva! (TT_TT)

    Romin is so cute in this episode, especially seeing her tying her hair and wearing her band uniform. She’s also a fast learner and did well despite being her first time dueling. She’ll do better next time!

    And then, the guy who appeares in the end of the episode. I wonder if he’s the guy shown in the opening looking out the window. And he also look like the guy in one of Romin’s video.

    1. I wondered that too, but he has green hair. Maybe he’s the short one with the helmet in the OP. (LOL)

      OH WOW NICE CATCH! I didn’t notice that detail until you mentioned it! He must be an idol or actor, if so then maybe he’s affiliated in the same entertainment branch as she is.

  2. I remembered now. Romin’s band name is “RoaRomin”. If he’s really the same guy as in the video, then maybe he is the “Roa” from the “RoaRomin”. Logically, since Romin is in a band, then there’s no way she’s alone. The guy most likely is the other band member.

  3. I don’t think Romin is essentially working for Goha Corp, given how she’s been spying on Yuga since before he invented Rush Duels and the guy she’s spying on Yuga for feels like he has a different vibe compared to Goha, at least to me. Either way, it’s possible that mysterious guy may be plotting something separate from Goha, like a rebellion perhaps. and had Romin spy on Yuga to eventually recruit him for his inventions and hacking skills.

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