Ahh, what a feel good episode. I thought it was over last week, but this really was the icing on the cake. I have also heard episode 16 is delayed until July, so it was really cool that we got the ending.

All the pieces really came together. I’m, uh, more than a little skeptical that they could just remove that Dolly backup (with no issues??) but fuck it, it’s happy time. I guess technically the Misaka Network is already up and running through Last Order anyway. We also FINALLY got to see Shokuho expressing any sort of emotion besides disdain for everyone around her! Wow, very cool. So many good callbacks too. When they were in the taxi and Kozaku did the dolphin flip in the jar and Shokuho turned away and said, ‘so that’s what she wanted to see.’ And the crying reunion at the end where she mentions wanting to go the ocean! The feels, the feels. Kozaku wearing pigtails because that’s what Dolly used to put her hair in!!! That insert song when they see her in the tube got me tearing up. I wasn’t prepared for it to be so quick! I forgot Shokuho is basically a god when there’s not a scientist specifically trying to combat her abilities.

Misaka, on the other hand, is still trying to figure out what the hell Shokuho put in her friends memories. The, ‘unless you’re prepared to kill me’ speech transformed into a bathroom related incident still kills me every time they show it. They took that epic moment away from me! Because when I first saw it I was like, this is badass! Misaka finally putting her foot down! So cool. And now I can only think of her having just… handlebar gripping bathroom trips and threatening to kill people because of how urgent they are!! I’ll never forgive you for taking this from me.

The food at their celebration party looked so good too. What was that like strawberry filled cinnamon bun looking thing. Oh my god, I’m so hungry. And we just aren’t gonna talk about that shadow metal incident anymore, huh? Just stuff some more food in Uiharu’s mouth and call it a day. Aight, aight. Happy times now.

Poor Mi-chan though, back before she knew about the corruption. Putting on her fake smiles to get a good recommendation. When she confronts the lead scientist and is like, ‘I’ll tell the governing board on you’ you just knew what was coming next.

Did anyone else get shocked when they showed the toys on the shelf? Like the super-duper ultra realistic toys? I thought we were just in for some movie quality material, then it went straight back to the regular animation. I was so confused.