When they said that they wanted this show to be more mature, I guess that included possible death. T_T Who knew that Truck-kun would appear here and isekai another character. Although, in the preview it looked like Argonavis were still going through with the battle of the bands. So the only logical conclusion is that Banri woke up as a zombie and still retained his memories and musical talent.

Haha 😀

Okay but seriously, I’m worried for Banri. It’s insane that he traveled hours on his scooter after his part-time job. If it took the boys a few hours in a van, then it took much longer for Banri on his little scooter. He either was too tired and didn’t pay attention, or he just has crappy luck. Like I said, in the preview it looked like they were going to perform so it either means that Banri managed to get out of the accident okay, or they had to get a substitute drummer. Still, the scooter being destroyed made it pretty unsettling.

Different issues arrive this time around, this time for both bands. On Gyroaxia’s side, it’s mostly Nayuta causing problems (no surprise) on account that he’s not happy with his vocal performance. I don’t like Nayuta, but at least he’s not the type of person to blame others for his own shortcomings, instead focusing on himself. Of course, the way he’s overexerting himself isn’t helping him at all but he’s the stubborn type that absolutely won’t listen to others. Since the reason he’s doing this in the first place is because of Ren, I’d love to see some actual interaction with the two of them in the near future. They already see themselves as rivals, with Ren wanting to surpass Nayuta and Gyroaxia, and Nayuta feeling threatened by Ren’s talent. It’s most likely the main reason why Nayuta doesn’t want to do a battle of the band with them, even though he hid it under his superiority complex. I’m loving that their manager doesn’t take any shit from Nayuta and makes him shut his mouth. Mashu is interesting, I’m wondering who he exactly is and what experience he’s had in the music industry since Kenta called him a pro. I don’t know, I just think there might be more to him and I still think there must be some kind of connection between him and Nayuta.

It’s also nice seeing more of the Gyroaxia members. I’m not too sure what to make of them, they all seem to have an okay relationship? Kenta and Ryou seem to get along fine, and Ryou can deal with Nayuta’s bull. I’m still not too sure what to think of Miyuki and Reon right now since they haven’t made an impression much yet. I’d want to see an actual Gyroaxia episode to really get to see the band and how they interact with each other. I can’t really say it’s a nice environment what with Nayuta and his unbelievably high standards. Roselia also has high standards, and while they started out rough interpersonally, they all soon became very close friends. Right now Gyroaxia doesn’t feel that way at all. There’s like a very mild tension among them, but again I’d like to see more of them.

Argonavis are surprised to get the battle of the band offer, but they happily accept it. The battle of the band offer also brought up a pretty important topic related to the band, which is: what exactly do they want to do? Will Argonavis be a hobby band, or will it be a band that will strive for more and make it big? Ren simply wants to sing, but that doesn’t seem to fit in with his goal. And of course Banri wants to make it big and make a profit, which we already knew. The guys aren’t totally sure right now, with Yuta wanting to deal with his own personal issues and whatnot. In Bang Dream, we know that most of the bands are hobby bands, with only a couple being professional (Pastel Palettes) or wanting to achieve more (Raise a Suilen). We haven’t actually gotten a question like this in the series before so this is a pretty cool direction for Argonavis, and something to keep in mind if the Bang Dream girls are still planned to grow up and graduate.

It’s great that Yuta wants to face Gyroaxia head on and deal with his emotions, but he’s not the only one to do that. While Yuta ran away from his problems, Wataru faced them head on from the start. We knew that he always had a bit of a strained relationship with his brother but slowly throughout the show it’s been changing bit by bit. Wataru calls up his brother just to talk to him and talk about personal things and how he admits that he always had an inferiority complex when it came to his brother. Again, like I’ve been saying throughout the show so far, it would have been nice if we had more time to get to know the brothers and actually see the things Wataru listed, like the being intelligent, good at instruments, getting all the Valentine’s Day chocolates. Even just showing mini flashbacks of what he was talking about would have made the scene a little more powerful. The show is just missing a little oomph, and little stuff like that would really help it. Still, I admire Wataru for being honest with his brother and dealing with his emotions better than Yuto did. Still, I commend that Yuto really wants to make a change. Also, it’s hilarious that he didn’t even know that Kenta and Wataru are brothers. Like…didn’t you learn their last names?

Episode ended on a tense note, hopefully Banri wasn’t injured too badly.


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  1. Williukea

    Actually Kenta and Wataru have different last names (as is common with secret siblings in anime). Also Yuu didn’t meet Wataru till he moved far away from his hometown to attend university, and his old band was during high school times

    1. Berry

      Ah, darn it. I hate when anime does that with the secret siblings. My bad, I didn’t notice that.

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