Argonavis from Bang Dream! Episode 4: The Space Between Dreams & Reality

This was kind of a strange episode. Maybe because of the haphazard way planning for the live went about, but the episode itself felt…well, a little weird. Finally seeing Gyroaxia in the anime is a real treat, that was the highlight for me. This episode just didn’t feel right.

Argonavis is supposed to be the mature side of the Bang Dream franchise, this is what we were told. In some ways, yes it is. However, the problem I’m realizing that I’m having with Argonavis is that while it’s taking a more mature approach, it’s not totally grounded in reality as I thought it was going to be. Bang Dream isn’t totally fantastical. Things happen where I’m like “Yes, I believe it. I’m into it.” Nothing feels too contrived or silly for me to question it too much, unless Hello Happy World is involved. Whenever they appear, it’s best to turn your brain off. But with Argonavis, and I’ve mentioned this before, there are some things that…don’t exactly make much sense.

I mentioned before how I thought Rio and Banri joining happened a little too quickly for my liking, but I let it slide a little because I like the characters. The events that happened this episode…I can’t really let it slide this time.

I knew Yuto was an overconfident and positive guy, so I’m not surprised that he was the one that kinda screwed over the band. Though even if they screwed up, they were still rewarded in the end. I don’t really buy what Ren was saying that their first live wasn’t a failure. Yeah, they had one person but that’s the thing, it was just one person. Because of that, they’re in the red when it comes to the fees, and it was all around disappointing. This was a good moment, mainly for Yuto, for some reflection. While they’re excited to officially start the band, they also have to be realistic and this failure was a good kick in the ass. Well, it WOULD have been if the one person that came to their live wasn’t Gyroaxia’s manager, who then called for Argonavis to be the band’s opening act. So things are looking pretty great for them already.

And that’s fine, I like them and I want them to succeed but this felt out of nowhere? It’s just a little too convenient for my liking, especially since it looks like that Gyroaxia is a pretty popular and famous band, popular enough for them to go on tour and bring large crowds. Would a manager really bring in a band that only had him as the audience to become the opening act for his band? It’s not really a good first impression so it’s an interesting decision to say the least.

Another thing was that Argonavis needed to ensure at least 50 people to come so they could pay off the full rental fee. People not being able to make it makes sense, but the fact that EVERYONE couldn’t, and they were literally sending texts at the same time, was where I wasn’t buying it. I understand that Yuto did this, at least I assume, at the last minute and that people couldn’t come but for everyone to not be able to is a stretch. Maybe a few people? Seven people could make it, out of the twenty? Nope, no one. I know that trying to bring in random strangers on the street is tough, but man…I don’t know. It’s also hard to pinpoint the timeframe of everything happening. I’m only assuming Yuto went about all this like a mess, but I’m assuming. I wish I didn’t have to assume.

That aside, Gyroaxia! I forgot that when I was reading the Argo bios awhile ago that one of them had a brother in the band, and it’s Wataru. The conversation was pretty cold and awkward so obviously they don’t have a good relationship. It’s nice that we’re getting into some background with both Wataru and Yuto. The person Yuto was talking about, and his old band, was probably the lead of Gyroaxia I’m guessing by his reaction at the end. They feel like the Roselia of this anime, but more intense, so I sense a big rivalry already. And them being blown away by a Gyroaxia concert since they’re all really new in the band world. Hopefully Argo will learn from them, but we’ll have some drama first. Will be interesting to see how Gyroaxia adds to the story.

Not my favorite episode so far, hopefully the anime won’t be as silly as it was this time around. I want this anime to do well, so I hope they tone it down while also slowing it down. I feel like you’re supposed to work up to the first live, but it already happened just like that. And pathetically so, though that was the point. This was only a bit of a bump so I hope we won’t have to deal with much more.


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