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Well, all good things come to an end especially TV shows, books and comics. But if it didn’t come to an end, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the ending.

People were saying the ending was rushed, and I think they were lying. I think it was good pace. I like short stories because it doesn’t drag on. Why do people love stories that drag on on and on and on and on!!!! 2 seasons, and I’m good. 24 manga books, that’s good. There is stories like Naruto, Harry Potter, etc, that need a longer story to show development from when they were younger to when they are older and they have a bigger thing that is happening over the characters. If it’s a slice of life, we probably don’t need as much shit back there.

It’s like me right now because I’m writing a story about an asexual guy who lives in a apartment with a bunch of sexual roommates. I don’t want to make it too redundant, so I’m making it only 30 pages. Which means I have to introduce all 7 characters in a short amount of time, BIG UGHHHH. In G edition, she was able to introduce 6 characters in a short amount of time, so I have hope for myself XD


The way the author finished the manga was good and it answered some of things I wondered would happen. And that twist at the end( SPOILER TIME IN THIS POST)

G – maru is illegally inteferring with time, so the space time police hunt him down to give him a fine. Surprisingly their tactics aren’t ruthless or hurtful like most space time police are. They just stun people and zap off their clothes XD thats a twist, I honestly thought they were here to kill everyone XD

But the robot would pause after seeing nudity, but I think thats a culture thing, because ero manga and stuff is banned. I would think regular porn in banned???? Maybe, or I’m making the wrong assumption as per usual

If it’s illegal to mess with the future, G-maru is taking a large risk for being here…… and his wallet must be hurting.

Introduced the story is a new character called Pentab( what is that name?), but I read in the forum that all the characters are named after art materials used to make manga. G – maru is named after a kind of pen and Pentab is pen and a drawing tablet, and I forgot what all the other characters were. Clever mangaka.

Pentab is G-maru’s friend from the future, who has a crush on him. She does not like manga because she was taught to hate it.

She just shows up to find G-maru to check on him because she got worried. She’s a tsundere of sorts XD

After Pentab rips some manga in half, the girls challenge her to show her the power of manga using a toy in the future where holograms fight using the person’s imagination. Aruto uses the power of ecchi to beat Pentab.

The power of ecchi and hentai is very strong. Never had a doubt in that.  I don’t know why, it’s a very exciting genre to me. Sex is very exciting, it’s different every time. And boobs are cool. Girls with big boobs are cool in real life and in manga, but their backs might hurt XD

Pentab realizes manga isn’t so bad after all and starts enjoying it XDXD I was dead when she started enjoying it.

After Pentab cheats and wins a manga compeition( her drawings are just as horrendous as the ones she drew in hologram fight), the girls were mad XD and they want to acheive their manga dream without help from the future. If there is tech like this in the future tho, do people actually try??? I wonder.


Some inspiration from the future using mind control XD. The author actually drew some pretty good boobs! I inspire to get to that talent.



I hope she’s finds that childhood friend she used to read manga with from the diary. I’m coming up with that part in my imagination. What if he is fellow manga writer at the company that publishes her comic and they collab??? or fall in love. Sounds like some Junjou Romantica shit to me tho XD

In the next chapter, after cheating to pass the long jump test(using Pentab anti gravity pants, pictured above), Aruto is recruited by the baseball team who needs extra player.

The commitments on sports is so hard. Practice every day and long night doing homework. Why does anyone even play??? I guess it’s fun tho. And you sweat and have to take a shower. I hate showering, it’s the longest step on the day XD

In order to give her motivation, Pentab hits her with an item from the future called a Yaruki Hammer, that gives her motivation to do it.


Finally during the game she hits a home run XD but her movitation runs out and she doesn’t want to play baseball.

That’s me after I volunteer to do something and I really don’t want to do it so I procrastinate XD

As the G Edition comes to a close, they have 2 big chapters: one where the three girls go to the future and the other( which is the big spoiler)

OOF, I would not like to go to the future because I would probably be disappointed in myself.

She looking real saucy, kinda reminds me of my friend Squeak. But that’s interesting, I wonder if she still draws?


Well, maybe an editor is better than a mangaka because you get read comics and you don’t have to draw. Listen, I draw but I’m always lazy, so I rather read comics than draw. But her knowing how to draw makes her a better editor.


OH SHIT. OH SHIT. she is not a hentai artist 5 years in the future….but she still has time to become one I guess.

OOOOOF!!!!!! The twist of the century I didn’t expect. I was in actual shock. The artist pulled one on us


The real Kaburagi Aruto. OH LORD. Looks about right for a ecchi/hentai artist.


I guess if you slip many time your body falls apart. Probably because of the particles being transfers from one place to another. Which is why G-maru doesn’t have a body and his soul is in a robot.

Maybe SHE WILL, but she should make normal manga and then expand into hentai and ecchi. XD I just want to write hentai/ecchi comics tho, nothing normal, exact opposite.

Final word:

This was a really fun 16 chapters, if you have time( which your ass probably does), you should read it!! It’s just 16 chapters. I finished actually reading it in like an hour( with distractions). My favorite character is Pentab because her name is weird XD The art is good, the story is hilarious, and the twist is unexpected! Props for my friend( I call him the sub) for recommending this to me!! It was great and fun!

Also, this author got some good stuff out. It’s the same author who Strawbeerry 100%.. I might give that a read too.

Rating: 8 out of 10