It’s like reading this again for the first time no joke. Every part of the story is new to me because I don’t remember much. Even Squeak remembers it more than me XD

But the story really gets heavy in these chapters, so lets take a look at highlights of each chapter. It is really alot to digest, but it explains everything! I’m in shock at these chapters.

Reign is whole mess. At first, she rejects Shell for showing her his true self because she didn’t expect it and she was jealous of him. Then she comes back and apologizes to Shell, giving him a hug. Meanwhile, before she comes back, One comforts Shell in the way he can, some good ole’ BDSM.

I wonder how Reign feels about being abnormal, I’m not sure if her character is really explained well in this short time. She probably is ashamed and is bullied by other vampires. She doesn’t get married to Shell , and that’s a good thing because maybe she could find a good Dom( the juice) XD That’s a good side story, if the author wants to explore this world again. She’s going to work on her pheromone perfumes that make humans sick XDXD that sell well to vampires

Shell apologizes to One about showing Reign his true self, but One wants a real apology XD

The sauce!!!!!!! The sauce!!! I love BDSM, I dream of being tied and fucked into submission.

Some BDSM makes me uncomfortable, like the part where he ties him up and sprays cold water on him. I wasn’t feeling that shit. I was thinking about how uncomfortable that would be and I would not like that. Being spanked, whipped, and chained is good, but I’m not sure about cold/hot water and candles.

I wonder that One was getting depressed about, we also haven’t seen his family yet??? so yite?

Wow????? That ending piece of the chapter where One takes out all his rage on Shell on how vampires treat humans. I didn’t expect him to bite Shell and start screaming at him like that. Well, I would be in bad mood if I had to have my blood taken and anyone who doesn’t have good blood is treated badly.

UGHH, I hate having my blood taken. Also if you donate your blood, sometimes they don’t use all your blood anyways and blood has a limited shelf life( 42 days refrigerated). So they might have to throw away your blood. If my family member/friend is dying and they need my blood and they have the same type as me, I’ll donate. Other than that, I’m being selfish and keeping my anemic blood to myself. Blood banks in our world are always looking for blood though.

But anyways, this world makes humans turn on each other to keep their status, like you saw with the missing liter of blood XD and the guy being treated like trash by other humans also because his ” blood isn’t good”. Even a little bit of advantage, even tho they are living in bad conditions.

One is being really rough with Shell because he’s taking out his anger on him. Even the manager is like is there anything wrong because y’all are being too loud XD

He really went too hard if there is blood on his glove. That glove makes me nauseated to see it. Maybe I should stop looking at it, it’s so gross. It’s like when a guy, shows you how wet you are when he takes his fingers out of you….grosss!!!!

The father is so mean, or maybe he just doesn’t show love and appears angry. Or maybe he wants to keep his hold over humans and his territory.

I wonder what the mom is like and what region she is from? Since she is ruling some other part of the land, we probably won’t see her unless she visits, but she probably hasn’t come back.

Of course humans want to escape this world, they are abused in it XD come on man

Being an art must be torchure because you are basically a slave to the vampires and you have to get your blood sucked and raped. Thats horrible. And you’re a slave to them and disposable.

puts on mask, currently looks like a boss

I think One knows his limits now, so he is watching himself. Shell really likes that domination XD

I think I like how picture is upside down and how is arms are around him from the darkness.

During his time with One, Shell has flashback to when his father made him fuck and suck the arts, to show power. That sucks, when you are trying to enjoy time with your new partner, but you see flashback of the bad things that happened during sex. Has happened to me. I feel bad.

Who is that human art who took care of him??? I’m curious. What’s that sauce? It’s clearly not One because they are pretty much the same age.

Candles? I wonder if they hurt. I have always wanted to try that. But I remember when me and my friend got those wax hands( where you dip your hand in warm wax to make a cast of your hand), it didn’t hurt at all. It was just hot for a moment and then it was fine.

A different colored eye? OOOOOOOO, and he’s resistant to pheromones. that shit is up?? You know this be XD

OOOO, more BDSM!

Swallow him whole? what the hell. I know he didn’t mean literally , but that’s a weird line. It’s like those weird lines people say during sex when they think they are being romantic XD

Safe words are important. I think I just say STOP XDXD



WHO IS DIS? They just left you and didn’t show his face!!! Ugh, I don’t remember this dude, this is a mystery to me too XD He looks like he is gonna kill some vampires tho.

I’m actually excited to read the next chapter because of that dude tho.

In the next episode, there is supposed to be a party for vampires and that guy is going and I want to know who is almost gonna die. I’m also curious what author did for vampire’s abilities and fighting skills. The pheromones were an interesting touch for the vampires for sure.

See y’all next week!

Chance of blogging next week: 99.9% unless I light myself on fire using the grill today