Heartcatch Precure Episode 7

Flower of the Week: Peony

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I CAN FINALLY TALK ABOUT ITSUKI! I must say, I was quite troubled how to not spoil it in the earlier episodes. The first time I watched this show, they completely had me fooled the first time she appeared, but around the second time (episode 6) and earlier on in this episode before Erika mentioned it, I had started to suspect the Student Council President might actually be a girl. So when it came down to writing the entries, I tried my best to reflect that by choosing my words carefully. Remembering some of the key spoilers are definitely some of the biggest challenges of covering a series you already watched!


Anyways Itsuki is freaking adorable and it’s totally understandable why everyone, including Tsubomi has developed a girl-crush on her. However the responsibility of having to pretend to be a boy in order to inherit the family name in her brother’s steed (due to poor health) has taken a toll on her. She is told she is not allowed to like “cute things”, wear dresses like the other girls, or do any activities that would stray away from her “masculine” image she needs to upload. Screw all that, boys can love cute things, enjoy tea time and fashion (I know her family is super traditional, but it still stands). Tsubomi extending the invitation to to join the Fashion Club was a wonderful way to do that. Not to mention, Itsuki showed us she has the skill-set to become a member as she already knows how to sew when she was repairing the bunny after that Cobraja had the nerve to damage it because it wasn’t appropriate for a ‘boy to love cute things’. Little did he realize he only provoked an  aggravated Itsuki who swiftly kicked his ass, even when her heart flower was possessed by the Desertrian. Man that was so satisfying to watch! (Also the fact she just straight up went after him when he damaged the bunny plush – YOU DON’T HURT THE BUNNY PLUSH!!!!). I love it when our girls can still fight without precure powers, that’s icing on the cake!

And it was so charming to see Tsubomi gush over Itsuki. Albeit I do feel bad for her for being completely duped and shocked because just about everyone (including Erika) already knew she was a girl and couldn’t go to school the next day. (Alhough she later did, as a precure and when the job was done she was there in her pjs ahahahaha!). Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter that Itsuki is a girl, she is gorgeous, cool and charismatic, and if that isn’t a fair enough reason for it to be an innocent first love, I don’t know what is.

Last but not least, the status of the Fashion Club! I legit forgot about that issue until this episode. So when Itsuki came storming in from the get go to remind us all there’s a deadline for it. Erika however was able to secure three more members through her friends by offering them a deal at her family’s store (20% discount plus an exclusive bonus item). So they didn’t waste any time of trying to sort that out, and I’m glad for it since that process is something we have seen span over a couple of episodes, so we didn’t need any more time on elaborating further on that.

Next episode, we’re learning about Erika’s sister Momoka!

SCHEDULE NOTICE: As of today, Heartcatch Precure will be released only on Sundays: ONCE A WEEK, until further notice!

Wednesday’s slot will officially be replaced with YGO 5DS. This adjustment was made in consideration to give me more time to build up a queue without burning myself out. Once I completed all of Heartcatch’s entries, varying on what the situation is then, I may resume posting twice a week!


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  1. Itsuki is my favorite Heartcatch girl, even though Heartcatch is my least favorite PC season, I love her development in series and growing to appreciate cute things

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