Song of the Week: Eternus by Sanxion 7

I’m starting an underated manga called G Edition. My friend recommended it to me even tho they the absolute last person that would read this shit. I’m not kidding, they are the last person. I don’t even know when they found this. It’s only 16 chapters tho! I’m gonna do it in volumes, so it will only be 2 posts.

But anyways, lets get started!

It starts when a girl called Aruto who is manga artist wants to specialize in shoujo manga, but in the future according the time traveler dude, she is destinated to be a hentai artist. That totally interested me because I want to be a hentai artist. Human bodies at their most vulnerable moment interest me.


( know what would be a good joke, drawing humans having sexual moments at their vunerable moments like when using the bathroom, picking their nose, etc.)

Ok, sorry for scaring everyone away, not really tho.

The best part of the manga is when the time travelling dude uses tentacles on her and it’s really funny. I almost died. I need one of those.


But it’s awkward to see being transferred to the dark side XD but I feel bad that she doesn’t want to be a hentai artist, but there is a turning point where is gonna love it and it’s gonna be good!!!
It’s like in Naruto, where you sit through 100 episodes of Naruto doing the wrong things and you finally get to where he has powers and you don’t feel like you are gonna stab yourself.

I love how G- maru become friends with her mom, I was literally dying at this point XD


G maru is basically me but creepier XD I like spying on people sometimes. Sometimes you get curious. Everytime someone says turn away while I’m changing, I keep on eye on them because im curious on what they look like when they are naked. Lots of people look hot when they naked. Even chunkier people look cute to me. I’ve always wanted to find a place that has the people sized locker and hide in one of those and watch people change. It’s a weird anime fantasy I have.

Everyone: what is wrong with you?!?!?!

But the people who want to cover up their bodies often have very cute ones.

Also, am I the only one who changes like someone is watching??? I feel like someone is always watching me change tho, but instead of being paranoid, I put on a show. XD

That twist where the tsundere girl(Tamazawa) actually is an artist. I did not expect that to be honest. I thought she was gonna be an antagonist the entire 16 chapters. I was wrong as usual.

I was like whoa, whoa,whoa!!!! And she defends Aruto and G maru when the future manga is found by the class. Thats a whole turn around. I also agree that people everyone has sexual thoughts except asexuals XD

Asexuals just have so many good jokes attached them. I be crying sometimes.

Definitely for the readers happiness. I was reading some hentai today and I was like what the yell have I witnessed. The setting and plot got me messed up, but you read hentai for the sex scenes and not the plot. There was one where the guy steals his friend’s girlfriend and brainwashes her with a pill to give amnesia. Since she has amnesia, the guy lies to her and says he is her husband. I might blog that shit. I literally died.

Anyways, the comic covers yuri, which is one of my favorite genres.  Yuri is my life, girl’s boobs are my life too. They are so squishy and warm. And girls have the curves that men don’t have.

Tamazawa really loves her alot now because she is an artist and Aruto goes over her house and there was some quality yuri moments:

Just another episode of That’s so Yuri

Aruto was having some misgivings about going over to the house, but she realized she likes Tama, a little. She’s not head over heels but she has found a good friend to share the hentai dream. My friends often don’t share my hentai dreams tho, they mostly think I’m super creepy or perverted. I’ve always been all over the place tho, that hasn’t changed.

Then she works for as an assisstant, do she can get money because G maru wastes all her money XD  but the mangaka is actually a trap and he is harsh( no wonder everyone quit)

A trap!!! I really want to meet a real life trap. It’s a dream! I’m already thinking of going to an anime con next year and I was gonna cosplay my friend as a trap. But he just wouldn’t be able to pull it off because his jawbone, so I was gonna do Griffith from Berserk.

My friend: I can’t believe you mentioned me like that. You doing me dirty XD

Maybe I’ll meet a real life trap soon though.

She also makes another friend which I call the Bug Lady, who make bug hentai comics that no ones wants to buy, but she works her hardest. I feel like the best art is made when everyone hates it. Props to artist for drawing the bugs super well.

But bugs freak me out, god damn.

Then they tried to sell it at the comiket, and no one brought any except themseleves and G-maru buys a bunch of hentai and ecchi comics.

I find it interesting in G-maru’s future hentai and ecchi comics are banned. Don’t people need those to masterbrate??? Sex is super important , keeps ya from losing your marbles. Well, it keeps me from losing my marbles XD Reading hentai to pass the time also helps

And that concludes my entry. This is a good manga!!!!

Y’all need to read this immediately, I know y’all got time clearly. It’s 16 chapters, no excuses.

Not like Wild City, which is a whole 88 chapters and I’m expected to read in a day XD cough cough

Chance of Blogging Next Week: 99.99% unless the fumes of cleaning supplies kill me first

(Shout out to my sibling who finished Shippuden 2 weeks ago. GREAT JOB)