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Read Blood Bank on Lezhin

Listen, this was the shit in early high school. This was the shit. I got different people to read and they though I was weird by I loved that series. The BL and BDSM were just such nice touches to the interesting plot. It’s like High school DxD, I came for the ecchi, but the plot and setting is equally as interesting, so I’m still here.

My friend who also liked this one and reminded me to do this: eeeeeee

I need to give my friends fun code names, because there be so many of them. But I only really talk about 4 because those are the ones who love anime, comics, and TV shows as much as I do. I’m gonna call the friend that I mentioned above Squeak because they have a higher pitched voice.

Squeak:( high pitched tone) I’m gonna kill you!! That’s my nickname?!?!

I’m doing this in 6 posts, 10 episodes each. There is 62 chapters, so the last one will just be a little longer than usual. So I don’t feel overwhelmed. I was thinking about doing 15 chapter, but that’s too much.

So anyways, let’s get started!

The premise is a futuristic society where vampires overrule humans because they saved them from the the apocalypse. Humans are basically slaves to vampire, but don’t let that setting scare you away!! The vampire use pheromones to control the humans and mot humans are powerless to the pheromones.

Our main character is named One( yes, the number is his name) and he works at a blood bank where humans give blood as their taxes( I wish that was our taxes XD)

That’s the beginning of a quality story right there, the plot and the setting was already fire.

One is out here trying to live his best life because he has one of the best jobs( banker is pretty much a high human job), but blood lord of their land named Shell keeps on wanting him to be his master. Like in BDSM!!!

BDSM is an amazing concept if it’s done right. In this story, it’s done right, most of the time. Every BL Lover is like eeeeeeee

Well, this is awkward.

Shell even helps One when his fuckin co workers throw him under the bus for missing a liter of blood. I think all the humans are cutthroat because they want to keep their jobs as a banker because they know its the best job in this society. That was very wrong of them. And all the humans powerless to pheromones, so that isn’t great either. One did not misplace the blood, the stupid other dude was controlled by the pheromones and had to give a vampire some blood. Ughhh, what a trap of the evening.


Damn the boss is an asshole firing him from his job and they didn’t even check the shit.


Fortunate my ass!!! You should fire all the people who weren’t honest about the missing blood!


Shell gets closer to One in the next few chapters. One tries to reject him, because he is resistant to pheromones unlike other human( che che che).But Shell is an usual vampire, because he will be shunned to vampire society if he doesn’t dominate humans or has a human slave to dominate. In reality, he’s a masochist.

Do you mean Mongolia???? Thats the first thing I thought about when I seen this map.

PS: A Gavial is some sort of alligator looking reptile. These are some weird ass names for regions owned by different vampire families. I don’t know you all, but it’s weird.

He just popped in while he was sleeping…..creepy, much my boy?


One is his master and he doing his job well or is he mad at vampires because they treat humans so badly….

Shell’s masochism at it’s finest.


Shell is a rich ass vampire as Lord Overlord’s son. One wanted to know what he would get out of being Shell’s master, because they would both get in trouble if they were found out.

Humans be broke as fuck in this manwha. I can’t wait until you see how humans are living in most places. And how they are abused. Demm shame, but humans would have done that to each other without vampires, so their was no difference.



Reign is another abnormal vampire from the land of fear. She is supposed inherit the land of Fear from her father. She is vampire who isn’t like a sadist type like Shell. She has been ostracized by vampires basically because she isn’t dominant. She thinks Shell is her hero and can dominate her, but was mistaken XDXD HE IS FUCKING SUB MASOCHIST TOO AND SHE DID NOT EXPECT IT.

One hears Reign wants to take Shell’s hand in marriage, so he wants to end it with Shell. But Reign might not want to marry Shell to because he is so weird XD

I would find him weird too, in this society. The weird marriage thing isn’t extremely covered because he happened in the last few chapter and he don’t know what Reign’s reaction is to him with that saucy getup.

I want you all to read all of this!!!! It’s pretty good, no joke.

Chance of me Blogging Next Time: 99.9% unless I get kidnapped by a vampire

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  1. Navleu

    Thanks for the recommendation!! I was looking for a good manwha. This seems like my cup of tea. And the Art is pretty.

    1. Pandora

      Your welcome! The story really begins to pickup quickly and its a good short read! I loved this comic so much!
      I hope you enjoy it!

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