Tower of God Episode 7

Darn it, I was really hoping that we wouldn’t start the next test already but…oh well. :/

It was real nice to get a proper explanation on the King of Jahad and the whole princess system. Endorsi’s shoe metaphor is a good one, comparing the princesses to something beautiful, that makes a statement, but cannot be worn. The princesses are forbidden from having intercourse and having children, as the king does not want them from spreading their power to their offspring. Anaak’s mother went against those exact rules and she was killed for it. Interesting that it’s only women that work to become princesses, why aren’t there princes? To not claim the throne? Not that they can, or the princesses, since they’re not blood related. Just some food for thought.

The Anaak and Endorsi fight ended a little funny, which I didn’t expect. There seems to be a small truce between them, at least I think there is since they were able to eat together after their fight. I wonder if Anaak is going to continue with her revenge, or she’s just going to focus on the test more. Still, it was a pretty good scene.

This episode had more comedy than usual and I didn’t mind it. Again, having more time getting to know the characters and all of them interacting together I think is a good thing. They’re all amusing in their own ways and it’s nice to see friendships form, and they’re entertaining. The scene with Hatz and Bam bribing the girls with food was actually pretty funny, and the fact that Khun made a whole script for them and they actually took the time to memorize it makes it even better. It was wholesome silliness and I liked it. I lowkey want to see some Endorsi and Hatz interactions hehe

Hoh has already brought attention to himself last episode but he made it worse this time. It’s funny because I thought Endorsi would be the one to look out for, but she’s actually one of my favorites in the show. She’s not as manipulative or calculating as I thought, though she’s not a pushover. Hoh always seemed like a kind person, but ever since he started his training along with Bam, he’s shown a horrible jealousy towards him which continues to accumulate. From the dream he was having, it seems that Hoh’s people were being killed for their horns. He’s been through a lot and I’m guessing he’s climbing the tower so he can protect his people. His frustrations make sense considering he must be so desperate to reach the top of the tower, only to find himself weaker than someone like Bam. A mysterious and really naive kid, whose drive to climb the tower isn’t as strong as his. Makes sense why he’s so jealous, and I’m worried what the note said and what stunt he’ll pull in the tag test since Bam is on his team. Khun and Lauroe have noticed this, but unfortunately they can’t help because they’re in the other team. Question is, who sent Hoh that letter and what did it say?

Rachel, yet again, intrigues me so much. She’s just so weird with how she acts and I just find it so interesting. She’s trying so hard to conceal herself and her identity, giving her a name like Michelle Light and all that. She really goes into the extremes and I don’t know why. She hides her face, holes herself up in her room with her cloak still on, in the dark, for some reason is not utilizing her points and only eating rotten apples for meals, with her room a mess. What is even going on in that head of hers and what is she trying to do? I absolutely love what Endorsi said to her when it came to whether what she’s seeking is worth ruining the relationship between her and Bam, which actually struck a nerve with her. I don’t buy the whole “wanting to see the stars” thing anymore. Endorsi raises a good point, and whatever Rachel is yearning for has to be something bigger than a measly star wish. What does she want that she’ll conceal herself to this degree and not stand out at all? Could she also want to be a Princess of Jahad? I could be reading too much into it since she listened in on the group when they were talking about Yuri, or she maybe was curious to see how Bam was doing. Either way, Rachel continues to be weird and shady and raise questions.

The next test starts with a game of tag, and it looks like the test administrator is changing things up and Lero-ro isn’t liking it. Again, I wish they would explain things a little more clearly. It looks like the trios from before have been broken up since they’re separated into the two teams, such as Khun being in Team A and Bam in Team B. The rules make sense, with the people being “it” having to reach the goal for their team to win. So I’m guessing the winning team goes on to partake in the rest of the tower’s tests, and the losing team are just done? I just wish the test hadn’t started just yet since I would have liked more time with the training and classes, and if they’d explain the rules to the test, explain it more thoroughly. I know the anime is moving quick but it really hinders my enjoyment of it. There’s things to like here, but it gets held back when I feel things are surface level.

I hope the tag game ends up promising since it sounds exciting. Putting Quant in there as the other “it” adds to the tension, but I hope they take time with the test so I can actually feel the tension.


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  1. Part of the reason why things are moving so quickly is because…

    Spoiler: Read More…

    there are hidden motives behind certain tests. Remember Leroro caught on that Kuhn has more people in his bag? The crown game happened because Quant screwed up on his duties and violated rules so there had to different tests to make up for this.

    I’m trying not to be a spoiler but I will say this:
    1. Princesses of Zahad are not heirs to the throne and their role is somewhat connected to Bam’s mysterious past.

    Rachel is shady as f—- and is one nasty piece of work. If the anime ends at season 1 of the webtoon then we’ll see some major reveals.

    1. Oooh well that sounds exciting. I’ll be looking forward to said reveals. 🙂

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