Heartcatch Precure Episode 6

Flower of the Episode: Blackberry

Today we meet Kanae a student who is passionate about photography and is always looking for a ‘scoop’ to share with the world to bring out smiles to everyone. However her pictures always brought about a divided response between the subject and the viewers. In a way, I felt Kanae has the same problem as Erika does: the lack of tact.

She couldn’t understand why while her pictures brought smiles and laughter to the viewers, the ones who are the subject of the photos were upset and angry about it. She was so focused on obtaining “scoops” and catch her subjects by surprise, she never considered how they felt about being photographed in embarrassing moments they would rather forget. The only shots that came across well were the Student Council President’s. It really rubbed me the wrong way to see them be put up for full display, and the classmates laughing about it. I don’t care what your reasons are, it’s not worth bringing smiles/laughter if it comes at the expense of others (especially without their consent). It’s no wonder Daiki felt so uncomfortable with Kanae around.

That was why I was actually quite happy to see how brutally honest Erika’s dad was about how her photos lack “love”. He nailed it on the head when he said it’s important for  happiness has to work both ways. That was the part she was missing and couldn’t really understand until the end of the episode. There is no doubt she is passionate about photography, but now she finally has a better understanding of how she needs to adjust what kind of moments she wants to capture.

On that note I was kind of surprised Tsubomi was too blinded by her crush on the Student Council President. She is the type who is usually seen being considerate of others, and yet she seemed to be on a entirely different page this week. I have no doubt in my mind, had it not been Erika but her photo of a mishap, she not only would have been mortified and upset, but also singing a different tune. That’s why I couldn’t really understand why she kept on telling Kanae that her shots were wonderful and passionate. It’s one thing to help make her feel better, but eh, I don’t know, it bugged me to see her get a pass on that. There are other ways to encourage her without ignoring the fact she was being inconsiderate of her subjects.

As for the fight this week, once again the poor soccer kids were the victims of Sasorina’s Desertrian. (These kids always seem to be at the field at the wrong time, keep this up and they are going to be traumatized sooner or later.) Erika took the shot for Tsubomi, and was unable to battle. So for the first time we got to see how the Heart Seeds can be used to grant them buffs in battle. Tsubomi used the Red Heart Seed which granted her a Speed buff. We also saw her be a bit creative her attacks, the most silly one we have seen so far was the butt-punch (I can’t believe they actually did that, but then again, the fairies are shitting heart seeds, so why not?)

Lastly, while Kanae was going around and about in search for the Precure, I was surprised that Sayaka actually had a solid tip of referring her to the botanical gardens! I thank goodness the fairies overheard and were able to give Granny a heads up— though they were the ones that were spotted and had to be bailed out by the handsome man who has saved Tsubomi in her first fight). At this point I’m convinced he is someone Granny knows, or maybe related to the Heart Tree. I legit can’t remember, it’s been too long… Either way he was able to serve as a smooth enough distraction to buy time for Granny to get to the scene and successfully steered her away by feigning ignorance. (Consider themselves lucky that she didn’t take a picture of Coupe, who is weird enough to get a shot of).

Overall solid episode, oh and Tsubomi: your crush is showing.

Next episode, more on the Student Council President 😉


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