Tower of God Episode 9

This time, Bam learned a harsh truth when it comes to climbing the tower. Rachel taught him many things, but one thing he didn’t learn about until now was betrayal. He also learned that just like him, everyone else really wants to climb the tower and will do anything they can to win, even if it comes to the cost of some lives.

We got to hear about Endorsi’s backstory, and none of it shocked me as we already know that she’s not afraid to kill anyone in sight if she has to. Still, what she went through as a child was rough and it doesn’t come as a surprise that she would turn into a cold individual after all that. Becoming a Princess of Jahad is such a big deal it seems, and families will go to any lengths to find someone suited to become one. It’s very dark and troubling, and it makes me wonder who the other families are and who the other princesses are, and if they had to go through the same hardships Endorsi did. It’ll be amazing to see the rest of the princesses whenever they show up, but I feel like that won’t be until much later. Endorsi betrays her little group, taking out the other fisherman so she could secure a spot. Thankfully she didn’t end up killing the guys (I think) but this was a huge wakeup call for Bam.

As well as Hoh almost killing Rachel. Which, I’m starting to think that Khun was the one that sent the letter. I understand how Bam grew up so I understand that he’s very naive to all this. He thought they were all friends, and can’t fathom that one of his friends would want to kill someone important to him. Same with not understanding Endorsi turning on her own teammates. Bam grew up unbelievable alone and secluded from the rest of the world, so there are many things that he still doesn’t understand so it’ll be great to see how he grows from this situation. What Hoh wanted to do was despicable, but understandable. I can imagine that later on in the tower, things are going to have to turn ugly the closer they get to the top because there can only be one winner. Bam now knows that he’ll need to do all he can to reach the top with Rachel, but who knows how that’ll turn out. It’s pretty insane that Bam immediately used Quant’s technique immediately after it was used on him, so who knows how ridiculous his power is.

A pretty okay episode, there were some good moments in it. Problem is that things happened a little too quickly and I feel I didn’t have enough time to react to things. I also don’t quite get Quant. It seems he didn’t want Hoh to kill Rachel, or to kill himself, so why didn’t he just charge in and stop it? I’m guessing there’s a rule that he can’t interfere with them, but again I have to assume that. But man poor Quant, he was made to look like an idiot in both games. Also poor Hatz, screw those spearmen for leaving him behind when he actually believed in them. T_T Lots of betrayal everywhere…

The big silent guy disappearing is very suspicious. He only did when Rachel was hurt so there must be some connection towards that.


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