After spending so much time preparing for this moment, from rebuilding a D-Wheel from scratch and running a series of simulations, it was finally time for Yusei to carry out the risky mission of getting out of Satellite. Fortunately he was able to complete the first step, getting through the pipeline. It was a close call no thanks to some interference from a certain bitter security officer along the way. Ever since their encounter, the security have been keeping close tabs on Yusei, and Ushio was ready to be dispatched at any moment notice. Talk about being a salty loser.

Tonight Ushio brought out the Special Hot Pursuit deck that was entrusted to him by his superior. It was cleverly designed to force the target into battle by connecting both drivers through Speed World via Speed Spell. It also serves to prevent the target from gaining speed counters through the effect of Speed World during standby phase. And in the beginning, it did do its job, but luckily for Yusei, he had the trap card Slip Stream on hand. It enabled him take advantage of Ushio’s share of speed counters to get him out of there. Now, while the security team seem to have the right idea going for the Pursuit Deck, we saw how through trap cards like Slip Stream can exploit what is supposed to be a disadvantage. This was particularly the case when Ushio mindlessly decided to stack his Speed Counters, not taking into consideration his opponent would have a way to take advantage of that. It just goes to show, he certainly didn’t learn his lesson not to underestimate his opponent– regardless of their background.

That being said, while the duel was fun to watch (especially when Yusei starts showing more emotions either through frustration or being cheeky), there were a couple of instances when they pushed the law of physics to the point I end up laughing about it. Yusei jumping the gate with his D-Wheel could have been more believable had they just included something that could have been used as a make-shift ramp. (Actually, now that I think of it, that could have actually made it even cooler to watch.) Another example of Yusei’s remarkable stunts was his ability to navigate through the incoming debris flow. I suppose it was slightly evened out by having Ushio survive considering it should have killed him, but we won’t talk about that. So let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact Yusei an absolute badass!

And last but not least, now that he has successfully made it into Neo Domino City, Yusei is greeted by none of then Jack who had a feeling he would show up. It makes me wonder how many times he has done this, or maybe it became a monthly routine, not that he would admit it to anyone. Just imagine him going there every month to see if he showed up yet. While Yusei has just finished one duel, he is about to be thrown into another one, but he probably wouldn’t have it any other way. He came to Neo Domino City to find Jack, it spares him the hassle of having to seek him out.

Next week, a reunion and rematch with none other than the King himself!


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