Argonavis from Bang Dream! Episode 10: Limit Break!

Well there we go. Mashu finally shows his true colors and his true motives for pushing Argonavis so much. I was worried the show was going to drag this issue out longer than it needed to, but thankfully that didn’t happen and I was pretty happy with the conclusion. Argonavis inviting Mashu over just to perform for him as a big “Fuck you!” had me cackling and it still makes me laugh. Good stuff~

Before the Mashu business came about, unfortunately after all the hard work they went through, Argonavis isn’t going to be able to perform at DesFes because they were replaced by a popular overseas band. It’s a huge dick move from the DreFes people, but the one thing they said rings very true: money. The difference with Argonavis and Bang Dream is that here, the boys are stepping into the professional world than the girls are. The girls are mostly in their bands for fun with Pastel Palettes being the one professional band, with Raise a Suilen probably thinking of making it big afterwards. This time we have to deal with the crappy reality of the music industry, and that it’s very influenced by money and I’m glad they made that clear for us, and I’m glad they’re making the show a little more realistic. Things have been going pretty well for the boys so far, but they can’t expect things to go their way all the time. I sure hope the show won’t back on this and let the boys perform last second since I like how they handled the news, especially Ren. While this is a huge blow for them, it doesn’t mean they can’t just try again next year. It’s great that Ren took this loss and made it a goal for them to strive for. While going to the show may be a little bit of a sting, especially when they see the crowd, but it sounds like it’ll be a great motivator for them in the future. I hope the best for them, and good for you Ren.

My god he’s so cute <3

Speaking of Ren, he had a lot of great moments, and some spotlight too. Ren started off as a very meek and quiet person but he’s slowly evolved into a person more sure of himself and formed a strong bond with the boys of Argonavis. With this new confidence, he’s stepped up whenever the boys need a bit of a positive push, and he was able to refuse Mashu’s offer. And I appreciate that instead of hiding this meeting from the boys, he told them pretty much immediately, as well as what Banri told him. This is where I was worried this stuff with Mashu was going to drag itself out, but I’m glad they all were able to be honest with each other. I just appreciate it so much. Or, the show could have gone in the direction where Ren actually accepted, or thought about it and a rift would have formed among them all. Like what happened in Bang Dream Season 2, which was a little bumpy. So I’m happy with how everything played out.

I’ve been wondering this whole time who Mashu is and what he wanted, and at least we know what he was after. I always thought it was so strange that he was so willing to help Argonavis. I’m still not entirely sure why he gave them so many opportunities when he already wanted Ren to sign with him. I’m going to guess that he wanted Ren to improve more and actually get some experience, and to see whether he was the real deal or not. Having him perform against/alongside Nayuta was probably the ultimate test to tide him over into really taking Ren on. One thing I would have liked is if maybe they had hinted this more a little earlier. Maybe some side glances from Mashu over to Ren, or Mashu having more conversations with Ren. I was thinking that he probably was just really impressed with them so much that he eventually wanted to sign on all of them, to have worthy rivals for Gyroaxia. Nope, just Ren.

Again, I’m glad that the problem with Banri wasn’t dragged out either. The bond the boys have is so sweet, and I’m glad they aired out their secrets, and they promised that Argonavis is not going to exist without all of them there. Very heartwarming and nice, and we got a new song too! And again, the boys calling over Mashu to Submariner so they can just perform for him as their answer and a middle finger to him still cracks me up. Him walking out of there and glaring made it even funnier.

Well, they’ve definitely got rivals now! Though it was…interesting when Nayuta called Ren to “cheer him up” I suppose. I’m still not a fan of him, but I have to admit that it was kinda cute and it gave me a chuckle. I’m glad the show went in this direction, because it’ll also give Argonavis time to grow and a goal to strive for. Also, because I mentioned before that I felt that things were too convenient for Argonavis, so things not going their way for once is a great change of pace, and also makes it more realistic. I’m looking forward to how the show will end with the last episodes. I’ve really liked these recent episodes so I hope the next ones are just as good.


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