Heartcatch Precure Ep 11 & 12

Heartcatch Precure Episode 11
Flower of the Episode: Digitalis

It was great to see Tsubomi actually get something out of her efforts to learn some Kung-Fu through her classmate Sakai. It is especially heartwarming to see because she is so enthusiastic and determined to improve herself. It’s one of the many things I love about her. And it is such a nice thing to see because realistically, after getting overwhelmed by the Dark Precure, it only makes sense to think about how they can get stronger, and actually carry those plans out. Erika however didn’t feel the same kind of urgency as Tsubomi. For most part, she wasn’t particularly concerned since she trusts their unyielding hearts. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop her from participating after she was caught observing Tsubomi from afar. In fact, she even apologized for mocking Sakai about being a “Kung-Fu Master”.

I also really liked the brothers. I felt for Sakai when he got embarrassed by the bully when he was practicing Judo. He was ashamed to appear as weak and useless in front of Tsubomi and the others, and when the bully decided to continue to harass him after school, in front of his little brother no less, Sakai was afraid to fight him and surrendered by apologizing on behalf of his brother and “acknowledging” that he is in fact not a Kung-Fu Master. This of course was upsetting to his little brother who looks up to him and believes in him, so he didn’t take it very well. But Sakai’s courage came through when he saw that his brother’s crystal was in the hands of the Desert Messengers grunts, and fought them to get it back (and even injured his hand in the process).

Overall this remains one of the “better” training episodes I have seen from Precure to date. Sure it wasn’t exactly the ‘formal’ training we all have in mind, but what matters was Tsubomi’s intent and the fact she actually learned something from it.

Heartcatch Precure Episode 12
Flower of the Episode: Tulips

ALSDJALKSDJ LKJDSALKDJ THIS EPISODE WAS SO FREAKING CUTEEEEEEEE~! Lisa and Yuuto are such a precious couple, and it was adorable (albeit a bit sad) how they were feeling like their love was no longer being reciprocated.

Yuuto had come to the flower shop in search for preserved flowers to gifted to Lisa when he proposes to her, and Lisa went to Fairy Drop in hopes of finding clothes that would make her look cute enough for him to fall in love with her again. A misunderstanding formed between the two when Yuuto had begun his search for the perfect wedding ring for his proposal. Since he was trying his best to hide it for the surprise, Lisa started to feel insecure about their relationship and thought she had fallen out of love with her. And as soon as she began to be distant with him, Yuuto became fearful that she had fallen in love with someone else.

In order to help them out, both families (unbeknownst to them, the two of them were a couple) invited them to join them on their BBQ in hopes to help them find the opportunity to set things right. Between the two, it was Lisa who was struggling with confidence the most. Even though Yuuto took the initiative, she would retreat and awkwardness would settle in. But thanks to Cobraja, after stealing her heart flower, Yuuto was able to hear all the fear she held in her heart. I mentioned this before, but this is definitely one of the silver-linings of people becoming Dessertians.

And I absolutely loved the way it played out. Having heard her insecurities, Yuuto expressed his love to her and even proposed while she was still in state. (Also can we take a moment to appreciate the ring he chose for her? IT’S GORGEOUS! I LOVE THE DESIGN!) It helped calm her down so Tsubomi could cleanse her, while poor Erika had been sucked in and almost drowned had it not been for the two fairies to bring her a makeshift straw to breathe through. Thank goodness for their quick thinking!

Besides Lisa and Yuuto being adorable, my favourite part about this episode was how relatable Tsubomi was in her enthusiasm for romance. She was completely on board, ready to do whatever it takes to help provide an opportunity to clear the misunderstanding and make this proposal a success! The way she explains the “Suspension Bridge Effect” and how she gushed about romance, she is my spirit animal. And the way she and Erika were gushing about the couple on the bridge together was such mood too. I do love it when the characters are romantics!

Although this episode didn’t have a lot of plot, it’s definitely among some of my favourite episodes of Heartcatch Precure!

Next week, the girls will have to opportunity to learn Cure Moonlight’s identity! (PSST: Yuri)


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    1. Yes Shadow is aware. She will resume the coverage once the 4th episode airs on June 28th. They started rebroadcasting again on June 7th from the beginning again.

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