Argonavis from Bang Dream! Episode 11: To the Destined Place

Finally it’s been confirmed that Argonavis is going to have 13 episodes so we still have a couple to look forward to. I was going to guess that next week would have been the finale since it certainly feels that way, but we get one more episode before we leave the boys.

This episode was pretty chill and straightforward and yet I found it to be so fun. One very surprising thing is that the bands from AAside made their appearances so that made me a little giddy! Sad to see that they didn’t even prepare 3D models for them so we had to see the weird 2D art shift, with the quality not being the best. Still, it was so fun to see the bands showing up and seeing the characters interact with themselves for a little bit. I’ve read the character bios and read some translated comics, and of all the bands, Fujin Rizing seems the most fun. They have the chill friendly atmosphere like Afterglow, but the silliness (but not the same degree thankfully) as Hello Happy. Fantome Iris doesn’t seem too serious either, too bad we only heard the characters on the radio and not in person except for Felix. I have…opinions about Epsilon Phi. It’s hard to put into words the many wrong things with the band, so…yeah. I’ll just leave it at that. It looks like they’ll all participate in DesFes so we might get to see more of them, at least as cameos again but that’s better than nothing. It’s great that the anime is already introducing the other bands in anticipation of the mobile game coming out soon, so people can get at least a little taste of them. A very good call integrating them into the story, it makes me even more excited!

This was a very chill episode of the boys heading to Sapporo, where they were able to get themselves a gig at a Live Cafe. It was kind of cute that they performed the sentai song for the encore, circling back to the time they met Ren and Argonavis’ journey truly started. And it’s even more cute that they just call it Ren’s song, and Ren points to the crowd and goes “Do you guys like live-action heroes?!” He’s just too adorable.

There is a looming threat incoming, that threat being a typhoon heading their way. The first day of DesFes was cancelled because of this, so there’s a fear that the rest of the festival is just going to be cancelled as well. Thanks to the preview, it doesn’t seem that way at all. Kinda wish there weren’t previews, haha.

This episode had something that I feel was missing from the show this whole time, and I think I’ve mentioned this already. We’ve been so busy with the drama and serious emotions that we’ve never really seen the guys hang out in a chill and normal way. When we saw them together, it was always discussing band things or personal matters with their dreams and aspirations and personal health. This time it just felt like them just having fun and we were able to see some funny interactions among them that I’ve been dying to see. Such as them practicing their facial expressions in the van, deciding what to eat for dinner, and actually making the meal together. We saw Rio’s personality shine through, because I feel he’s kind of been the most passive in the band so far. Him being so obsessed with getting the ingredients for the curry was funny to me for some reason, so I like when we can get moments like this. We were also able to get small silly interactions like this even from the other bands, like the members of Fantome Iris going off the rails on the radio and just the entirety of Fujin Rizing. I feel like Bang Dream really excels when it comes to the fun interactions, which I feel was very lacking with Argonavis. This episode proved that they can do this and it is fun, it’s just that it was bogged down in favor of the conflicts and drama from before. Which is a little unfortunate, but I’m glad we got fun interactions anyway, I definitely want more of this in the future but I can also expect to get this in the game as well.

We’ll see the DesFes next week and it looks like Argonavis might perform. Which I didn’t really want, but…eh. We’ll see.


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