BNA Episode 10

Sooooo…. things have taken a… drastic turn and I’m not sure how to feel about it. Like on one hand, they have to ramp up the action and drama since there are only two more episodes after this. But on the other… they really didn’t build up to this very well. Not to mention the characters are just exasperating to watch. NONE of them feel like they’ve grown as characters and are still exhibiting their biggest flaws as if they haven’t been pointed out before. Michiru still jumping to conclusions without looking into things for herself, Nazuna still acting above it all and Shirou still talking about how all humans cannot be trusted. It’s all very tiring just hearing them all say and doing the same thing they’ve done since they were introduced. We’re ten episodes in and there has hardly been any development.

Anyways, so literally out of nowhere, beastmen are just NOW starting to turn into hideous burserker monsters. This wasn’t foreshadowed at all and if it was, the transformations feel very conveniently timed. While we were shown a few examples of beastmen getting agitated and stressed, it never posed as the main problem until now. And such we learn about the Beast Factor Breakout Syndrome or to put it more simply, Nirvasyl Syndrome. So I was wrong about Sylvasta injecting beastmen to make them go berserk, but at this point, I feel like it would have been a better explanation than just stress.

Also, totally called that Alan was trying to turn beastmen into humans. Though it was very obvious. And while it is very wrong to force beastmen to become human, he is right in the sense that something must be done to prevent beastmen from the Nirvasyl Syndrome. However, forcing beastmen into becoming something they are not just feels morally wrong. If some of them accept it, that’s fine, but expecting all beastmen to agree to this is rather presumptuous. Not to mention, I completely agree with Shirou under the circumstances that humans should NOT be the ones to dictate how to this problem should be dealt with. Especially if it means turning them into humans.

I especially do not trust Alan due to him being super shady in every single one of his appearances. Especially since he has a convenient excuse every time something happens that could place blame on him for something. We also learn that his ancestor was the general that lead the charge against the beastmen in Nirvasyl. He even goes against Shirou’s general belief that humans wiped out the beastmen by stating that it was actually the beastmen that were slaughtering each other. And thinking about it, it does make sense since I doubt people would be able to challenge beastmen without the current technology. Even Shirou seems to realize that he may be right, though he refuses to admit it. But also, Alan fits the Trigger’s main villain mold of being someone in power but is secretly corrupted.

Speaking of Shirou, I am not a fan of his character anymore. I had hoped he would have made better progression away from his feelings of “all humans can’t be trusted.” Ten episodes in and he is still saying the same exact thing as he has back in episode 1 with the same amount of conviction. I don’t mind that he still did not trust humans at this point, however, I would have at least have liked to have seen him start to have doubts about his thousand year grudge and slowly start to reflect on it. Some development if you will. However, he’s still as adamant about viewing all humans as untrustworthy, which makes him feel like a one-note character. Though I think part of the problem is that this show has offered us basically nothing to challenge his views. Besides Michiru (who is currently a beastman), we have seen literally no other human to set a good example of “not all humans are evil.” Especially since the only humans we’ve seen have been doing shady things such as the Prime Minister, Alan and Nazuna. So on one hand, I can’t blame Shirou too hard, but on the other hand, his character just feels like it’s being handled very poorly to the overall narrative.

When Michiru and Shirou started having their argument, both of them are essentially in the wrong for sticking to their flawed ideals. Michiru still jumps to a conclusion without looking into things while Shirou acts out against humans. Though I will agree with Michiru for once that Shirou is mainly acting and stuck on his grudge against humans. But man, it was honestly unnerving to see how heated Shirou got and may have just lashed out at Michiru if not for the police showing up. Which is a shame since Shirou and Michiru were just starting to work more as a team, only to be cut short because of plot.

But I do admit that it was rather insensitive of both Michiru and Nazuna to say that it shouldn’t matter if they are a beastman or human just as long as they stay alive. It felt so hypocritical of them to say that considering they were looking for a cure to turn them back to being human themselves. If the reverse was made, to have all humans turn into beastmen, I’m sure they would be against that. I don’t want to be too political, but it’s almost like if someone tried to force you to change your ethnicity. We all have a certain amount of pride being part of our different cultures and to have that changed or stripped away would be outrageous to put it lightly. So it’s frustrating to hear them talk like “oh, they should stop being so stubborn.”

Speaking of Nazuna and Michiru… it bothers me so much that they’re suddenly back in good graces without really talking through their spats. You cannot convince me that a car ride and a mutual loved song was enough to get them back on friendly speaking terms without addressing the hurt both have caused the other and failure to communicate. NO. Neither of them have apologized, nor have they addressed what the other called out. What the heck?! Nazuna was such a PRICK to Michiru. How can you be on friendly terms with someone you trusted, only for them to turn around and talk down to you. Not even a sorry or addressing the issue.

A lot of things are happening with Alan starting to make more blatant moves with the Prime Minister in on it and captured the mayor. Shirou is on the run and may not be working with The Family gang. But who cares about that and beastment turning into raging monsters, LET’S HAVE A CONCERT LIVE BECAUSE WHY NOT. What is happening to this show? I don’t even know anymore…


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