Tower of God Episode 11

With the administrator accepting Bam and Rachel to move on, the group take on the Underwater Hunt.

I can say that I liked this episode way more than last week’s. This time I felt like the pacing was better this time and I’m so glad that, for once, they actually went into a proper explanation of the test. I wasn’t confused this time around and I was much more engaged in the test than other ones before.

I know this test isn’t just for Bam and Rachel, but for the two to cause so much commotion and for them to only be in a bubble doing nothing is kind of funny. I understand that this is a special test because of the special circumstances, and this test is actually much more difficult than the regular test they would have taken. However, I’m not sure what the point is for Bam and Rachel to be in the Shinsu bubble while everyone else does the work. Is it to test the trust he has in everyone, and everyone’s teamwork? I thought Bam would have a much bigger role in this considering he was the one to request his and Rachel’s passing with the Administrator, so this was a little strange.

However, I know that there are ulterior motives in this test. Everything was going so well, a little too well even with the Bull attacking the others. It looked like Anaak and Endorsi could handle the Bull pretty well amongst themselves, so the rest of the group could handle the other creatures. But then everything fell apart when Paracule gave their position away (even though it was to help Hatz) and Ren attacked Anaak and Endorsi, as he’s the one that controls the Bull.

Each test in the tower has a purpose, and that purpose is to weed out the ones that pose a threat to the tower and the King of Jahad. With Lero-ro commenting that Hansung had everything prepared so quickly is obviously because he anticipated the Administrator is accept Bam and he planned all of this with Ren. We’re going back to the Anaak situation as she still wants to collect all the swords and have her revenge, but Hansung teamed up with Ren to kill Anaak. While everyone else is busy dealing with the rest of the monsters and making sure Bam, Rachel, and those cute little seals make it out okay, Anaak and Endorsi are caught in Ren’s trap. Of course, Anaak and Endorsi are too important in this show to just die so I think they’ll make it out okay, but the fact that things like this can happen is a scary thought. I can expect Yuri to finally make her reappearance right here, but we’ll see.

With Ren and Hansung secretly working together, I wonder what other underlying motives there are. Like I said, I think it’s strange that Bam and Rachel are stuck in the bubble doing nothing. Still, it’s pretty risky for them because if the others don’t manage to protect them, they can easily get killed. And I feel like that may be the point. Anaak may not be the only one that poses a threat to the tower. There’s been a lot of hinting towards Bam and whatever great power he has and he’s sort of had a target on his back. That, and the target is even bigger now that’s he’s admitted that he’s an Irregular. Paracule screwing up the group’s plans was most likely an accident, but it could be possible that this test was also set up to take out not just Anaak, but also Bam (and Rachel). After dealing with the Jahads, it’s possible Ren would have sent the Bull to the rest of the group. That way, the group can’t protect Bam and Rachel and they end up dying.

Or just Bam?

Rachel has never sat right with me, and my suspicions of her just keep growing. I didn’t buy her tears last week, and her behavior inside the bubble is just strange. Perhaps…the betrayals aren’t done yet? Hmmm…yeah, I’m expecting some more betrayals.


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