Titles: Inevitable Trap | The Body Trap
Story & Art: Muldeok
Genres: Adult, Drama, Romance
Status: Complete
Publisher: Toonmic (Available in English): Go support this author
Synopsis: Sheila is such a great girl but if only she was more like my ex...


Ahhhh, im back again with another erotic comic. Just saying before I start, hey you were warned, but don’t turn away. This shit is good!!!

Let’s get started!

Let’s introduce the first two MC: Gael and his girlfriend Shelia. I wonder if Shelia should have a Korean name, or they changed it in the English translation to make it easier for us English speaker to understand. They do that sometimes.

Gael and Shelia have been dating for 2 years, so they are going on a trip in the beginning of this chapter. Listen, man. Seeing someone for 2 years is a long time. I can’t imagine it man, I don’t know how y’all doing it.

But their sex life is super awful. The way she acts during the sex scenes makes me think she is asexual. She’s not reacting the right way even if she was faking or trying to make him happy. She’s just so stiff. Sex is alot of movement, so being stiff strikes me as odd.

Some asexual people fake liking sex until they can’t stand it anymore and I feel bad about that. Our society acts like asexual people don’t exist and it’s disappointing. I honestly believe asexual people can make better decisions because their brains aren’t think of sex. Don’t worry I’ve seen it.

I am not asexual, but my life quality would probably be better if I didn’t like sex as much. But sex is super hot to me and like the dynamics are cool. I’ve always wanted to be a porn star or an erotic model. I’m just crazy. I need some asexual spray or something.

If someone made asexual spray, mannnnn!!!!! They would have a lot of money. cough cough


During their vacation, Gael sees his hot ex Yvonne with her boyfriend. You know where this is going maybe?

I love how the artist draws their faces when they a doing a bunch of stuff that isn’t relevant to the plot at all. They looked like they were having alot of fun during their vacation.

Obviously I cut the picture, but Gael cums all over her and she doesn’t like it. But I hate when people cum all over me. Not because of the smell though. or because it’s sticky. I just have a aversion I can’t explain. Maybe I’m afraid of getting pregnant. I know sperm can’t swim up your thigh and shit, but it freaks me out. Cum in my mouth or something, I can’t deal with cum dripping all over me.

Gael also see Yvonne at the hotel pool because they are staying at the same hotel. But she leaves quickly because her boyfriend is coming back.


OOOF, Yvonne and Gael meet again at night when Gael sees her on the porch of their room. And she asks if Shelia is better than her at sex.

Clearly, Shelia is a sex doll and horrible. But I don’t remember what he says to her about that. I don’t think he answers because he knows that is a sketchtown question. Maybe Shelia, doesn’t do it in the way Gael likes sex. but she still is stiff.

Damn right, that’s a personal question..

I wonder why she has problem with her boyfriend in bed. Maybe she doesn’t like him. When I don’t like someone, it’s hard to be in bed with him. But those abs look real hot.

He went to the dark side dummy quick. It’s only been 3 chapters and he already cheating. eeech!! I do not endorse cheating, even though I’m non monogamous. Most non monogamous people do not like cheating. Just clearing up that myth while I’m here.

But cheating sounds very thrilling. You escape the boringness of having the same partners to have sex with someone else. One partner life is not where humans live, humans get bored very quick, which is why people think of cheating in the first place. We aren’t meant to stay with one person like that in the way we think of it.

Again, I do not endorse hurting people’s feeling by cheating.

Everyone else: …..

OOOOF, why do you feel like that XD And Yvonne’s hand is on his heart!!! I just noticed that. Symbolism time. That means Yvonne is closer to Gael’s heart than he acknowledges.

I was dead ass laughing when I was reading that. I love how he says that his disgusting, but he be kissing Yvonne. Don’t come to me like that XD

At this point in chapter 4, the friend is introduced. He is a minor character, but he plays a decent role in the story. Bruh, he so minor my ass forgot what his name was… that’s bad. he is pervert who loves beautiful women and during that a fore mentioned business trip, he went to a hostess club XD.

Yvonne is the sauce. She look good, I would take her body any day. Not saying my body isn’t good of course xD

I love the faces XD his friend, of course is a playboy offers them to go karaoke and they are like oh shit XD




The MC is actually making sense here, he doesn’t want to mess up his relationship with Shelia for his ex that he broke up with. But that offer is super tempting. Does she mean everything?

And he stomps out of karaoke bar, leaving Yvonne and his friend, together. big OOF.

But being in marriage means you’re trapped. Don’t get married kids. You’ll have to get divorced and then you’ll be depressed. I don’t want to get married because of that reason. Esp if you have children. what a mess!! don’t have children if you don’t truly like your partner.




He tries to have sex with Shelia, but Shelia doesn’t want to have sex with him, making him angry, so he calls Yvonne. You can have a romantic relationship without having sex, but if both parties don’t see it that way…. thats’ not how it’s gonna be.

For me, sex is sort of important and how they treat me is obviously more important. But she doesn’t want to have sex every week, she has no sex drive!!!! Most people want to do it at least twice a week. I mean what is she doing here XD

Shelia thinks sex is obligation, like she has to do it because Gael wants it. She don’t have to do it.

Big oof, he really did fall into that one didn’t he?

And his friend tries to take advantage of drunk Yvonne and he gets mad. I don’t know why tho, but I guess at least being raped is a bad thing in his hentai.

OOOOF, she got that right. Thats not what romantic partners are for, but kinda. The only noticeable difference between friends and partners is the sex. Other than there is no difference. My friend Squeak, says that their is more differences. I mean I do the same things with Squeak that I would do in a romantic relationship except kiss and have sex. I hug her, cuddle her, hang out with her, pet her head, give her gifts, celebrate her birthday, etc. no difference except for the kissing and having sex.

He has a hot sexy night with Shelia, who is probably pretending to be that drunk XD you’ll see. Binge read this shit.

OOOOF the friend knows what’s up.

OOOF, she knows she made me him mad and now she wants to make it up. Tempting offer, but does she want to give him sex?


Did she think about how it made him feel? Or is she just accommodating to him? I don’t know what she is thinking.

if you cheat, of course it’s hard to look them in the eye XD


OOOF. I know when that happens when you ruin the mood. You feel dummy depressed. But if you have a good sex partner, you guy can talk about anything. I’m about to come out with that roast, so many times I’ve ruined the mood for people by laughing. Me and my current partner laugh all the time during it now.

The mood was ruined here because she is so stiff… and bad at giving a blowjob. Don’t worry I’m bad at giving them too XD


After Shelia ruins the mood, Gael sneaks out after she sleeping and hangs out with Yvonne.

Yvonne sounds like sophisticated older lady name. I don’t know why. It feels like the person has to be their 50’s or 60’s.

Every time I hear the name Shelia, I think of the song by Fresh Prince called Girls’ Ain’t Nothing But Trouble. I believe one of the verses, there is a girl named Shelia. Go listen to it XD

So there is Yvonne using her boyfriend’s car, to cheat with Gael. YITE, and it’s a nice car too.

Awww, she still likes him. But she don’t know he cheating yet.

Do yourself a favor, if you see someone is cheating on someone, don’t tell them unless they are dense as molasses. Don’t bother yourself, let them find out for themselves.


He’s doing the addiction loop talk we learned about in class( I took Addiction and Recovery last semester). He’s talking himself into thinking it’s okay to do for no reason. But the sex is good. Good sex is hard to pass up. Like I hate shit about my current partner, but my sex life has improved.

He also shouldn’t be cheating….


So they pull up the gas station and Yvonne is half naked and her boobs are hanging out as gas attendant fills up their gas. The gas attendant is clearly turned on by this and its hot. Gael is turned out by other people being turned on to Yvonne. Interesting fetish he has here. Most people would be disgusted if they saw someone lusting over their partner. Well, been in trouble for that before, because I like boobs and looking at other people.

What the heck? Sounds like that loop again?? Well, having sex in a really nice car seems appealing to me. During this scene, she keeps the convertible top down, so people could see them having sex. What if one of Shelia’s friend’s sees her? I don’t know…..

Gael is in the wrong for hurting Shelia’s feelings.

So much has happened in this short amount of time. Luckily for everyone, this is a fast moving webtoon. You’ll be surprised because of the speed.

See y’all in 2 weeks with a new post.

Chance of Blogging next week: 99.9% unless our boss stops being mean for no reason because he likes to take his stress out on others

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  1. Dario

    Not to nickpick, but there is a huge difference between friends and partners (wife/husband), and it is to have a life project together. That is, you both want to “build” something together and know that there may be hard decisions and a lot of work to get there, possibly with hardships to prop up your partner on difficult times. Traditionally that life project has been to build a family, but not always (i.e. create a farm to live by themselves, etc).
    That is a real difference even in a world with “friends with benefits”.
    OTOH, monogamous relationships although clearly aren’t a must, are so easier… managing desires and sentiments is hard enough between two people, I cannot fantom the maturity required of all participants to make it work with more. Anyway I’m extrapolating, no experience there, so take it with a grain of salt (or a mountain of…).

    1. Pandora

      I agree with your thoughts on that. I see that in my parents where they want to build something together, like their garden and they want to build their relationship.
      I guess, me and my best friends are super close that we plan to live with each other when we are older. But we do the same things like prop each other up during hard times and we try to learn as much as we can about each other. Maybe I’ll see the difference soon.

      I understand! My stepmom says having a monogamous relationship is easier! It’s so hard to be caged in one relationship, its so boring that I start to break down. In my current relationship, I only see him for the moment, but he sees other girls. I feel less pressure that way. And the other girls are cool tho, but I don’t feel like im suffocating. It’s easy to manage tho, it’s like having a group of friends like your regular group of friends.

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