Title: Blood Bank

Author: Silb

Genre: Romance, Yaoi, BL, Action

Publisher: Lezhin- Read it here: https://www.lezhin.com/en/comic/bloodbank

This post and all of my posts contain mature content. You already know what kind of person I am XD

After these chapters, I’m like Jesus…… it went from 0 to 100 real quick. I don’t even know how the story went that fast. It was chill and then it went like boom!!! But I have so many questions.

Let’s start!


OOOOOF!!!!! Thats a straight roast from Brutal Bones. But Pain is cold and has an attitude. And he hates humans alot for some reason. Like an unnatural amount of hate. It’s true that vampire think less of humans and use them as slaves, but he be hating more than usual. Humans are things and he doesn’t think they can think for themselves and vampires have to provide for them.

Apparently vampires almost killed the humans or something which is why Pain wanted Bones to sign the treaty.

What’s up with these whack ass names? Brutal Bones, Pain Overlord, Reign Fear, etc. What the hell.




Reign is a dude… damn the author is playing games with me. Humpty Dumpty is a he, and Reign is a he too. Come on!


AWWWWWWWW, this is so sweet. They really like each other.

One was really rough with him, taking out all his anger on him and hurting him. He scared himself.

Sometimes when I’m thinking dark thoughts, I scare myself. Sometimes I have dreams of being suffocated by someones thighs or boobs. It’s a hot way to die.


One runs out into the cold outside, and he knows he’s not a vampire because he can feel the cold. But he is torn between his 2 identities. But if people are 2 different people they have trouble fitting in, even though they shouldn’t have to. But vampires have powers so it’s different than the regular being different.


Humpty Dumpty whispers into One’s ear that there is documents in the bank that he needs to look at.  And he sneaks into the room, but then Shell catches him when he comes out. But what is in those documents!!!!!! it’s not explained in this chapter.

Good job author for creating suspense, they could have told us now, but they put in that suspense.

YITEE!!!! A ticking timer ontop of TNT doesn’t look good XD

Terrorism time!!! But it was matter of time before vampires used their pheromones to destroy the bank and steal the blood. I mean it’s not that hard if they are using humans to run the bank.

Why do they use humans to run the bank if they are extremely susceptible to these kinds of attacks? That’s the real problem. Brutal Bones talked to Pain about this earlier during the meeting to sign the contract.


I guess the terrorist dude( introduced as the Red Mask) used the weakest link to get inside the blood bank. Nine was very susceptible to pheromones and he was able to use him to get in. Also,the bank manager was also part of this plot and he let them in too.

Ughhh, even weak vampires want more power in the society, and that is probably why the bank manager did that anyways….


He dropped Nine off the building like he was hot XD


One has been suppressing his pheromones this entire time and now he’s mad that Nine is dead.


Some people in the forum said this part reminded him of the Bible and Greek stuff. And I agree, the pose defintely looks like a Greek or Roman statue for sure. Their is plenty of war statues in those societies. I don’t know about you, but a stab in the neck in that area is a death stab XD  could probably severe his brain stem at that angle XD


Shell tries to stop One from killing Red Mask???? Unclear the fuck why? He literally just killed the bank workers with the bomb, destroyed the 1/5th of the blood in the bank and caused building damage which is causing the building to fall apart. What the literal fuck? Also, he killed Nine and tried to kill One?

Killing does change people, once you have killed someone, you can’t be the same.


time for corona jokes

Okay, but I can’t make those joke because people will act like they are dying XD

Well, wow!!! He admitted it like a champ, there was no hesitation.

But that is actually a good strategy. The humans just think sickness just happens, so they won’t be mad at the vampires for being sick. It’s unethical, but very good strategy. Most infections kill off old people, so they get rid of the old people who they don’t want blood from. And they also keep the humans at reasonable levels so they don’t have to spend too much money to take care of them, keeping their business afloat.

Also, how does Shell not know they do that? He’s literally running the family business and no one bothered to tell him??? That’s fucked?




Whoa whoa!! so much to unpack there XD So he’s the son of White Bones and Ellie.

And Ellie is his father. What the literal fuck is up with these names. Ellie I guess is a guy name? The author is playing games with me XD

I guess that has something to with why Ellie disappeared or died. That is super taboo in vampire society.

White Bones is dead, I believe, but why is she dead, probably because she had a halfing son. Might have something to do with it.

Also, why isn’t there more halfings? Vampires probably have(unprotected) sex with their arts alot. They were probably killed or we don’t know about them yet. But also being gay is okay in this society, so more vampires probably have same sex arts.

Also why is Humpty Dumpty helping him? that’s unclear at this moment.



YEP. reborn with the destruction the world is the reason I took this screenshot. hmmm?? It was kinda explained how vampires took over in Pain’s speech to vampire ball, but not entirely.

Listen, that speech to the vampire ball, was an amazing way to explain the world. Without using Talk no Justu during a fight.


OOOOF, I guess this is a whole attack on the Overlord empire. It really wasn’t smart to use humans as bankers. Not a good idea at all.

Rumors are going around.




I guess Shell was looking for Eric after all. He misses him. I would miss my lover after being away from him and think he might be dead.

ooooof, he didn’t drink blood at all?? that’s suicide for a vampire.

I also did some research for what happens if I human drinks blood. If they drink large amount of blood, humans can get iron poisoning. A couple tablespoons is fine. I want to drink blood, maybe I’ll stop being anemic. I WISH THAT IS HOW IT WORKS XD



So hot!!! Eric knows he’s suffering…alot

Everyone in the forum *crying noises*

After having passionate sex that I obviously can’t show XD, Eric leaves Shell and goes back to slums where Humpty Dumpty is. After he grabs the wrist watch with the snake and the flower. Is the flower like the Overlord symbol? Like probably not, he would have noticed that. The snake is biting the flower, what does that mean?? Snakes devour anything whole, so that might mean something

I think the wristwatch is his mother’s watch, for sure.



Wait the fuck??? That is identity stripping for sure. They give humans enough food to live that is probably cold and bad. Only farmer humans probably have decent food. That’s messed up.




She???? They fucking with me???

That’s a she? That whole family is a trap XD


He’s crying……. we take home cooked meals for granted and he’s never really had a home cooked meal. I’m sad about that.


Oh shit!!! Jack actually killed him, I thought he was ejecting him with something to make him powerful. He just wants to use people and then torture them to death!!! Jack looks like a middle ages doctor XD with the all the tools and cutting peoples’ limbs off and performing lobotomies XD




Then they leave him alone to reflect on Red Mask’s body, because Eric wanted to kill him, but why did they show him this during the night? If they told him not to go out at night, that’s whack?

Then he sees a cabin, and he does to explore it, but it’s Jack’s torture cabin and that’s scary as shit!!!!!!!!! And Jack almost kills him



As Eric runs up the stairs, he find Humpty at the top the stairs, but he has this face^^^^ and he is cornered!

And that’s how they leave us!!! with Humpty’s face, looking like he gonna pull a betrayal up on Eric.

I don’t even remember what happens, so I’m excited to figure out what’s happening next!! I have contracted subitis

Sub-itis: where you can’t remember plot details of a story until you get to it again XD

Chance of Reading Next Week: 99.9% unless the MRSA gets to me because of cleaning supplies