It’s been two years since Jack has last seen Yusei, and tonight they have their fateful reunion and rematch. And gosh, the guy is hella annoying. Sheesh Jack, we get it, you are KINGGGGGGGG~. Seriously, just as Yusei said himself, the guy talks too much. Unfortunately that’s part of his “Kingly” strategy. He uses his voice and obnoxiously loud personality to overwhelm his opponent. It is quite aggravating to listen to so it’s an understatement why his opponents would find themselves provoked or intimidated.

While Jack is relishing this moment to brag about his fame and fortune to Yusei, outside of trying to win this thing through his own means, Yusei couldn’t care less about that. However, even though Yusei looks like he is relatively unfazed on the outside, the small gestures and his impulsive decisions gives us a glimpse of the flurry of emotions he is experiencing on the inside when Jack revealed his original D-Wheel has been disposed and declared he didn’t need Stardust Dragon anymore and threw it back to him. Instead of taking it, Yusei sent it back insisting that he would rather get it back through a rematch. We are also seeing Yusei a bit more visibly irritated, highlighting his impatience and to some extent, lack of confidence due uncertainty. As result hasn’t been able to build an advantage for himself just yet since he has been playing into Jack’s hands (or more accurately: Jack took up the majority of the duel’s first act by his endless chatter). Anyhow, now he has to face both Jack’s ace Red Dragon Archfiend, alongside his own ace, Stardust Dragon.

But that’s not the only problem Yusei has on his hands. He has forgotten to take into account the precarious position he is in at the moment. By tagging alongside Jack to the Duel Stadium not only puts him back under the scrutiny of security, but also corners him. Godwin, the Director of Security who oversees Jack’s activities may be allowing the them to duel, but make no mistake, regardless of the outcome of this duel may be, they are already making preparations to arrest him. And it’s not just because he is a “rat from Satellite”, but its his connection to Jack’s past and origins, and how his presence in the city risks exposing that secret from the public, who are not aware that Jack is originally from Satellite.If there was any indication on his ruthless side, it was when he grabbed Sagiri’s face when he got angry at her. This bastard…

Besides the first act of the rematch between Jack and Yusei, a little tidbit that is easy to be overlooked was turning the attention to Neo Domino City Perfect Moment Project. “Moment” is an energy source said to be “God’s Intelligence” that serves as a source of bringing Solid Vision to a whole new level.  It’s also worth noting the energy can be seen used on the D-Wheels as well through the rainbow discs of light. Admittedly it was a bit of a jarring placement for its introduction considering all how briefly they focused on it and how little they revealed to us. But the most important take-away from this is the fact Neo Domino City now has the most powerful energy source in their hands. How it will be used, what kind of impact will it have, and why it’s regarded as “God’s Intelligence” are all something to take notes of for the future.

Next week the duel continues! Yusei now has to face an angry Stardust Dragon who is ticked off by the fact he sent him back to the smug ass King who had stolen him away.


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