Yu-Gi-Oh SEVENS Episode 6

Lo and behold, YGO SEVENS is back! The return came across as a surprise because I hadn’t heard about the news until I’ve been told about it. (Thank you FirePhoenix120 for the heads up!) It sucks that I missed it because I have been keeping my eyes out for an update since its been postponed! Luckily I learned about it just when the fansubs just came out! So right on time! As for the 5DS Coverage (which I just realized is perfectly lined up at Episode 6 now, haha!), rest assure I will continue to be covering that series simultaneously with this one. There may be a slight schedule adjustment in the future to balance the workload, but until then, it will continue to be released on Wednesdays.

Shifting away from the dark and sober tone of 5DS, we return to our bunch of precious mischievous sunshines— and ramen. YES IT’S FREAKING RAMEN AGAIN. I SWEAR TO GOD. WHY DON’T I EVER HAVE RAMEN IN STOCK WHEN THESE EPISODES COME AROUND?!

FFFFF—– Geh, I need groceries anyways, so I’ll try to pick some up when I go. What I’d do to go to that ramen restaurant downtown right now!!!!


AHEM, ramen withdrawals aside, this episode was absolutely hysterical. I couldn’t stop laughing to the point I was in tears and was struggling to breathe. It was a great way to return to the series after a long break! I suppose the one slight drawback was that I found myself not really paying attention to the duel at all. For some, with everything that was happening, it may have been too much going on. Personally I didn’t mind the commentary and the chaos happening outside of the duel, because I found it to be a lot more entertaining and fun to watch than the duel itself. Had it been a a duel that was actually important to the lot and character development, then maybe I would have irked about that. But since this was a purely lighthearted episode, I enjoyed it and appreciated have something that makes me laugh as much as I did.

Better yet, as much as I enjoy Rook’s character, it was a refreshing change of pace to have him benched for the episode. And by doing so, it gave Yuuga the chance to truly shine in his own crazy way, alongside his trusty sidekick: Kaizo.

First off, surely I wasn’t the only one who completely lost it when Kaizo delivered the report that the Tahayasty Restaurant only had 5 hours left and has a 99.9% chance of permanently. The way they went about it made it sound like a patient on life-support (and in a way, that was kind of true with the way the Chef had turned into a mindless Ramen Zombie), and Romin’s and Gakuto’s reactions were priceless for that exact reason. However Yuuga seemed more fired up about the opportunity to try save the place despite only supposedly having 0.01%, seeing it as an opportunity to create a “new road”, which Romin and Gakuto quickly realized was a terrible idea. Letting Yuuga tinker with things as he pleases is a recipe for pure chaos. It had gotten so out of hand that they begging him to stop, “NO MORE ROADS!” I guess you could say this only further validates the rival restaurant A.I. distinguishing him as a troublemaker (besides the fact through facial recognition they identified he came with the intention to spy – now that was hella creepy). Hilariously, when Gakuto attempted to get in line, he too was rejected because they deemed him as a “Chronic Complainer”. (These freaking A.I.’s and their savage rebukes I freaking can’t!) Man the whole scene had me in stitches.

That Elite A.I. In the background is quite ominous looking though… >_>;;;

But if there was one thing Yuuga did succeed with his tinkering antics was “disguising” Kaizo to act as a delivery A.I. And as always, Taizo’s reaction, “This getup is insulting to me!” and sass was such a treat. It makes me really happy to have such a hilarious A.I. in this series because it was a big part of what I loved about Ai’s character in YGO VRAINS. Also who else lost it when the picture came up with A.I. and the ladies group shot? That killed me. It’s also extremely amusing to see how Romin has gotten comfortable or learned to take advantage of how much Taizo adores her. All it takes is one word from her, and he’ll gladly do it.

As for the Ramen specialist Ohmori Menzaburo, I thought he was entertaining for a guy who came out of nowhere. And I must confess, I am a bit bummed out that he wasn’t able to install his own unique set of rules tied to ramen. I would have loved to see how that would play out. But since Yuuga had gone as far as taking him to the secret place where the relic once was (when they returned to visit it, unfortunately it has disappeared), I do wonder a bit whether Menzaburo might end up being on of those recurring characters in future episodes.

Although this what unfolded this episode may seem little importance to the plot, there were actually two little details worth to note. One, is the importance of passing things on through the word of the mouth. Menzaburo was able to bring in customers by talking to his friends about the new “Rush Ramen”, who then spoke about it with their friends, etc which helped revive the business. As Yuuga said so himself, Goha can’t delete/control direct communication, and we’re seeing that happen with the way Rush Duels has spread as far as to the next town over.

And number two, is the way Goha is using A.I. to monopolize business. I am not entirely certain if there’s a correlation between the two, but while we have seen how A.I. work as mass surveillance around the city, this episode really made me think more about about the development of A.I. we had seen in VRAINS. Although these A.I. look nothing like the sorts we have seen in that series, in many ways they are fulfilling the same purpose they were advertised to do. For instance, the way Goha is has an super Elite A.I. running a freaking ramen restaurant, every dish is made by an A.I., the waiters and so on forth, we see how they are dominating society to the point it is killing local businesses. Nevertheless, while I am not entirely certain what kind of role the A.I. will be playing in this series and how Goha’s control of them will influence things in the future, I still find it rather interesting how the two series (despite its tone being complete opposite to each other) are similar in that respect.

On the bright side, it looks like they are finally leading up to what looks to be potential plot-progression with the disappearance of the relic. Another thing I noticed was the change in the OP sequence. The shadowy kid is becoming more prominent, and we also got to see his monster. He doesn’t look as sinister as I kind of thought he would be, but we’ll have to wait and see what kind of character he is haha. There has been theories that he isn’t necessarily affiliated with Goha, and that he and Romin are part of a different fraction.

Last but not least, even though Rook only had a brief appearance in the beginning and end of the episode, both times he was in his old world. GOD DAMN IT ROOK, THAT RAMEN WAS MEANT TO BE SHARED WITH EVERYONE! HOW COULD YOU!

Well that’s classic Rook for you!


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4 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh SEVENS Episode 6

  1. The first thing that caught my attention is obviously…the OP! There’s no mistaking it! That guy is definitely the same guy slightly shown in one of Romin’s videos in episode 3! He looks cooler now that the OP revealed him more! XD

    Rook never fails to deliver the laugh as always. But Rook aside, yeah, gotta agree that rather than the duel, I’m more interested in the commentaries by Gakuto and Romin. And Yuga’s reaction hearing them kinda remind me of Yuya’s duel against Michio. Dang, I wanna eat ramen after watching this episode, but my favorite restaurant where I eat ramen is still closed because of this pandemic! Gakuto and Romin are officially the straightmen in the series’ comedy. They have more common senses than Yuga and Rook are. Yuga, I think your “Roads” are more suitable for duel-related or sports related activities. Still appreciate the effort though (^_^)

    And then the A.I. I wonder if A.I will play another major role in this series later. I’d love to see other YGO protagonists meeting that A.I guarding the entrance and have their faces analyze. I wonder how the A.I will answer them!

    The next episode, a cute girl transferred to Yuga’s class, but I have no doubt that she’s a spy sent by Goha Corp. The timing is too perfect after the appearance of the higher ups having a meeting.

    1. IKR? I was like, “Wait a minute, THAT’S NEW RIGHT?!” Haha! And Gakuto and Romin are freaking amazing, and it’s just the right balance considering Yuuga is the definition of chaos and Rook is…Rook. LMAO!

      I really hope my favourite ramen restaurant I discovered last summer will still be in business after all this. It was the best ramen I’ve ever had. TT ^ TT The struggle is real.

      Yeah I think the new girl is probably affiliated with Goha too, I’m not sure if she might also be Romin’s music rival, or she intends to try and charm Yuuga. Either way I expect it to be hysterical. I know I must sound like a broken record on this, but this series has been hitting it out of the park in terms of the humor. It’s been such a long time since I’ve last watched an anime that made me laughed as hard as this one has.

  2. This episode was a welcome return for Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens after a five-week break, as it was just as charming and as hilarious as I remember. I really enjoyed the character of Menzaburo, and I do believe that he will end up becoming a reoccurring secondary character, as he was one of the characters whose design sheet was revealed before the series began airing.

    One thing this episode really highlighted for me was how strong the character writing is for Sevens, as I didn’t even realize that Rook only showed up at the beginning of the episode, and then again at the end. It really shows how much of a presence Romin and Gakuto have as characters in their own right that you can have the deuteragonist of the show be absent for most of the episode and not have your audience notice it.

    Next week it looks as though Goha Corp is going to start taking direct action against Yuga and Rush Duels so it’s great to see the plot finally starting to come together. I look forward to seeing you all next week.

    1. If that’s the case it’ll be interesting to see what kind of role he will fall into. and I agree, they are doing an absolute fantastic job with the characters. It’s so well balanced that everyone has such a strong presence! <3

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