Digimon Adventure: (2020) Episode 6

So we’ve finally added the 3rd present member of the group and it’s ma gurl, Mimi! To be honest, I’ve only recently started liking her after seeing her in Tri and some of the other Adventure 02 ova’s, but seeing her in this series, I feel like I’ll really like her pre Adventure 02. Because from what I can garner from her character, she’s just really nice. Like genuinely kind in a very compelling way. Taichi and Sora are also “nice” but it feels like a very generic kind of “nice” or at least it doesn’t really say much about their characters. For Mimi, it drives her to want to help others such as when she was first transported to the Digital World, Palmon was the first Digimon to reach out and be kind to her. In turn, she wanted to do her best to help protect the Tanemon and help them ward off the fruit thieves.

Not only that, but when she realized that Tokyo was in danger and saw her grandfather doing the best that he can to help others, she felt guilty for not realizing stuff like that was happening and wasn’t there to help. It seems like it was a trait that passed down or at least given great emphasis on since both Mimi and her grandfather have such a genuine want to help others and I can’t help but respect that. Even when Mimi was afraid when they were essentially “going to war” against the Tuskmon that were being controlled, she remained her ground to try and fight back. She has such a strong sense of duty and commits to something when says she would. It’s honestly such a different characterization from her previous one in the original since she was kind of that spoiled kid back then. There are still traces of that spoiled rich kid in her shown as her taking the leading role as Queen of the Mimi Kingdom. However, I think her good traits outshone her negative ones. But she’s still a kid, so of course she’s going to act like one at times.

I also already love the bond between Mimi and Palmon. While I wish we got to see them bond first hand, I can accept the fact that they became close off screen due to Mimi having been in the Digital World a little longer than Taichi and Sora. Their emotional moment when Palmon nearly died after saving Mimi may have been rushed, but it still had a decent emotional impact. While I do think it was way too early for them to be SUPER close, their bond is still very cute with them having gone through a little more together than say Sora and Piyomon.

But man, the animation was GREAT this episode with the cinematography and action was so much better compared to the recent couple episodes. Even if Birdramon continues to get the short end of the stick in regards to animation… I do really like they seemed to push the animation a little more with Drimogemon (Don’t think I didn’t catch it suddenly go buff at one point and it was amazing) and also Togemon. Togemon’s fighting animation was great and it was just enjoyable to watch her fight. Though that may just be because of my punching bias BUT STILL. But you have to admit that Togemon and Drimogemon’s fight was pretty awesome, both content and animation-wise.

Ogremon also makes his fighting debut when he goes against Greymon and while this show has already shown how violent it could get in the first two episodes, I did not expect Greymon to break off a part of Ogremon’s horn. With how tame things have been recently, I guess I didn’t expect something like that to happen. Either way, it was pretty awesome and it gives Ogremon even more reason to go after the kids than just being ordered to. Now, IT’S PERSONAL.

I really liked this episode and definitely made me more of a Mimi fan than I already was. Though I do admit that I’m kind of bummed she had a lot of development in this one episode and was hoping to see her grow from a spoiled kid to someone who embraces their destiny like in the original. But, hopefully we’ll see her develop more as the episodes go on and that there is more to her than what we’ve already seen. This episode definitely gave me more of what I had hoped to see earlier with the kids interacting more with the local digimon and their societies. Though I wish the Tanemon actually spoke to an interacted with the kids more since they felt like they were just THERE most of the time. It also gave me vibes of that one episode where Mimi was pronounced “Queen Mimi” by the Geckomon in the original. Guess it was kind of a callback to that. Anyways, I’m excited to see how the other kids’ introductions will be like since Mimi’s introduction was so strong.


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