Heartcatch Precure Ep 18 & 19

Episode 18
Flower of the Episode: Cornus Florid


I loved this episode soooooo much. This is the kind of wholesome content I enjoy. I also adored the fact Tsubomi was completely unfazed by the rumors (or rather, she was impressed and thought that made him so cool). And it’s really thanks to Tsubomi that they got the chance to get to know Kenji. Had she not volunteered to deliver a paper to him directly, they would have missed the opportunity to get to see him for who he truly is.

And honestly, lets be real here, Kenji is literally Tsubomi’s ideal man. He pretty much checks off all the boxes, cares about the flowers, a perfect combination of being cool and adorable and not to mention, a handsome boy. He is also a darling who cares about his mother, and was worried about stressing her out about his dream of pursuing a career as a manga artist so he thought it’d be better to keep it to himself until he makes it. Luckily for him, when his mother accidentally learned about it, she was excited to support him. (It was also charming how happy she was to see him have two adorable friends!)

While Kenji was reluctant to share his dream becoming a manga artist with his mother, I was surprised that he didn’t shy away from sharing it with the girls after they found out about it. Instead he was eager to tell them more about the story he was working on to submit to a contest. It was also quite endearing to see Tsubomi and Erika volunteer to help him finish up his work, and even enthusiastically acted out how the love triangle plot could be resolved with putting friendship first, and bonus points to him for going along with that.

But what was hilarious about it was how it seemed as though he was writing out his crush on Cure Blossom, (after-all, the male lead was named; Ken, which is what his mother calls him), but it seems the girls were too dense to realize it hahahahahahaha!

Overall this episode absolutely drew a lot of laughter and squeals! But I must say, I do find it rather funny that he was never really pointed out of until now, especially since he has been their a classmate the entire time.

Episode 19
Flower of the Episode: Mikan

This episode featured yet another story that gave me a mixed reaction. I certainly enjoyed seeing Tsubomi enthusiastically take on the role as Kurumi’s family photographer so Erika’s father could finally be in the photos for an exchange. I also really liked we got to hear (like Tsubomi’s family) about how Erika’s parents met. It was very sweet! However the character they had to help out irked me quite a bit.

The focus this week was the tension between a farmer and his daughter Aki. She will be getting married soon and that means she will be moving out from home and into the city. However she doesn’t want to leave her father alone so she has been pestering him to leave his farm to he can live closer to her.

There are two reasons why this annoyed me. One, she can’t just ask up to uproot his entire life because she’s getting married! Not to mention, it was so immature of her to threaten to call off the marriage if he didn’t come along with so stupid, because he loves his farm that’s what makes him happy.

And that leads me to the second point. I would have been able to understand where Aki is coming from if her she was doing this because she was actually worried about him working and living on the farm alone. Of course that still doesn’t justify her behavior, but at least I would be able to recognize she was acting this way out of concern. But much to my dismay, that wasn’t it at all. Instead it was entirely for selfish reasons where she was feeling lonely about leaving him as she embarks on the next stage of her life.

In all, while this episode had some nice moments with Erika’s family and it was cool to see her dad come in clutch when they were pinned down by the Dessertian, it didn’t appeal to me. As you probably have noticed already, I have a difficult time sympathizing with characters who are being unreasonable and incredibly selfish. Unfortunately, this was another one of those episodes with that kind of character type.

Next week: LOOK WHO HAS FINALLY SHOWN UP! Potpourri has appeared!


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  1. Aww man, I absolutely ADORE the Kenji episode! It was soooooo good! He does reappear frequently, so expect to see more of him albeit in smaller doses.

    I forgot about the other episode, though. I don’t have much memory of it myself, since it has been ten years since I saw it (God, I’m old).

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