Heartcatch Precure Episode 20

Flower of the Week: Browallia

Ohohohohohohohoho~ don’t you love it when someone higher up than the antagonist that was leading the charge makes a surprise debut? This week reveals that Professor Sabaaku is not the top gun of the bunch, but there is someone else, Dune-sama. He has finally woken up from his deep slumber after Cure Flower had defeated him all those years ago. It is rather a curious thing how she has neglected to mention of his existence, unless she had thought he was not worth mentioning if she assumed she had finished him for good and the leaders have changed since.

However Dune-sama intends to come back stronger than ever. Taking the lessons of loss from his battle against Cure Flower, he wants to investigate whether she was just an extremely powerful precure, or she may have received something that greatly increased her strength. So he orders Professor Sabaaku and the Dark Precure to go out to the Heart Tree and investigate what gave Cure Flower the edge. It doesn’t matter whether they steal it or destroy it, so as long as they have it in their hands, the can finally finish off the Precures.

What was also very interesting about the conversation was that Dune-sama would have preferred them to focus on going after the fairies instead of Precure. It’s pretty wild when you think back of the number of times they actually had the fairies in their hands, and yet they chose not to kill them as Dune-sama implies he would have done. Just as much as the Precure are the warriors who are equipped to fend off the enemy, the fairies also play an instrumental role as the protectors of the Heart Tree, so they are an obstacle that needs to be removed for them to accomplish truly their objective.

And sure enough Professor Sabaaku is now reaping the consequences of being distracted by focusing on Cure Blossom and Cure Marine. With the Heart Tree making strides of its recovery, a new fairy Potpourri was born! This little cutie pie possesses the power of protection, and was strong enough to fend off the Dark Precure’s strikes against the Heart Tree for quite some time. He came in clutch to save the girls today when they find themselves suddenly overwhelmed by the enemy when Kumojacky and Combraja made an unexpected appearance of apprehending them and throwing them into the wall where they intended to deliver the final blow. The fight this week was one of the more violent ones we have seen in a while. Many people gotten injured in the process. The poor security guard was thrown into a vehicle, another, Karin who a bitter desertian consumed by jealousy threw a god damn tree at Momoka and the crew. (Of course the most violent one to my memory was the Ramen Dessertian considering it tried to nuke the shop with his family in it.) We even saw blood be drawn after Cobraja’s attack was deflected back at him.

But the biggest thing that comes out of Potpourri’s birth is the sign of the arrival of a third precure. Perfect timing considering the the enemy is ramping up their efforts. No new precure this week as Potpourri was only able to find the girls at the end of the episode, but we’ll be seeing them undergo the efforts of searching for their newest addition to the team next week!

Last thing I would like to mention before I wrap things up: Sasorina’s character is kind of getting on my nerves at the moment. But the same could be said about Cobraja as well. He and Sasorina have been the most useless generals of the bunch. So far the only one who actually made any effort in a fight (besides today’s) was Kumojacky. It was nice to see that Cobraja and Kumojacky make themselves useful today, but it still stands that the three of them need to get their act together.

Oh right, I forgot to mention Karin, the victim of the episode. Frankly I don’t have anything good to say about her. Simply put she was another target that I couldn’t sympathize with because she was being a jealous brat, so I’ll leave it at that.

Looking forward to next week! 😀


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