Hmm, the more I watch this anime the more disinterested I get. The more I watch, the more I realize that this just isn’t for me and like I said last week, I’m just not the target demographic for this. And knowing that this is only going to be a one cour and we have a lot of characters and we waste an episode on a sports game, I just get a pretty bad feeling.

I suppose I can’t say this episode was totally filler because playing bumpball, which is basically a crazier version of dodgeball, gives them points to help them out. The winning team gets 60 points, and while Tiara’s group screwed up in an embarrassing way, they were still able to get 30 points. Still, even if this game was important for points, this episode still felt like filler. And when we have this many characters and only one cour, having filler is a complete waste of time. The episode itself was okay, it wasn’t really funny or too entertaining though some of the magic the girls used was pretty cool (like Alpha’s hair magic). But it was fine, nothing spectacular but not awful, just…meh. We got introduced to lots of new characters, whose names I already forgot, and none of them really did much for me except maybe Emilia and Alpha. I don’t know how important they’re going to be, or the rest of them for that matter, so I feel like I shouldn’t even get attached to anyone. Well, it’s not like the episode made me get attached to them. Three episodes in and I can’t really say I’m attached to anyone. They’re just there, doing stuff and I watch.

This episode felt like most of last week’s episode with the following Rosetta and chasing after the pet duck. There’s cute girls, make them do cute and silly things. Unless there’s at least some effort to make me care about the girls, and at least some effort on the plot too, it’s just going to do nothing for me. And that’s basically how I feel when I watch this show. Nothing. We didn’t get any music stuff whatsoever this time, which keeps making me believe that the idol aspect of the series is completely pointless and unfitting. Even though we were introduced to the Orchestra last time, which seems like a pretty huge thing, they didn’t bother to give us an explanation of it or go into how significant it may be.

Nope, let’s just get into Lavie and Ashley drama and some dodgeball. And I’m not really here for it, so I’m going to end my coverage here. Looking at the preview, it looks like we’re going to meet even more girls and have more hijinks and I know I’m just going to complain some more so I’ll just stop myself here.

It’s a shame because the actual world they live in and the way magic works and how they use it is actually pretty cool. I just wish they wouldn’t shoehorn all the forced yuri bait, and focus more on worldbuilding and the plot with Tiara and her sister, that Yue girl, and showing us more of the school. This just isn’t my thing, so I’ll just have to pass.



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  1. V.

    I can see why you dropped this- there’s literally no plot.

    They should not be wasting time with episodes that serve little to no purpose to advance the plot or flesh out character development. I personally don’t see the direction this is going towards. Now this isn’t some 25-episode or 50+ long so 3 episodes in, they need to stop wasting time on pointless factors.

    I’ll probably wait until the last episode before I skim through the episodes.

    1. Berry

      Yeah it’s really disappointing. There’s potential in this, mostly as a magic show but they’re putting time into other pointless things so I don’t exactly have high hopes for this. I’ll check the next episode but if it’s the same as this episode then I’ll also just wait until the end, or just not even bother. What a shame. :/

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