Title: Blood Bank

Author: Silb

Genre: Romance, Yaoi, BL, Action

Publisher: Lezhin- Read it here: https://www.lezhin.com/en/comic/bloodbank

Album of the Week: The Fray!!!!!

I’ve been listening to the The Fray’s self titled album and it’s been magical. Go listen to it. And the how to save a life album.

I could rave about how good that album is all day, but most people want to get to the story XD Let’s do it! The story’s final arc!!!

Eric and Shell meet in house and then they start to have passionate sex, which is super hot. They really love each other. They even added some BDSM elements but it was mostly regular sex with the dynamics. Which is just as good.

In the house in the south part of the world, there was Ellie’s journal that tells us about his phermone experiements and the truth about the world. In fact, the truth is that there is global warming and the world will get too hot for vampires soon.

Ellie’s story is sad. He enjoyed his life with his wife and child before it was all taken from him, and then he tried to help more people and he died of the plague from vampires. But his life was happy because he got to enjoy some part of his life with the people he loved.


Also Humpty Dumpty is really going a little insane like Jack. Maybe because he has killed so many people. When he kills Brutal Bones, he looks super menacing. But he has gone through alot of pain because Brutal Bones



ok, is he really eating Brutal Bones’ body XD damnnnnn

But even when he watching all the vampires dying, he is laughing and shit and that creepy. But the vampires have done horrible things to humans, so they probably deserve to suffer.

Ghost sees Humpty Dumpty and Jack killing people, so he tells other humans to warm the Midlands that they are spreading the phermones.

During all of this, they figure out how, Humpty Dumpty and Jack made the pheromones to attack the vampires and they are going to try to stop them. They reversed Ellie’s formula and used it, vampires attack themselves

Me: is that ya boi thirteen, who tried to throw Eric under the bus in the first few chapters?

Yeah, it’s him and he’s actually helping Eric out by stalling Humpty Dumpty and Jack, even though he quickly found out.

There was a weird love triangle between Nine, him and Eric before. Nine liked Eric, Thirteen liked Nine and Eric and Thirteen hated each other XD

Squeak says that was an unecessary plot line of the story, but I think it was needed to catapult the story.  Shell stood up for Eric at that time, which solidified their relationship. Me and Squeak are gonna fight XD

Not really, I think he might not want to help them at all. I think his reasoning for helping was to further the development between vampires and humans and not have a war because the chaos is spreading. I forgot what his exact reasoning is, but I think he has hope for vampires and humans coexisting. But he is still mad. The vampires technically killed his father, forced him to live as a banker, live in bad living conditions, and starve.




13 tries to stall time but he doesn’t stall that long because they have the pheromones of course.

So they kidnap 13 and Eric follows them because obviously his friend has been kidnapped. So the Showdown on the ship starts XD

We find out so much on the ship about vampires and humans XD





I guess that’s why not that many halfie’s are born. That is a good trait to have because humans used to kill vampires back in the old days. I was wondering why there wasn’t more because vampires be having unproctectd sex with arts.



Humpty Dumpty threatens to blow up the airship, then Eric keeps on trying to get him not to do that but it does it anyways and the airship is about to crash into a large group of people. In the middle of the Airship crashing Jack decides to spread more pheromones on top of vampires.




Jack starts yelling down from the airship, about how the vampire kill humans in the plague every year while crashing the airship into the city. He totally fucked up a bunch of people. And now the humans are mad because they now know the truth





Oh no, he looking really crazy after the crashed the airship. He looks like he just wants to kill people. But I guess that’s how he was the entire time.

Well, if they killed him early, they wouldn’t have all the pheromones they used to killed all the other vampires XD.



They never really explored why he even lived in the slums in the first place. I want to know why he is even there. Well, there is plently of humans to kill and basically no repercussions for killing them.  I wonder what kind of vampire he was and where is family at? They did us dirty by not really exploring that.

And how did he lose his eye and his arm/hand. I think the arm was explained during the Cinderella arc, but we ain’t hear about that eye.

Also, he is a vampire, why is he doing this to his own people? He was outcasted, so i would assume that’s why? But I think he might just want to see anything die.

Jack also scratches off One’s eye, so now he really looking like Ellie XD. Same eye too XD

But since he said that, we really don’t hear much of Jack’s back story. Dem shame.




But now we see Jack just likes to see people suffer, so when he created Humpty Dumpty, he made him suffer more than he had to. And then he emotinally manipulated Humpty Dumpty( jesus, good thing this series is ending, so I don’t have to write Humpty Dumpty the name again. damn) to think Ellie and Brutal Bones was the bad guys, even though he was primary bad guy.

He just wants to see people suffer and then kill them.




Meanwhile, Shell and Reign drop the antidote over the city, so the vampires stop fighting each other. Just in time too XD






The villian is always like nah, I have a more powerful weapon. So jack release his most powerful weapon on Shell, which is supposed to make him go insane instantly and kill himself.



He wants to make One suffer the most by seeing his lover kill himself XD He thinks its fun like a game.




Humpty Dumpty is like ” hold up, I have been manipulated this whole time” so when Jack tries to kill One, he stabs him and saves One from being struck.

But Humpty Dumpty also sided with Jack because he wanted all the vampires to suffer and expose them. Well, he was been emotionally abused his entire life anyways by vampires, so I understand why he would feel that way. But also, him eating the vampires was crazy XD but techinally vampires eat humans, so same same, I feel.


Upon hearing that the vampires released the plague, of course they are angry. That’s really sad that vampires did that to them and had them endure all that loss and hatred. I feel bad for that reason.

Speaking of plagues XDXD hehehehe. Everytime someone mentioned a plague in a story, I kinda laugh.



In order to stop a total war, One and Shell devise a a quick plan and make One seem like the one who planned all of this and Shell pretended to kill him.

Personally I didn’t understand his part. I just found it weird. The humans would have lost the war anyways because they don’t have phermones. But maybe I don’t have complex thoughts. Maybe the author wanted to make it seem like One was dead for cliffhanger reasons XD We don’t know.



I guess the author ended it good. Shell became the Overlord and allowed the humans more freedom. He also compensating them for their blood.

They have money in this world? I guess because how are the vampires buying blood. But I think humans are giving blood if they want to now, which is good. And they are able to go to school and probably have better places to live and their is no plague now.

The abnormal vampire thing is good too, and now vampires who aren’t super dominant will be okay and not shunned.

The North is probably ruined due to Jack and Humpty Dumpty and that Brutal Bones isn’t ruling anymore.





Some researchers were looked at vampire phermones, and apparently they think they were used to communicate during the apocalypse of the world. That makes sense because if they aren’t speaking, and you want to tell a vampire you are around from a long distance, phermones were the way to go.


Shell looks so happy at the end when he gets to see One again, so cute. Well, I mean, when they die XD OKAY THE ENDING WAS SAD MANNNNNN. I don’t mind MC dying one bit tho.

Rating: 8 out of 10

The story was well thought of and the art was very excellent. The only things I can complain about is not hearing Jack’s back story and the weird ending putting the blame on One/Eric. The sex scenes were all cute and I didn’t cringe during any of them. I also love how Eric and shell’s relationship develops from being an art situation to being a a real loving relationship.