Titles: Inevitable Trap | The Body Trap
Story & Art: Muldeok
Genres: Adult, Drama, Romance
Status: Complete
Publisher: Toonmic (Available in English): Go support this author
Synopsis: Sheila is such a great girl but if only she was more like my ex...

Well, I’m back again with this pornwha, which is super good. Make sure to read it!!

So let’s get started!!

Of course, he calls up Yvonne when he has a day off XD instead of just going home to chill like a normal person. Her sex is making him crazy XD But I know the feeling, sometimes sex with a certain person makes you a little off. Like you really really want it, especially when the person isn’t there.


Oooo, what is he gonna make her do?


Gael asks Yvonne to take off her panties and try on shoes, so the store worker can clearly see pussy. That was interesting to me, I never thought about showing my body in public like that. I would be afraid. But I’ve been a stripper in my life, so I should be a veteran at this.

Why is Gael making an addiction loop for this? That’s unnecessary. He’s separating them and making it okay in his head. Shelia about to be hurt when she finds out.



Excuse me? Is she supposed to look at other men while she is in a relationship?

I used to, because I got bored. That’s why I’m non-monogamous, cannot stand just being with one person.

So the director visits their office, and all the girls are falling for him because he is so hot. But he’s looking to meet Shelia. Why tho?


She sounds very excited about this trip!! Well I would be excited if someone was paying for my vacation and it was at a 5 star hotel overseas. Hold up where my vacation?? Haven’t had one since January. In the sense of lazing around for a whole week without working.


EEEP, that would be weird as hell and what if you knew the delivery driver? That would be funny as hell. And what if you saw him again XD



OOOOF, i WISH I COULD INCLUDE THE PART WHERE MAKES HER TOWEL FALL DOWN AND DRIVER SEES HER ENTIRE NAKED BODY. she playing the game for real. That gave me an idea for a role play tho.

She also makes the driver pick up the towel and put it back on her XD


The director loves her and her work and she is super excited! I’m glad for her. Wait, am I?


He’s jealous that the hot director likes her, but is still cheating on her with Shelia. Bruh, how can you be like that XD I guess humans think with their dicks/vaginas/androgynous parts.



This vacation looks like lots of fun XD




What a kinky bitch, I would strive to be that kinky. It would be so cool to be that comfortable . I’m not that comfortable with my own body.


Which one does she know? In that case they are fucked, because someone can see that they are cheating XD


“Driver roll up the partition please, I don’t want to see ‘Yonce on her knees, took 45 minutes to get all dressed up”

OOOF I got all in that song. And the French part. That is the ultimate sex in car/taxi song.

Okay, this scene got me in the cut!! I loved it, it was super kinky and hot. They had sex in the taxi and the taxi driver was grabbing her boobs and pussy. That was hot as hell. Good thing STDs don’t exist in hentai. I wish STDs didn’t exist in real life, so you can have sex with any person you want to without worry. But hey, vaginas and penises are the perfect place for bacteria and viruses to live.

He went in for that hug. AWWWWWWW!!!


So apparently Shelia stopped James from being bullied in high school and stood up for him. So sweet!!!


Apparently he liked her in high school!!! So sweet XD



Ouch!!!! Why do her co workers want her to cheat XD Well its hentai, of course everyone cheats.

Shelia is super loyal to Gael, even when Gael isn’t being loyal to her. It just ain’t fair isn’t it XD



Does she mean some random ass dude or someone she knows? anyways that kinky as shit. Gael is such a voyuer. He just wants to see Yvonne fucked by so many guys. I am too, I mean it’s super hot to see your partner being pleasured by some other person It’s like watching porn but so much better.

Shelia is catching feelings for James and I feel bad. But maybe Gael and her aren’t meant to be together due to the sexual problems. If your not asexual, sex is a big part of a relationship and if that sucks, people get depressed.

She’s sad because she isn’t gonna be able to see James for a while…..


Apparently she has to stay in a suite to make a hotel brochure, because James thinks she’s the best at doing her job. Yoooo, a nice ass suite like that for 4 more days of vacation? That would be super lit.

Gael, stop lying XDXD you’re exercising with Yvonne XD

But is sex exercise? I think it is because you are thrusting and shit.. hmmm. High cardio exercise and it lasts 10 to 30 minutes.


She just looks like a goddess hitting those “balls” I wish I looked that graceful when hitting pool balls. My ex used to teach me how to play pool and he took me to an old school pool bar. Man, it was old school. Everything looked like it was from the 70s.



Oh lord, what are they planning XD apparently it looks like she going to go for having sex with some random ass person. But luckily she doesn’t, but she satisfies any guy’s foot fetish, but rubbing his dick with her feet.

I wish my feet were soft enough to do that, plus they are starting to get blisters and shit. ughhhh! or I had dexterity in my feet.

But I don’t understand foot fetishes tho. But what I do know, is that the people with foot fetishes have weird ass feet, no joke. Ugly ass feet XD

People always have a fetish for something they can’t have, like my fetish for big boobs. My boobs are small, thanks XD

Your feet are super sweaty, been in shoes all day, have gross ass nails, can get fungus XD ughhh…

Whoa, wait a whole minute. Now he stepped into sketch territory because he asked if Shelia could be his girlfriend for the trip. Which is basically cheating because I think being a girlfriend requires sex and kissing.

This whole trip seems sketchy because it’s just him and her. And his face while they are snorkeling is super sketch. yep.


So this massage scene is super sketch town. I’m gonna have trouble explaining it. Basically James gives her a “happy ending” during her massage.

A happy ending is when the massage person massaging your inside of your vagina by fingering or regular sex.

I love how we were just talking about this in the break room XDXD jesus.


Thanks for admitting your a mess Gael XD



Gael invites his attractive younger friend from the army for drinks, so him and Yvonne could use him for their threesome. No one has been able to resist Yvonne XD


That massage fucked her up XD She starting to have some feelings for James, oh lord.

I loved the sex scenes portrayed in this chapter, so much. minus the happy ending, I felt that one was creepy.

I’m wonder when Shelia is gonna find out that Gael is cheating on her? When???

Chance of Blogging Next Week: 99.9% unless I die tryna to get my manga back that my friend borrowed.